House in Harare Drive

Set back from the road this house was built in the 1950's by an architect from Holland. It was a strange house with the kitchen and dining room on opposite sides of the house and the main bedroom at the front. The rent was cheap and we thought that this was probably because the building was in bad need of repair.

We discovered that the atmosphere in the house accounted for the cheap rent - it was evil.

After dark it took some courage to walk down the passage way from the front to the back of the building - it always seemed cold and there were times when it was preferable to stay in the front part of the house - there seemed to be some unseen being lurking in the shadows.

One bright late afternoon I was in the kitchen and started to carry a tray of glasses from there across the corridor into the drawing room and then to the dining room. I stopped in my tracks just inside the door to the drawing room and watched as a ball of fire flew about the room from side to side. I remember placing the tray down carefully and taking a step back. The fireball moved around the room about 3 feet from the floor circling the entire space. It seemed to spin but did not leave a trail. As it came towards me it changed direction and disappeared through the window on my left - it seemed to evaporate into the air once outside and disappear completely.

We left the house soon afterwards - I have never asked the new occupants if they feel or see anything strange but sometimes when I pass by the plot on which the house is built I feel a strange and evil feeling emanating from the building.

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