It was 1994. We had travelled to Ruwa in a Landrover from our Harare house. It was sometime in April, cool but not cold and clear - the rains haveing ended some time before.

We were returning just after dusk when my husband noticed an object approaching from the rear at speed. The road was deserted so this single 'light' behind us was the only light onthe road except for those of the Landrover. We suddenly relaised that although the light was approaching from the rear it was in actual fact above the hieght of the road.

We picked up speed and as we did so the 'object' caught up with us and hovered above the moving vehicle.

We took a detour to try and escape it but it followed us no matter how often we turned right or left along the back roads.

We reached home and got out of the vehicle as quickly as possible hoping to see more of our escort - as we looked up into the now completely black sky - it sped away at speed.

It was too fast to identify as anything but a sphere of light.

Odette Lind - copyright 2001

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