The haunted house in Harare

The house was modern - built in about 1950 and outwardly it looked very normal - a ranch style house in a good suburb of the city.

My husband had lived here with his parents and sisters and although I knew his mother had passed away in the house I had never found anything sinister about it until December of 1970. I am certain to this day that whatever was in that house had nothing to do with my husband's family. My husband's father had gone away and left us in charge of the house - the drawing room was empty as the soft furniture was being recovered so we 'camped out' with chairs from the patio.

It was dusk and the habit of the household was to close the windows and curtains at this time. We were alone - the servants having been given time off. Adrian asked me to go down the passage way to the far bedroom and start from that end of the house - for some reason I just did not want to go - it was as if I sensed something strange and horrible.

Adrian finally agreed to accompany me and we went from room to room - turning on lights as we went along - I did not know at this time that Adrian was feeling as apprehensive as I was about moving around the house.

When the curtains were closed we went back to the drawing room and as I entered the center of the room it was as if I was passing into a block of ice - this was December - one of the hottest months in Zimbabwe and the remainder of the room and house was standing at a temperature of about 30 degrees centigrade! (We checked this with a wall thermometer afterwards).

We moved freely back and forth through the block of ice alternately feeling hot and shivering - there was no doubt what we were experiencing.

After about ten minutes of investigating this strange occurance we hear clicking sounds starting at the floor and moving around the closed door to the passage. The clicking got louder and more frenzied - and then suddenly - it stopped and a calm settled on the room - the block of ice had gone!

I later lived in this house with my husband and we took the large bedroom at the end of the passage as our bedroom - there were times when I would not get up during the night - it was as if whatever terrible thing haunted that house was standing guard over the door - whether to keep us in or something out we will never know. We kept a cross and a crucifix near by at all times.

My husband tells me that before we married and moved into the house whatever the presence was tried to attack him in his room - the clicks and bangs on his door were violent and frenzied - he could only keep them at bay by pressing a cross to the door and willing the thing to go away.

Copyright Odette Lind October 1999

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