Figure in Red

The apartment was on the ground floor of a modern block in Central Avenue in Harare. We had been attracted to it by the large expanse of window which fronted the large drawing room and which led onto a balcony overlooking a brick patio.

It was late afternoon and as the sun was very bright we had closed the curtains to keep out the glare. I was reading when something made me look up - in the corner by the doorway to the balcony I could see a pool of mist. I watched in silence as the mist grew and turned into the misty figure of a woman - it cleared and I could see quite clearly not only the elaborate Spanish dancer's dress and beautiful fan she held but the clear well cut features of a woman - a woman I had known since I was a child. She sat there with a slight smile upon her face and slowly waved the fan in front of her face as if to cool herself. The figure stayed in the corner for what must have been 3 or 4 minutes when I spoke to my husband to see if he too could see the image. As I spoke it started to fade but Adrian had seen the figure - only in black and white - not colour!

I have never discovered why she appeared to us - perhaps it was just to say hello. There was no feeling of anything but peace during the time of the manifestation.

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