The M V Mocambique

Type Twin-screw passenger and cargo motorship
Buider Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ld
Building place Newcastle-on-Tyne - England
Building date 1949 Out of commission 1972
Registry Lisbon, in 1949 November 11, number H 387
Code signal C S E I
Lenght over all 167,05 m
Extreme breadth 20,50 m
Draught forward 8,21 m
Draught aft 8,21 m
Gross tonnage 12.976,37 Tons
Net tonnage 7.627,54 Tons
Capacity 12.315 m3
Deadweight 9.574 Tons
Propelling machinery Two Diesel engines, with 6 cylinders each one, Doxford model, building in 1948 by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ld in Newcastle-on-Tyne.
Horsepower 13.000 shp
Maximum speed 18,0 knots Service speed 17,0 knots
Passengers 749
Crew 213
Owner Companhia Nacional de Navegação - Lisboa

The Mocambique traveled between Portugal and Africa - via Cape Town to the east African Ports of Lorenco Marques and Beira.

I traveled on her last voyage - she had been delayed due to a collision which had left her crippled.

She left Lisbon almost three weeks late and limped on her final voyage to Africa.

We found her interesting, although in vert poor condition and her neglected appointments had seen better days.

On board we an assortment of passenger including Americans, Portuguese and British.

The food and service were terrific - the Captain was of the old school - the cabins were old fashioned but comfortable.

She did not look like this! She was dirty and rather the worse for wear - rust was everywhere and there were very few passengers on board - we enjoyed her spacious decks - with few to share the space - and her public rooms echoed with silence. It was an interesting voyage but a sad one.

Photographs taken onboard the Mocambique in 1971 taken by the Boucher family - click here...

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