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Posted 03 September 2013

Peacock Wanted - Anyone who could help please phone Len 0772906810 to arrange collection and payment. This peacock will be integrated into a pleasant enclosed safe park area with two existing companions


Posted 14 August 2013


We are looking for a yorkie x Maltese male pup


If anyone knows of a litter please email me on tamcreane@gmail.com



Koi Wanted: I have a lonely Koi in my pond in Marondera and I am looking For a friend or two for it. Does anyone have any spare koi. I would be most grateful to hear from anyone. Cell: 0774336357, Cell: 0776404113 draheim@zol.co.zw

Posted 30 June 2013


We are looking for a black Labrador male or female pup. Need not be registered but would like to be able to see both parents.


Please contact Mary-Jane on 0772 322 385 or email  mullermaryjane876@gmail.com 

Posted 04 January 2013

Schnauzer Puppy Friend Wanted: We would like to get our spayed female Miniature Schnauzer, a male pure bred Miniature  Schnauzer puppy friend, and we are looking for  a breeder/someone who can assist. Please call John 0772 237 507 in Harare or john@equity.co.zw


Posted 02 January 2013

Persian Kitten Wanted: Loving home offered, pedigree preferred.  Contact 0773397069tammyhein74@gmail.com


Posted 01 January 2012

I am looking for a female boerboel/ any female breed. I have a male boerboel and is very lonely needs a company. Call me on 0773672899 or email me on nkosindiweni@gmail.com


Posted 10 December 2012


WANTED - Small dog bitch - JR, foxy, terrier-type, Scottie, Xbred – young, but not necessarily small pup.  Good home with dog company and big garden freedom.

Email – covell@mweb.co.zw ; mob – 0772 254 577 ;  Landline 498340


Posted 01 November 2012


I was looking for a cocker spaniel, puppy or fully grown needing a good  home. Please can you email me if you hear of anything:

Alisonhein76@gmail.com. Many thanks.

Posted 24 October 2012


Female Peacock: Am Looking For A Female Peacock (Peahen).  Please Call 490084 / 0712 604 084 Or Email rsjsgardini@zol.co.zwPosted 17 October 2012


old boerbul x ridgeback spayed female. Puppy or young dog for a very good home. Email louiseward@yoafrica.com

Siamese Kitten Wanted:  Wanting to buy one female Siamese kitten a.s.a.p.  Papers not necessary.  Anyone knowing information regarding availability of Siamese kittens please contact Nicky on nickyb@utande.co.zw or 0772 421 807.  Many thanks.


Wanted Female Jack Russell Puppy: Preferably brown and white or tricolour. The tail must not be docked. Please do get in touch, email pauldavidthomas@gmail.com

Posted 11 October 2012

Labrador Wanted: If anyone has a Labrador male or female looking for a very loving home, a mature couple looking for a companion to do the night shift outdoors, must get on with smaller dogs who take care of the indoor duties.  Absolutely guaranteed that he or she will be very well cared for and loved unconditionally.  Please email pamsteyn1@gmail.com or phone 0779816400.

Posted 12 September 2012

Weimeraner Mate: We have a lovely Weimeraner bitch who is looking for a mate to help her produce a litter of puppies.  If anyone can help, please make contact on 0772 268501hal@zol.co.zw

Posted 31 August 2012

Good day, i am from kwekwe and am looking for 2 female boerboel puppies. s burden chigubu@bsatt.com


Posted 22 August 2012

Wheelchair For Kitten: I have a 6 month old disabled kitten that is unable to use her back legs and I wondered if anybody knew where I can get a wheelchair similar to the ones disabled dogs have? Any advice at all would also be great as she is very happy and we want to make her life as comfortable as possible. Thanks claire_ward1@hotmail.com

Posted 16 August 2012

I am in Bulawayo & recently lost my rescued maltese due to cancer.  I am looking for a female maltese puppy asap.


Please email to sipperstrading@yahoo.com


Posted 03 August 2012


Recently lost our Jack Russel cross female and are looking for two puppies of similar type and size. Would prefer female and they would be going to a good home. Contact Ray Whitney ray@insuraserve.co.zw 


Posted 16 July 2012

Jack Russell Wanted: Looking for a baby Male Jack Russel Puppy.  Please let me know where can buy one!!!!  Got a female who is very lonely and needs company.  Contact:- Mandy Peall 077 8 471 831 beautyaj@yoafrica.com

Posted 09 July 2012

Excellent Home For Two Puppies: We are interested in the following breeds:   Bouvier,  Golden Retriever, Weimaraner  Blue Heeler, Rhodesian Ridgeback .  Contact Tom Soper tom@redan.co.zw  If possible within the next five weeks or sooner.

Labrador Wanted: Emerald Hill children's home would love a Labrador for the children, they love to come home after school and have a pet to love.  This would be such a special gesture to give the  a dog.!  Contact Sister Gabby 0772379486 kufara@yoafrica.com

Posted 05 July 2012

Excellent Home For Two Puppies: We are interested in the following breeds:   Bouvier,  Golden Retriever, Weimaraner  Blue Heeler, Rhodesian Ridgeback .  Contact Tom Soper tom@redan.co.zw  If possible within the next five weeks or sooner.

Posted 09 June 2012

Puppy Sought: Preferably well-bred Staffordshire/Boerbul/ English Bull Terrier-Have a 3 acre garden and will be very well cared for and loved -male or female will do-Contact Ken and Eminette 0772600043 maitland@zol.co.zw


Yorkshire Puppy Wanted: Looking for a male Yorkshire puppy, if anyone knows someone one who breeds. Please call or email on 0776401600, katiavani@yahoo.com.

Posted 17 May 2012

Looking For A Boerbull: female puppy. Don't mind if she is slightly crossed! Please call Kelly on 0772 217101 or email on moorekel.07@gmail.com


Posted 04 May 2012

Home for Cat: Looking to give a loving home to a Burmese cat. Please reply to gulbagh@earth.co.zw

We are looking to adopt a dog or puppy...sweet, medium to large.
Ideally it would be a lab cross.
Let us know if you run accross such a love.
Carolyn Eberle, Founder, LPC


Posted 04 April 2012

Tan Staffy Wanted: Hi all, our Staffy puppy has sadly gone to heaven and we are so desperately looking for another female Tan Staffy. Does anyone have any contacts of breeders or know of any Staffy puppies available?? She will go to the most loving home. Please contact Zuz on 0774 433 063 or a.minterbrown@gmail.com



Posted 09 March 2012

Miniature Daxi Dashaund Puppies: Please can I ask if anyone out there knows of any miniature daxi dashaund puppies. I am desperate for a puppy and friend for my daxi.... Thank you. Elsa 0772 33 84 86. theboultons@zol.co.zw


Posted 06 March 2012


Jack Russell Wanted: Dear Readers, We have very sadly lost our little Jack Russel of 4 years old and will miss her greatly.  If there is anyone  looking for a good home for a little JR we would love to have him/her.  We live on a farm and have daily walks and no dog could have happier surrounds!  There is a little SPCA companion here too, and company for ‘Pumba” would be a great asset.    Pam H pamjohn@junglecomms.com


Large Adult Dog Wanted: We are looking for 1 or 2 fully grown adult dog/s for loving home. Medium to large breed. Non aggressive in nature & good with small kids. Contact Amy on 0774 108 463 or Angus on 0772 414 894 or email hararecommunications@gmail.com


Male Bull Terrier Sought: I have a female Bull Terrier very sweet nature and am looking for a suitable mate for her to have her first litter. Please contact me on 077 4186 522 or on e-mail emm_nems@yahoo.co.uk


Posted 05 March 2012

We are looking for a Jack Russell who needs a new home, we had a lovely Jack Russell who has just died and we need to find a friend urgently for the other dog who is very lonely.


Please if anyone is looking to find a home for their dog please let us know. We are animal lovers who live on a farm with loads of space for running around, but can’t have a puppy for the elderly couple who also live with us.


Please contact

Alanna Rowley

Ph: +263 774 324 154\


I am desperately looking for  a yorkshire terrier.Or a female yorkie as a mate for my male yorkie.Please contact me if you can help.





Eileen Creane.



Eileen on : 0733 315 403  / 04 883576 

Email :   wad@africaonline.co.zw  or   emmamay1999@yahoo.co.uk 


Posted 22 February 2012

Does Anyone Happen To Know Where We Might Be Able To Get Large Breed I.e. Great Danes: st. Bernard’s etc. puppies at all? We recently lost one of our beloved GD’s very unexpectedly; her sister is feeling the loss of a suitably-sized playmate. If you can help, please contact us on tdunbar@hms.co.zw.Thanks


Posted 21 February 2012

I am looking for a female golden cocker spaniel puppy


Tel: 0772-338503


Posted 10 February 2012

Looking For Female Or A Pair Of Tortoise: for a very lonely (frustrated!?) tortoise !* Lovely home offered with loving family. Please contact Ian Duncan on 0772 304334. Many thanks indeed. accounts@randsdiesel.co.zw

Posted 06 February 2012

Lab cross (pref. German shepherd) wanted to join loving home, are happy to take on puppy – 2year old.  Please contact me on kelly@opiumevents.net or 0774 343 08


Posted 04 February 2012

Iam looking for 2 cats male or females email me on  herbertmubaiwa@yahoo.com 

thank you


Posted 02 February 2012

“My aunt recently lost her beloved Yorkie.   She is looking for a small dog to give a loving home to. She would prefer an older dog as she is aware that older dogs often have a harder time finding a loving home.  She has another 10 year old male dog, so the dogs would need to meet to ensure they would be compatible.  Her contact details are normak@comone.co.zw, cell: 0712801799”


Kind regards

Nola Birkett


Phone: + 263 4 369 213-30

Direct:  + 263 4 369 238

Mobile: + 263 (0)777 749 008


Posted 01 February 2012


Looking For A Black Lab Cross Ridgeback Male Puppy: (or black lab cross) - please contact me on:  anabee1981@yahoo.com


Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bitch Wanted: Preferably Red In Colour. Will Take Either Adult Or Puppy As We Have Recently Lost Our Beloved Staffie To Cancer And Our Staffie Male Is So Lonely. We Are Huge Staffie Lovers. Our Dogs Sleep Inside With Us And Are Part Of The Family. Please Call Ann On 747260 Or 0772368749 Or Michelle On 884294 Or 0772949445.


Horse Or Pony: We are looking for a small horse or pony for our 8yr and 10 yr old children. Can take 2 for company. Pls contact me if you have ideas of where I can find any. greeffy@onetel.com  


Posted 28 January 2012

Jack Russell Puppy: Looking to buy a Jack Russell puppy, please email Alanna. alanna.rowley@gmail.com


Posted 19 January 2012

i am looking for a good female boxer to buy (age 1 year or less) i have a male boxer 4 months of age and he is lonley... i need to breed also.



my number: 0773 777746





I am looking for good bird to keep.... parrots and other good birds


0773 7777 46


I am looking for 2 or 3 cats my phone number is 0772888281 mrs takadii


Posted 09 January 2012

Wanted a female Scottie Dog to form a romantic relationship with our male Scottie Dog - Freddie!  Is there anyone who has a likely candidate?! Please contact:  Jan Dick : scuffcc@gmail.com or cell 0772 369726

Posted 26 October 2011

I have a friend who contacted me very upset saying that they had just lost their little jack Russell dog.  Her kids are devastated – did I know of anyone with another jack Russell.  Needless to say I don’t so can anyone out there help!?  Thanks debs 492314/0772303332 or davedebbie@zol.co.zw

Posted 24 October 2011

Wanted: Jack Russell female puppy from last week November to mid December. Please e-mail Cornelia at cornelia.a.mccauley@gmail.com or call 0774733974

Wanted a Staffordshire puppy. Please phone Kate 443248 or 0712205274 bristow@zim.co.zw


Female Labrador cross puppy for early December you can contact Linda on stationery@arudel.ac.zw

Posted 21 October 2011

Wanted: Jack Russell female puppy from last week November to mid December. Please e-mail Cornelia at cornelia.a.mccauley@gmail.com or call 0774733974


Posted 18 October 2011

Looking for two AfriCanis puppies, please contact me should you know of any available.

Adriaan.otto@jhi.co.za ; 0772 149 318


We have recently lost two of our large dogs, one to cancer and one to old age. We are looking for a female puppy. It would have to be a large dog and preferably a mixed breed. We live on a smallholding in Ruwa and have two Jack Russells, one rescued pavement special and a Boer bull / bull mastiff. We are looking for a  companion  for the Spike the Boer bull cross, who is very lonely since the loss of his two friends.


Please keep us in mind.


Kind regards


Ricky Wright

Cell: 0772248490

Landline: 447059  487622

Skype: rickywright85

mike&ricky [kelara@iwayafrica.co.zw]


Wanted: Jack Russell female puppy from last week November to mid December. Please e-mail Cornelia at cornelia.a.mccauley@gmail.com or call 0774733974


Sarah van Rensburg [mailto:seunv@zol.co.zw]  Desperately looking for a Golden Retriever puppy or dog – is there anyone in Zimbabwe who breeds these lovely dogs or knows where I may find one.  Please contact me on cell 0772 362 764 – sarah


l am a young lady looking for a lovely puppy   rhodesian ridgeback.


I will be happy to hear from you if by any  chance you know anyone who is selling this kind of breed.


Many thanks,


Tsitsi Nyabowa tsitsi nyabowa [tsitsinyabowa@yahoo.co.uk]

 p/s  I live in Pomona , Harare.


Posted 07 September 2011

I don’t know if anyone can help me here. I am looking for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for my 13 year old daughter. Please help!!!

Thanks & Best Regards

Lorraine Randall
Kymal Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd
Mobile + 263 773 227265
Mobile + 263 712 613831
Skype : lorraine.galorand

Posted 28 August 2011

Our boerboel has sadly died and we would like to replace him. Does anyone know of some puppies. A friend of ours has a male
does anyone know of a female boerbol they would like to breed. He is pure bred with papers. Many thanks Natalie detering@zol.co.zw

Posted 02 August 2011
Am looking an english mustiff from Zambia under one year old. You can contact me Email address: mwalawiti@Yahoo.com.

Posted 01 July 2011

From: Claire Connolly [mailto:connollyc@hotmail.co.uk]
1. Desperately looking for a Labrador puppy - good home and big garden. Please call 0778130753.

Posted 05 May 2011

I am looking for a yorkie terrier or any yorkie x or terrier x puppy out there. Please assist with Any useful information as to how i can adopt from Harare, Zimbabwe. Wanted for loving home, missing a puppy to spoil! Many thanks.


Posted 21 May 2011

We are looking for a Boxer Dog under 2 years old if possible. If you are able to help please contact us on gover@yoafrica.com We live in Victoria Falls. Recently our 14 year old Boxer passed away and we are hoping to find another Boxer as they are such wonderful dogs.

Posted 23 March 2011

I am looking for an English Bull Mastiff puppy, or can anyone put me in touch with a Bull Mastiff breeder please? Male or Female. Please contact Bernie: 0772 285 691, bernie@chapungusafaris.co.zw, skype: bernie.styles

Posted 12 March 2011

Help! I am desperately looking for someone who breeds turquoisine grass parakeets. If you can help please email Chris at demi@gator.co.zw. Thanks.

I am looking for a Labrador or retriever puppy. Lots of space for running around and would offer him a loving home! Please email me if you know of anyone who has puppies or contacts that may have in near future. Thanks! erincollins@live.com


Posted 08 March 2011

LOOKING FOR A BEAGLE PUPPY Please phone Lizzie on 499815 or 0773-980222 if you know of anyone who can help with this request.

Posted 25 February 2011

shelagh tozer [mailto:shelaghtozer@hotmail.com] Hi, we are looking for a female labrador puppy as a friend for a very lonely 9 month old cross. Please get in touch with Andrew on 0713302309 or Shelagh on 0772343624 or e-mail shelaghtozer@hotmail.com Thanks

Posted 24 February 2011

Hi, my four year old son wants a pet badly and he loves to cuddle them. I'm looking for a house trained rabbit (s), or a cat (s) the sex doesn’t matter or house trained kittens. We live in a cosy, spaceous apartment, not much garden space outside so we cant take in any dogs or puppies at the moment please, but if your cat can live with dogs then it would be an advantage for the near future move to a bigger home. Also I'm looking for a tortoise for myself, they are such interesting companions and my son finds them fascinating [a lot easier for me to keep up with]
Email: pmabande@yahoo.com I am returning to Zimbabwe end of next month, but you can call me on +31616020421

Posted 03 February 2011

I have recently had to put my " faithful Male Boxer Dog to sleep " having had cancer.... I now need another one to keep the other Boxer Male Company.. Tyson is so lonely, please if there is someone out there that knows of any Boxer Puppies up for sale, I require a Female. Contact Anne on 0773 218 391 / or e mail add : aircool@zol.co.zw

Posted 01 February 2011

A friend of mine in Bulawayo recently had to have her beloved Shadie put down and is absolutely lost without her four legged companion. Does anyone know where we could find a Chihauhau puppy. Preferably black and tan. You can contact me, Mandy, on 0772440278 or her, Andree, on 0772702704. Alternatively e mail me on mandress@zol.co.zw

Posted 22 January 2011

Wanted - young house-trained dog as a companion to my cross boerbull/bulldog. Good and loving home. Any short haired dog will be considered. Contact ghovelmeier@gmail.com with details"

Posted 12 December 2010

I am looking for a young adult Boerboel (male preferred but not necessarily essential) 8 months-2 years (age is flexible but must be young) or so. Possibly one that someone does not have the time or energy for, am happy to pay a commitment towards the right dog, Please call Kevin - 0772409913

Kind regards

Kev Crawford
Technical Works Supervisor

Technical Works Group
British Embassy

Tel: +263 (4) 8585 5200 70
Mobile +263 (0)772 409913
FTN 8498 - 2270
E-mail kevin.crawford@fco.gov.uk

Posted 18 November 2010

WANTED – 3 or 4 guinea fowl chicks. 2 kittens. Keith 745672; 0712 600 548 keithb@moldon.co.zw

Posted 04 November 2010

I am looking for a white kitten for my son, preferably a male. Can anyone help?

Memory Kapenzi
Tel: 0772 436 365

DAXI PUPPY URGENTLY WANTED - Hubby’s birthday coming up soon, and all he wants is a Daxi puppy. Will be loved like you wouldn’t believe ! Please contact me if you have one. Siobhan 0772 573 519

Posted 03 November 2010

Looking for 2 pure bred miniature daxi puppies. Please call Laura on 0772233049 or email laura@bigbee.co.zw

Posted 30 October 2010

Hi all my mums little daxi just passed away and she is desperate for another companion! i am looking for a small dog or a kitten! please help=) JOHN AND DELAINE CALVERT calvert@ecoweb.co.zw

Posted 16 October 23020

I am looking for a Burmese kitten – does anyone know where I can get one? Is anyone still breeding them here??
Tracey Jacobs
Tracey Jacobs ctjacobs@zol.co.zw

Posted 14 October 2010

Nerissa Hotchkis [mailto:nerissa@tracking.co.zw] Looking for a puppy – a big dog breed and preferably a cross-breed – ie. Lab x boxer or something like that. Please contact Joyce Jones on 0772 22 88 18 or 870551 (w).

Posted 12 October 2010

Looking for a Puppy. Either Boxer Cross, Labrador Cross, PLEASE
NO Rottweiler etc
Contact me on 870551 OR 0733419881.

07 October 2010

Kyla Brent has just returned to Zim from the UK where she has been for the last few years on an important assignment. One of the conditions for her return to this country would be that she would receive a ginger cat. It would be of National interest if her demands were met, thus alleviating many hours of anguish. If anyone could possibly help this important young lady with a ginger kitten or cat, please contact Karen Brent on 0774455611 or 480058 . Oh, by the way - Kyla turns 5 next month

Posted 04 October 2010

I reside in Blantyre, Malawi. My family and I would like to buy a Boxer puppy as there are no Boxers available in Malawi.
Brent FergusonBrent & Michelle Ferguson [zimfergy@africa-online.net]

Posted 03 October 2010

I am looking for a Staffy puppy, preferably a male, and from a good bloodline. Can anyone help?

Julia Grainger
Tel: 0913100092

Pug puppy, preferably fawn or apricot coloured. If anyone knows where I can get one I would be most grateful.

I can be reached on 0914336211 (please note the Econet telephone code changes as of 2nd October) or via email on leila_billing@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 28 September 2010

Jacks [mailto:jacks@touchstone.co.zw] small hand reared parrot wanted. Looking for 1 as a companion for an elderly gentleman. Must be easy to handle. Perhaps you know of someone looking for a loving home for their pet.

Posted 21 September 2010

I am inserting this ad on behalf of a friend who is wanting a Bulldog puppy. Can anyone help?
Please contact Bertram - cell no. 0912 304997.

Thanks and regards, Gavin.

looking for a female toy pom puppy born in December or in new year any time from end of December 2010 but preferably the middle of January 2011 to adopt please sms 0733400114 if any are being sold over that time period thank you

Posted 17 September 2010

Looking for a persian or Chinchilla kitten.

Pse call Gulshen on 0712 204 125 or email g.afridi@sdv.co.zw

Posted 13 September 2010

We are desperately looking for a staffy puppy male or female.
Please contact us:- jules@myzimbabweinfo.com
091 2 317288
Thank you

I am looking for a staffie puppy, the large head breed with the shorter legs. Also interested in an English Bulldog as an alternative. Please contact me on 0914147745 or email tanyawelman@yahoo.com.
Thank you. Tanya


Posted 26 August 2010

We are looking for a male English Bull Terrier puppy, if anyone can help please contact me on 0912 395576 or e-mail me on mandr@zol.co.zw

Many thanks
Rene Ferreira

Posted 13 August 2010

I am looking for a toy pom puppy to buy. Anyone with puppies for sale can contact me on 0912351763
Vickie Williams

Posted 12 Aug 2010

I am looking for two puppies, preferably boerboels to train as family pets and watch dogs. Please call Enkelbert on 0912 366 995.

Posted 02 August 2010

We are looking for a Labrador puppy - preferably ready to join our family anytime from mid-November. We welcome anyone to vet us and our property. The puppy would have a wonderful home with us. Please email me at catie@mweb.co.zw

Posted 14 July 2010

Anyone know where I can get a staffie puppy or anyone got pups they want to get rid of?

Please contact me via email or on my cell 0912340854

Mrs Kruger

Posted 12 July 2010

Good home offered to two large breed young dogs (or puppies). Prefer German Shepherds and or Doberman. These dogs are for Jane and Dee at Frog and Fern Cottages in Chimanimani - must be human friendly, cat friendly and be fit enough to run in the mountains alongside our horses. Please call Jane on 0915920440 if your dog/puppies fit the bill and needs a good home.

Posted 10 July 2010

Hi We are looking for Great Dane’s preferable black in colour. Please contact me on 0912 606 300. Thanks.

Posted 04 July 2010

I,m looking for a puppy preferrably

- Jack Russell
- Labrador retriever
-bulldog (any breed)
-or any other good breed.

Call 0913 665 855/ 0913 620 279

Posted 11 June 2010
I am about to move to Harare in the coming month and would be looking for a Zulu-type dog. Preferable a female.

Possible to assist?


Dr. Staffan Darnolf
Senior Advisor
E-Mail: sdarnolf@ifes.org
E-Mail: staffan@darnolf.com

Posted 20 May 2010


The most beautiful, intelligent, stunning looking Blue Heeler dog looking
for short term wife (3 days should do the trick - at the right time),
owned by equally beautiful, intelligent, stunning widow (well, as far as
dogs are concerned) not looking for husband, short or long term.

This is urgent as Blue Heeler and owner are nearly past it.

Phone Kathy Hull:
Cell: 0912 334 030
Email: Sorry, not on email. Please use phone number

Posted 14 May 2010

Hi There,
We are looking for a female Jack Russell puppy short hair with white and brown colouring.
Please if you know of anyone would you please contact me. 09159822918 or Danielle@goyaafrica.com
Many thanks

Posted 03 May 2010

I am wanting a Mini Schnauzer puppy - preferably a female – but not necessarily so.Does not have to be registered – looking for a family pet not to breed. Phone 794478 or 0912 289 694 Val Ingham-Thorpe

We are desperately wanting a FEMALE RIDGEBACK puppy if you know of anyone that can help us. To come to a very loving home!
Heather Knott heather.knott@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 01 May 2010

We are looking for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy breeder or puppies for sale. We just arrived in Harare on contract from SA.
Margharet Pretorius

Posted 29 April 2010

We need a Jack Russell to make our home complete and our 3 year old, male Ridgeback needs a friend.
(He grew up with a Maltese poodle cross)

Jack Russell Female preferably,
can be spayed,
old or young
will be happy to give a loving home to your Jack "Hustle" if owner is leaving or moving into accommodation
which cannot include pets...

Please email or call us on 0912 245 334 or 0913 287 872.Flip Nicholson Safaris flipnsaf@mweb.co.zw

Thank you.
Bene and Flip Nicholson.

A friend of mine is desperately looking for a female miniture daxie pup to replace an elderly dog that had to be put down with cancer. Please contact him if you can help. His name is Mr. Zartman and cell no 011 411 080.

Posted 27 April 2010

FEMALE GOOSE desperately needed at the Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary! Our Canada Goose lost BOTH his companions yesterday after they flew into the lion enclosure! He is devastated and is walking round and round the Sanctuary searching and calling for them. We will collect, and pay, if you have a female goose in need of an excellent home. Please call Sarah on 0912 592 944 or 0733 436 239.

Posted 16 April 2010

Looking for a long-haired jack russell or other terrier male (crosses are fine)
Young dog or puppy (under 1 year)

Please call Amanda on 0915 183745
Posted 23 March 2010

I have a friend that is looking for 2 male kittens. They will be going to a very good home. If anyone has any that are between 6 to 8 weeks please get in touch.Kind Regards, Lisa lisac@nt.co.zwPosted 19 March 2010

Hello My name is Star I am desperately seeking a friendly kitten house trained or ready for house training please contact me on 0915495612 or email me at ebsheadoffice@gmail

Posted 05 March 2010

Looking for a Siamese or Havana brown kitten, either sex. Please contact Gareth on 704760 or 011 416 296.

Posted 04 March 2010

l am looking for a female puppy that will grow into a large dog [ preferably black ] like a Lab X Rottie or a Lab X St Bernard. Anyone know of any likely puppies please contact Barbara Kelly on 331517 or 011 214332 or email - barbkelly@mango.zw - Here's hoping. Thanks, Barbara.

Looking for a adult female Cocker Spaniel suitable for puppies. Currently have a male Cocker Spaniel. Or if anyone has any Cocker Spaniel puppies please contact Cindy 091 2232 042. Many thanks.

Looking for a pet? email us here to place your request on this page.