Rebuilding a Dream - relics of the Aureol and Principe Perfeito
Text and the colour photos from the collection of Peter Knego

AUREOL was the perfect ship to me in so many ways. Going aboard in Greece was like a dream -- all that modest, cozy elegance, the woodwork, etc. She truly should have been saved, as few ships of her vintage were left so unspoilt. Sadly, this world has no appreciation or use for such an object. Needless to say, I followed her sale to the intermediate scrap merchant, and even corresponded with him. He misinformed me that she was stripped of all her fittings before she left for India, so when a casual letter to her breakers informed me that the entire ship was still intact save for the three paintings, I withdrew half of my life savings and made a list of my wants. The bell, repeater telegraph, dining light fixtures, dining chairs, cabin furniture sets, and seven sets of doors were soon followed by the bar, all onboard silver with logo, the remnants of her crockery, and so forth.

Peter Knego

Cupboards and dresser fromt the Aureol in the background

The silver is from the Aureol and the desk in the front is from board the Principe Perfeito

The same type of cuboard show in a cabin


An Elder Dempster dresser - in use The dressers had mirrors like the one shown above
A dining chair from the Aureol

The same chairs can be seen in use - note the silver ice bucket - also show on these pages

Two different logos appeared on the silver - I only remember the Flag logo - the round logo was probably a later addition.

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