The Braemar Castle

This was the third Union Castle vessel of that name and was was built in 1952 by Harland & Wolff in Belfast

Tonnage - 17029grt
Length - 576ft 5in
Beam - 74ft 3in
Service speed - 17.5 knots.

Sister of the Kenya Castle she commenced her maiden voyage on 22nd November 1952 on the Round Africa service via the Cape and Durban. The vessel stopped at Beira, Mombasa, Dar es Sallam, Zanzibar, Tanga, Aden, Suez. Port Said, and then onto Europe.
Her passenger accommodation was remodelled in 1960 to 459 but her funnel was not altered.
In October 1960 she briefly replaced the Edinburgh Castle on the mail run while she underwent engine repairs.
On 6th January 1966, after less than 14 years service, she arrived at Faslane for breaking up by Shipbuilding Industries.

The once popular route round Africa was no longer a viable service.

I sailed on the Braemar castle from Beira to Naples in 1960/1.

Here is the Breamar castle outside Aden harbour

Her cabins we comfortable and her public rooms well appointed - the main attraction of this voyage was the opportunity to stop at the various ports and visit the attractions ashore!
Click here to see some of the ports of call.....

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