A Titanic Mystery

Pemmie Digby Dieve

PEMMIE - given to her sister Zilla
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My great-grandmother was the only family member who would talk about her. She was considered the black sheep of the family having become an opera singer.

Pemmie sang Traviata at the Metropolitan Opera House in 1911 and then returned to England to see her family and announce her wedding plans.

My great-grandmother, Annie Digby, (nee Dieve) told me, in about 1952, that her sister had lost her life on the Titanic. She showed me a bottle of champagne that had been kept for Pemmie's return to England, alas still undrunken 40 years later!

We cannot trace any record of her sailing on the Titanic but this could be due to the circumstances surrounding her name.

On that fateful night of 14 April 1912 - she gave up her seat in a lifeboat and stayed with her husband - they were both lost at sea.

Did she travel under her 'stage name', which we do not know ? It is possible that she was not married in England but was returning to America for the wedding.

We will never know.

We seem unable to solve the mystery
Have you any suggestions?

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