It was 1966 - the month of June. We were sitting on the balcony of our house built on stilts at just after dusk. In the Western sky an object seemed to appear out of no where. It was bright like a star but not a star - it appeared to the naked eye to shimmer with colour. We called one of our neighbours and asked them to bring over binoculars - we had none in the house.

15 minuy=tes later the object was still in the sky and we were viewing it through the binocilars.

It was a sphere which was rotating within a framework - as the spere rotated it gave off light of all colours of the rainbow. The 'framework' appeared to be attached to the object at its base and reach up over the top in a tower shape about the same distance above the spinning object as its own size.

We watched it for a period of about another half hour.

Suddenly, the object sped to the east, hovered, and then dropped from view .

The same object was sighted in the same position and with the same behavour for a period of three nights in succession - after which we never saw it again.

Were we being observed and if so by whom?

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