On Thursday 31 May 1998 at 1020 PM Zimbabwe heard a boom and saw a strange light towhich no one has been able to give a logical explanation.

We lived in the north of Harare. I felt and heard a rumble approaching from the north - the nearest one could equate the sound to was the sound that follows a nuclear explosion. It became louder as it approached.

A brilliant white glow lit up the eastern horizon. The strange glow was seen from Harare, the capital, to Glendale, a distance of 75 kilometers (45 miles).

In Glendale, the mysterious glow persisted for 20 minutes, and "the light was strongest" there. Immediately following the light's appearance, a serious of explosive sky booms was heard in Harare and towns to the east, including Rusape, Murewa amd Macheke.

The glow was also seen in Goromonzi, near Ruwa, approximately 40 kilometers (24 miles) from Harare.

There have been many speculations as to what it may have been but nothing that satisfactualy explains either the noise or the extent to which it was heard.


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