Passenger Liners of the Past

The Flandre - The French Line

The Windsor Castle - Union Castle Line

The Penndennis Castle - Union Castle Line

The Edinburgh Castle - Union Castle Line

Union Castle Line - Badges of Rank

The Atlantic - Home Lines

The Mocambique

The Titanic - a mystery

Cunard Lines - travelling in style - 1950's fashion

P & O Lines


Liners carrying passengers from port to port were a far more relaxing and exciting a way to travel than the aircraft of today's jet age.

The young generation of today talk of cruise liners and exotic cruises but in the 50s and 60s one traveled on a ship as one would an airplane - to get to ones destination.

The collection of vessels on this page represents some of these passenger liners - I traveled on all of them to and from America, South Africa and West Africa. There were many more operating on these runs - real working ships but a pleasure to travel on.

The Elder Dempster Line - Shipboard Life

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