The Boy and His Dog

The house in Alveston Ave is set a lovely gardens. It is on top of the ridge and was part of the original market garden that had been established in Borrowdale earlier in the century. Solid and designed to be convenient and serve a family as a home it certainly had none of the attributes of a haunted house.

Soon after moving in we were aware of a shadow - not sinister, not frightening, but caught by the corner of the eye a little unsettling.

We have two sons, at the time of moving into the house one was about 12 - the other about 4. Stuart, the elder of the two, was always very down to earth and rather scoffed at the idea of ghosts - he does not now! Alexander was always more open to thoughts of the supernatural.

During the next few years they both saw and described the figures - both seeing exactly the same apparition. It was a young boy - early in his teens, wearing khaki shorts and shirt, a floppy khaki hat over light coloured hair and with him was a dog - a brown dog similar to a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

My husband and I never saw them at this stage - but we sensed when they had been around - or caught a movement out of the corner of our eyes.

It was one rainy day in November - hot and humid when I at last saw the boy. I was in the drawing room looking out at the grey sky and I turned to leave the room - and there he was! Just as the boys has described him with his socks falling down around his shoes and his dog by his side. Did I imagine a slight smile on his lips? Perhaps he was as surprised to see me as I was to see him!

We have seen him again on many occations. I would love to know his origins. There is a story that where our house now stands was once e cemetary. Is he a lost soul not able to continue on his journey?

A while back I was approached by a young man in his late 20s. He asked me if we still saw the young boy and his dog. He had come to stay with us a number of times and always saw the boy and his dog! He had never mentioned it at the time fearing we would think him strange and not invite him again!

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