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Posted 12 November 2013

Jack Russells: there are 2 Jack Russell’s which need to go together at Animal Friends Foundation shelter


Home Desperately Needed For A Young Beautiful Loving Black Cat: which has made our building site his home.  Can’t stay when we move in as our dogs are not cat friendly. Very affectionate and friendly.  Please help! Phone Pam 0772 408347


Looking For Good Home: For a Very Affectionate Burmese neutered male cat aged 10. Owners leaving the country and don’t want to have to put him down. Phone Val 0772 212 543

Posted 8 October 2013


Looking For Home : 3 year old, beautiful pedigree male silver Great Dane looking for a good loving home with a big garden. Good with other dogs. Unfortunately moving house and can no longer accommodate the space he needs. All his shots are up to date . Please call 0774 184 400 or email jennatcat@gmail.com

Posted 18 July 2013

I am looking for a good home for a 8 - 9 month old female Staffy. If you know of anyone or could spread the word, i would greatly appreciate it.


My number is 0772 296 065


Posted July 02 2013


Rehoming: x2 Boerbulls, one male and one female boerbull looking for a new home. Preferably together. Female spayed. Both 1 year old. Beautiful temperaments. Excellent watch dogs. Free to good home only. Superb with children. 2 x cats. One male (neutered) and one female (spayed) Each 1 each old. Beautiful natures. Good with children. Free to good home only. Owner relocating. Call: Lee 0778 836 712


Rehoming: Desperately looking for a home for a very friendly and loving male neutered tabby cat, about a year old, that has moved in with us. Our four males will not accept him. He really needs a home!! Call Felicity on 0772694761



Posted 01 July 2013


Looking for a loving home: Spike is a 2 year old tabby cat, he is looking for a new home as his owners are leaving the country. He would suit a home with no other cats or dogs with a big garden as he likes to hunt! He is loving and playful and needs a lot of TLC! If you feel he would suit your home please contact Kylie on 0772367197 or email kyliedraga@hotmail.com



Posted 26 March 2013

Home for Cat: Handsome neutered Ginger Tom looking for a loving home without cats.  He doesn't mind dogs though.  Phone Jenny 0773 193 848


Posted 06 March 2013

Home for 2 Dogs: Unfortunately I need to find a new home for my 2 dogs, together would be best as they have become the best of friends. Teddy is a Male Boerbul X Black/tan and is 4 years old and Scooby is a Male Rottweiler/Labrador/ridgeback and is 2 years old. They don't do well around cats, they love children and would fit in well with a family looking for two big, loving dogs. And we bet that the lucky family who takes them in will be so blessed to have two dogs who are equally thankful to remain together for the rest of their lives. For more info please contact me on 0772816472 or tracy@yoafrica.com



Posted 04 March 2013

Homes for 5 Puppies: The Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary Has Rescued 5 Gorgeous Puppies. They Are Now 10 Weeks Old And Ready To Find Forever Homes. They Are Glossy Black With Pure White Feet And Spotty White Chests And Bono Has A Very Jaunty White Tail Tip! They Actually Look Like Great Danes At This Stage!   All These Puppies Would Make Fantastic, Loving And Loyal Pets. If You Can Offer One Of Them A Good Home, Please Contact Sarah At Sara@Twalatrust.Co.Zw Or Call 0772 592 944. Thank You For Giving These Dear Little Dogs A Chance At A Good Life.


Rescued Kitten: Kung Fu Kitten Is A Little Rescued Tabby Female In Need Of A Good Home. She Is A Huge Personality In A Little, Fluffy Body! She Has A Pink Nose, Big Green Eyes And A Multi-Coloured Tabby Body. She Has The Voice Of An Opera Singer, The Agility Of An Olympic Gymnast And The Personality Of A Rock Star! She Is Hugely Affectionate, Endlessly Entertaining And Completely Irresistible. If You Can Give Kung Fu Kitten The Home She Deserves, Please Contact The Bally Vaughan Sanctuary  On sarah@twalatrust.co.zw or 0772 592 944


Posted 05 January 2013

Looking for Homes: 2 six week old kittens, looking for loving homes. One white and one chocolate brown, both very loving and playful, litter box trained. Please call if interested or want pictures. Kylie 0772367197

Posted 11 December 2012


I have 2 beautiful kittens looking for homes contact 0772372673 


Male Rottweilers: 2 fully grown male Rottweilers looking for home. Good watchdogs. Phone 0772312671 gpritch98@yahoo.com


Posted 07 November 2012

Home for Dog: Looking for a home for our Boerbul x Bullmastiff x male neutered dog - Sadly we are leaving the country in January and are desperate to find a home for our dog.  He has quite a reputation and his new owners cant have small children. He is fine with our cat and other dog.  He is an excellent security dog and only 2 - 3 years old.  If you are interested please contact Vanessa on 0773 571 628 or Ange on zimgales@live.com

Posted 29 November 2012


Home for Labrador cross:  Desperately looking for a loving home for our lab cross, she is a spayed female about a year old. All vaccinations are up to date. We are having to move into a smaller property where she wont have the space she needs. She gets on well with other dogs and cats. Please contact Dave -0772270078 or email - dave.mccay@gmail.com


Posted 28 November 2012

Two beautiful kittens looking for a good home!

If interested please contact me on 0772353408

Martin Ball


Posted 21 November 2012

Rescued Two Gorgeous Puppies: The Bally Vaughan Sanctuary Has Rescued Two Gorgeous Puppies. When They Arrived, They Were So Weak We Didn’t Think They Would Survive The Night, But Five Weeks On They Are Healthy, Happy And Full Of Fun. Bonita And Hunter Are Now 9 Weeks Old And In Need Of Special Forever Homes. They Are Used To Dogs, Cats, Lions And Children And Would Make Wonderful, Loyal Pets. If You Can Offer Either Of Them A Home, Please Call Sarah On 0772 592 944 Or 0733 436 239 Or Email sarah@ballyvaughan.co.zw.

Posted 19 November 2012

English bull terrier lovers: ‘Bullet’ a smashing white purebred male dog is desperate for a kind and loving home. He has been in kennels for a year in Kadoma SPCA but now in Harare and needs someone to love and care for him. Super temperament. He is 3 years old and a typical piggy bull terrier.. Fine with bitches but not used to cats, chickens etc. To an approved home only. E mail Michelle at gandami@mweb.co.zw


Home for Puppy:  In search of loving home for 6 month old male puppy - Jack Russell cross Pomeranian. He's affectionate and playful, patient with children, house trained, also up to date with vaccinations from Chisi Vet. Please contact 0776270499 if interested

Posted 05 November 2012


Home Needed:  An elderly lady living at Borrowdaile Trust in Marondera has a beautiful dog that sadly needs to be re-homed.  "Kimba" is a 2 year old neutered Boerbul X Border Collie. He is good looking, strong and needs a bigger property as where he is at the moment is small and his owner is not strong enough to control him on a lead to go for walks. He is black and white, medium length coat and I believe does get on with other animals. He is also an excellent watchdog!  Please ring Peter Kay on 0279 20837


Posted 02 November 2012

English Bull Terrier Lovers: ‘Bullet’ a smashing white purebred male dog is desperate for a kind and loving home. He has been in kennels for a year but now needs someone to love and care for him. Super temperament. He is 2 years old and a typical piggy bull terrier. Fine with bitches but not used to cats, chickens etc. To an approved home only. Email Michelle at gandami@mweb.co.zw


Home for a Bassett Hound:  I am looking for a good home for my lovely Bassett Hound. It is unfortunate that we have to find another home for her. Please call 0774 949 732 for serious takers after midday.


Home for a Tabby Cat:  We need to find a good,  loving home for our tabby cat.  She has been spayed and is up to date with her jabs.  She is a family cat but is also a great ratter.  For more information please email  lauraslight2004@yahoo.co.uk


Posted 01 November 2012

2 Weeks Old Kittens: Another appeal!!  We have just been handed three 2 weeks old kittens.  We are trying to find a lactating female cat for them at Friends Foundation but failing that we need a foster mom.  Kitty milk and bottles will be provided by us.  Many thanks.

Posted 24 October 2012

Two Very Sweet Puppies: VAWZ have just confiscated another two very sweet puppies from a road vendor [he was fined $40] and brought them in to us.  As they are only 5 weeks old and too young to be vaccinated we are looking for a foster mom to take care of them for about 10 – 14 days.  I don’t want to keep them in my hospital as they may run the risk of getting parvo and our usual foster moms already have pups/kittens to care of.  If you can help please call the surgery. avondalevets@yoafrica.com

Posted 20 October 2012


3 Lovely Dogs: Unfortunately we have to find homes for our 3 lovely dogs, 2 Dachshund (red and black/tan) they are 4 years old, neutered and are brothers., staff cross 5years.male ,neuters also. If you can provide a loving home please email lauraslight2004@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 17 October 2012

Available One Beautiful Male Tabby Kitten: 8 weeks old and shots being done tomorrow. Please contact pauldavidthomas@gmail.com

My Dad is looking for a good home for his spayed female cat as he is moving house and cannot take her with him. She is a gorgeous dark coloured tabby, three years old with a very gentle nature and just loves attention. My Dad is looking for someone who is a true cat lover, has no young children or dogs and is willing to give this baby a home where she will be loved like she is used to being loved. Please call 0712201409 for more details. Please help me find her a home otherwise she will have to be put down... Thank you Kirsty Louw [fishunt@zol.co.zw]

Posted 01 October 2012

Home for Cats: Over the last few months we have been feeding an abandoned male tabby cat and would not like to have him euthanized as he is quite a character and wondered if anyone would like to give him a loving home that is without other cats – dogs I’m sure would be fine. My mother (aged 91) is in a similar predicament having felt sorry for a young female cat who has produced five of the most adorable and beautiful kittens.  They are 6 weeks old and we are looking for suitable homes for them before we have the little mother neutered. Hope someone can help. Di Rushforth dirush@zol.co.zw0772 262573


Homes for Labrador Pups: VAWZ have just confiscated 4 female 6 weeks old Labrador/x pups from a puppy vendor.  They will be taken to Friend Animal Foundation Saturday morning.  Please contact them on Landline 04 – 2930442, Joseph 0733 816 804 [Office], Marylu 0772 225 845, Christine 0733 406 276 if you can offer one of these pups a home. avondalevets@yoafrica.com


Home For Zack: male Scottie cross Jack Russell - a year old - gentle and kind natured dog looking for a loving home.  Good with children and other animals.  Please call Patsy on 0772 572 733. patsybrowell@gmail.com

Posted 21 September 2012

Looking To Re-home Dog: 6 year old male, neutered, brindle Bull Terrier. If you have an understanding and appreciation of this breed and can offer a good and loving home please phone 0772302357 chris@chrishairsalon.com


Posted 12 September 2012

Geese.  Looking for knowledgeable homes for my geese and goslings. Good watch dogs.  Phone 0774 551 764. Or e mail laing.mike@gmail.com


Looking For A Good Home: for a Lab cross staffy female puppy 10 months old.  She is a lovely dog and very affectionate and just wants to be loved all day long she still thinks she is small enough to sit on my lap.  She will chase the ball all day long if you are happy to throw it.  We have a staffy female and they are no getting on at all, so I am looking for someone who will love her as much as we do.  She loves to run so you will need a big garden or someone to walk her, we have a 4 year old son and they get on very well. She has had all her shots up to now.  0776 271 321kirstyfarrell19@yahoo.co.uk


Posted 22 August 2012

Two Staffie Cross Pups: A friend of mine came across two staffie cross pups on the Beatrice road last week, some vendor selling them in the middle of nowhere. They are now approx. 7wks old, and have had their first shots etc. They are brother and sister. She would like to get them a good home. richvaughan@zol.co.zw



Home For Staffordshire Bull Terriers: ‘Mana’ 2 Year Old Black Pedigreed Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bitch. Gets On With A Male Dog And Cats. ‘Tug’  4 Year Old Red Staffordshire Bull Terrier Male Dog. Gets On With Bitches. Both these dogs have super natures and are stunning staffies. They come from separate homes in the Falls and are in desperate need of kind and loving homes. Please note to approved homes only. E mail Michelle(Terrier Rescue) at gandami@mweb.co.zw                               



Posted 09 June 2012

Home for Puppy: We have had a 6 week old puppy surrendered with a broken leg.  We have pinned the leg and he needs to be on 6 weeks of cage rest.  At the moment he is being fostered but needs a permanent home.  He is a very sweet good natured crossbreed, black/tan/white colouring – looks like a rotty cross.  If you can offer him a home please contact the surgery. avondalevets@yoafrica.com


Homes for Kittens: 4 lovely kittens looking for new loving homes: 1 black/grey tabby, 1 ginger, 1 ginger/white, 1 grey/white, ready to go now.  Please phone 0776-986-894 or 0777-740-741.  Or e-mail me at mandaliz@yahoo.com


Posted 01 June 2012

  Meryl Harrison [ndirande39@yahoo.co.uk] This rescue was aborted!!!!


Pse can you spread the word that we are looking for homes for 15 puppies + an adult Boerboel that we confiscated from a South African at Beatrice yesterday. He had them in a sealed van & was coming from SA via Zimbabwe, Zambia to the Congo.- they are all at Chisi vets at the moment - took them there late yesterday evening.

The pups are German Shepherds, Boerboels & Great Dane x Pointers - all very traumatised from the trip, but will make super companions if we can find the right homes. There is also an adult Boerboel bitch - she is lovely too.

Will try to get the story in the press.




English Bullterrier: I am looking for a wonderful home for my English Bullterrier - Male - 11months old - imported - castrated- definitely a one man dog - very loyal - needs space and lots of attention – 0772308861  julie1720@zol.co.zw

4 Kittens Found: The Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary has rescued four exquisite male kittens. They are now about 8 weeks old. In a terrible state when they arrived, the boys are now sleek, handsome and utterly charming. Mostly grey and white, with a few tasteful ginger highlights, they all have immaculate white paws. They are currently living a cosmopolitan life with our meerkat , genet and banded mongoose, but would very much like homes of their own. If you can offer one of our boys a special home, sarah@ballyvaughan.co.zw  

Posted 13 April 2012

Home Wanted For Cat: for a neutered female cat called Nyasha.  She belonged to my late sister-in-law, Dr Wendy Dawson, who died in 2006 and was then taken over by my late wife Anne who died on 12th March this year.  I do not want the responsibility of a cat in the house.  She must be about 7 or 8 years old and is very affectionate.  Perhaps an ex-patient of Wendy's would like to take her over?  Please e-Mail John Dawson – john@dawsonhindmarsh.co.zw


Posted 04 April 2012

Home For A Horse: beloved, beautiful, gentle, healthy thoroughbred FREE to a loving home. email Christabelle at  hayhill@zol.co.zw  0712602439


Home For Three Beautiful Kittens: ready to go to loving homes.  Phone Sally on 0712 201 996. saldayne@zol.co.zw


Home For Ridge Back: Looking for a good home for my female Ridge Back cross.  She is 1 year 3 months and of a beautiful nature.  She is light brown in colour.  Also need a home for my male Jack Russel, he is about 7 years.  I would like them to go together if possible.  If anyone interested please contact me on 0772 260858, Mrs Sam Lax. saml@imextyres.co.za

Home for Rescued Puppy: Joey The Puppy has been rescued from puppy sellers and is in need of a really good home. He is currently at the Bally  Vaughan Animal Sanctuary hanging out with a selection of four-footed friends so he is used to other dogs and to cats of all shapes and sizes! He is about 7 weeks old, mainly black with white toes and looks like he is going to be a big, hansome guy. He is confident, affectionate and already a great guard dog, currently guarding our shoes with great enthusiasm and dedication. If you can give Joey a home, please email Sarah sarah@ballyvaughan.co.zw .


Posted 23 March 2012

Home for Borebull: I am a beautiful 4 month old male borebull cross puppy who is looking for a good home with lots of space to play. I have had all the necessary inoculations so if interested please call 0772 314 404 or e-mail pmb@icabs.co.zw.     


Home For Dogs And Cats: looking for a loving home:- 1) a Jack Russell x , tan and white, male puppy - 3 months old; with a tail - very cute. 2) a wire-haired cross breed - ? Toy Pom x Jack Russell, neutered male, tan - full of character, probably about 3-4 years old. 3) a young spayed female grey tortoiseshell cat. 4) a young tabby/ginger and white spayed female cat. If interested, please contact Chisipite Vet on 494863, 0772 253 318 or 0712 402 062. chisivet@zol.co.zw


Home For Six Adorable Puppies: We rescued a blue heeler cross in November and were assured she had been spayed.  However she became pregnant with our other rescue dog a ridgeback cross.  We now have six adorable puppies that need good homes.  They will be six weeks old next week and will have had their first injections.  If you are interested in giving a pup a good home, contact me by email machakwi@zol.co.zw


Posted 09 March 2012

Homer found!

Just wanted to say thankyou for posting our request via Bambazonke on 9 mar 2012 onto your website - we got a call from a young family last Thursday 22nd march offering to adopt our stray kitten found in January, but after having tried for two months to integrate her into our existing family of cats, she was still being hunted down. They came to meet Sprocket on Friday and took her home with them. The new family have kindly kept us informed, and the sms last night said that she seems to be settling in, and their young daughter was having fun playing with her - helped to lessen the heartache of saying goodbye.


Thankyou for making this happen



Michelle Carruthers and family

Home for A Kitten: We found a kitten early January in our garden, and have tried to integrate her into our family, which includes  3 existing  cats. However 2 of these cats insist on hunting her down and it is not as easy as we had hoped.  Since she ( we think it is a "she") has now had 2 months of love from a family, it would break our heart to just dump her at the vet or Friend's Foundation - is there anyone out there who would like to "adopt" her. She has fluffy black fur, with white tummy and chin and white socks. She is house trained and very playful, we have called her "Sprocket".  Please call Michelle 0772 395 234 or  landline 741071, or email home@zim.co.zw


Home for Male Daxie Sought: My name is 'Free' and I am a male Daxie with JR legs with a very sad story.  My mum and dad have to move into a retirement home in Chinhoyi and the home won't allow me to go with them.  I am only 10 which, as you know, is very young for Daxie and if a kind lady or a man can't give me a home I will have to be put to sleep.  I play like a puppy  and am a devoted and loyal friend.  Please will someone save me.   Telephone Michelle (Terrier Rescue) 0772 949445 or 884294 or email gandami@mweb.co.zw


Posted 07 March 2012

Gorgeous kitten, ginger and white on its underside and legs.


Please text me on 0773 484 902 to view.




Jon Shane

Posted 06 March 2012

Home for Male Daxie: My Name Is ‘Free’ And I Am A Male Daxie With Jr Legs With A Very Sad Story. My Mum And Dad Have To Move Into A Retirement Home In Chinoyi And The Home Won’t Allow Me To Go With Them. I Am Only 10 Which As You Know Is Very Young For A Daxie And If A Kind Lady Or A Man Can’t Give Me A Home I Will Have To Be Put To Sleep. I Play Like A Puppy And Am A Devoted And Loyal Friend. Please Will Someone Save . Me. Tel Michelle (Terrier Rescue) On 0772949445 Or 884294 Or E Mail gandami@mweb.co.zw.


Posted 05 March 2012

Jack Russell Home Wanted: Oregon, our two year old precious girl is looking for a loving home......lots of space to run around, lots of company and a warm lap to sit on at night.  She is tan and white, has a very special nature, very loyal, playful and loving – she has not been spayed (thought about having one litter of pups from her).  If you are interested please phone me and we can chat more about her.  Ashleigh, cell no 0774 549 946, or email address george@tobak.co.zw.


Posted 02 March 2012

6 week old ginger kitten

She is gorgeous.


To view text me on 0773484902


Posted 28 February 2012

An adorable male ridgeback/boerball cross puppy, 14 weeks is looking for a good home.  Has had all his injections up to date.  He is very friendly.  My family and I have to part with the dog, because my son has a terrible fear of dogs,  please respond to email if interested. 




Posted 26 February 2012

Rescued Dog Needs A Good Home: We rescued Jingo during one of our Bally Vaughan community clinics. She is about 3 years old, spayed and vaccinated. Delightful little dog with a thick black coat and gold tufts on her ears and tail. Possibly some Collie, Daxie, Terrier…she is very pretty and intelligent, good with other dogs, cats and children. Afraid of lions!! Excellent guard dog and hugely affectionate. Email sarah@ballyvaughan.co.zw  if you can offer Jingo a really good home.

Posted 20 February 2012

hi all

looking for a good home for a female dalmation and labrador, both

spayed ,both indoor dogs , good with children , love lots of attention

they are not guard dogs


phone noel 0773445427

On February 20, 2012 02:07:45 PM GMT+2,


Posted 15 February 2012

Looking For A Good, Loving Home For Kittens: will be ready in one week, please contact 0772315307 or email krissypye@gmail.com.


Posted 10 February 2012

Loving Home For Kaydon Who Is A 7 Month Old Female GSD/X.  She was brought into the surgery by Meryl Harrison from VAWS after having boiling water poured over her.  The owner also tried to poison her with rat bait.  Kaydon is being treated at our surgery for her burns and as she will not be returned to her original owner we are wanting to find the best possible loving home for her.  She does need to have her vaccinations and be spayed but if the right home is found for her I am prepared to deduct 50% of the cost.   Best regards, Jan Prinsloo. avondalevets@yoafrica.com


Posted 02 February 2012

“My aunt recently lost her beloved Yorkie.   She is looking for a small dog to give a loving home to. She would prefer an older dog as she is aware that older dogs often have a harder time finding a loving home.  She has another 10 year old male dog, so the dogs would need to meet to ensure they would be compatible.  Her contact details are normak@comone.co.zw, cell: 0712801799”

My Black Toy Pom, Skippy, Needs A Good Home: as the other dogs are all males and not getting along with him. He’s about 6 years old. Please email me if you would like to chat more about him. Trace tracelle2u2@gmail.com 


Posted 30 January 2012

I'm looking for a new and safe home for a lovely two year old female Ridgeback. She has a lovely and charming character and would be perfect in a home with kids.

She is not spade and therefore can be used for breeding purposes. She got a pedigree with both parents being champions. She derives from the last litter of Trudy Stevenson.


Please phone 0772-244 652 in case  you are seriously interested  and if you can offer her a secure and beloved home.


Best regards,




Posted 19 January 2012


Loving Home Wanted For 2 Jack Russell Cross Dogs: that we just cannot keep (available end February) - 1 chubby, loving, (neutered) black & white male and 1 miniature, (spayed) brown & white, VERY cute feisty female. Would prefer they go together! Best where no other dogs or no other MALE dogs. They have been around children and both seem fine with them.  We would like to see where they will be going to ensure a good home is found for them. Dog lovers only please contact: 0772 264 159. townsend@zol.co.zw



Posted 13 January 2012

Old dog needs loving home. I am doing this appeal on behalf of somebody that is relocating. The dog is approx 8 years old, short legs (almost like a black Corgi X). He has a sweet nature but can be very protective of his territory and come across aggressive. He would be better suited to a home with adults only or older children but is tolerant of smaller children. He would make a great companion for an older person and needs a forever home. If you can offer this old boy a loving home please call me on 0777119641 or email claire_ward1@hotmail.com

Posted 11January 2012

GERMAN SHEPHERD: We have a neutered male looking for a loving home. He is 5 years old, very energetic and friendly. Unfortunately we have little dogs and he seems to

Bully them all the time. If anyone is interested please phone 0772 263970 or reply by email to alebren@zol.co.zw


Posted 05 January 2012

Loving home wanted for an extremely loving/loyal jack Russell cross staffie called MARLEY. Brilliant guard dog (is a biter though!).  Approx 9 yrs old. Male.  Good for a young, single man without children as he is NOT TRUSTWORTHY AROUND KIDS!!.  A brilliant ratter and snake killer!  Would be great on a farm or small holding.  Used to being outside mainly as long as he has a little house/bed.  Please contact Andrea if you are able to offer him a good home or would like to meet him.  Much appreciated: 0772208836/ 870626. thorne@zol.co.zw

Posted 25 October 2011

From: Tamiryn Massimiani [mailto:tamiryn@zim.co.zw] Found – Toy Poms : I collected the 2 missing Toy Poms that Kathy found on Sun along Harare Dr from the 24hr vet. The owners have not claimed these poor dogs and I don’t want to see them ending up at Friend Foundation. I cannot keep them as I live in a complex and my 2 cats are not impressed. PLEASE, if anyone is interested in adopting these 2 dogs please contact me ASAP. I have bathed them and brushed them. They are very sweet and friendly little dogs. Many thanks Tamiryn. 0772 310076 or 302242

Posted 21 October 2011

Dog Looking for a new home Gorgeous tan and white Jack Russell called "Cindy" - eight years old, spayed female, tan and white. Lovely nature, good with other dogs, has lived with other cats but is "naughty" with them. Good with children.  Please phone 494863 or 0772 253 318 chisivet@zol.co.zw

Posted 06 September 2011

Kind & loving home needed for FOXY - 2 1/2 year old, medium size, spayed bitch. Street rescue at age 4.5 months, starving and terrified. Is now Collie cross looking, beautiful long black & tan hair, soft & silky, clever (talks to you when she wants something),friendly, happy and sweet natured, obedience trained, very alert as an intruder alarm (although timid with strangers), loves our cat but MUST go to an “ONLY DOG” home because she has been very aggressively “dominance” fighting with our Border Collie and we have been unable to control the situation. Please contact: LES COVARR email: ravocs@zol.co.zw tel/fax: 263 4 885713 cell: 263 772 250 820 Mornings APPROVED HOMES ONLY

Posted 23 Augusr 2011

Female grey and white cat looking for a good home. She is very loving and affectionate and was abandoned, this cat does not like dogs but she will make a wonderful companion for someone who will just love and care for her. Please contact Ashleigh 0712 252 459 or 04 -443248. bristow@zim.co.zw
Posted 15 August 2011

I am Shala, a black pedigreed labrador spayed bitch. I will be four in Oct 2011. I have had a lonely life all my life while my owners were out of the country. They are back now but don't want me as they have brought back other dogs which they got while out of the country. I am looking for a loving home. I love, all people, especially children and all other dogs. If you would like to give me a loving home please call Leigh on 0772 408 374

Posted 04 July 2011

From: Joyce John Rourke [mailto:j.rourke@hotmail.co.uk] I need a home for my two black 12 year old male (doctored) cats, they are brothers and have always been together, so need to stay that way! We are leaving the Country in one month's time! I look forward to your reply! Regards Joyce RourkePosted 14 June 2011

looking for a good home for 1 year old female Boerbull/St Bernard.

Pse phone Mrs Johnson 304607 or 0772 355435.

Posted 16 May 2011

3 beautiful dogs looking for homes. Bizi - black pure bred staffi bitch 2 years old, Brutus Jack Russel 3 years old, Coco - progeny of the other 2 six month old puppy, If i can't find a home for them, they will have to be put down, please call Rob 0712 221623, 0774820119 email info@satsys.net

Posted 09 May 2011

Urgently looking for a home for a very cute maltese x dachsund female only one year old. She loves children and is an excellent internal security guard. Please phone: 496007 evenings or 0772.232088/0772.264865 or email eastwood@zol.co.zw

I am desperately trying to find a home for my dog as well, he is a jack Russell/foxy so longish legs and is turning 4 years. Has great character and very playful, just don’t want to send him to friends foundation or anything like that, as he will really struggle there. Xandra xandra.isidro@gmail.com or telephone Odette on 884663 - I have him at home but he thinks my Jack Russells are rats and they do not get on. The dog has a lovely temperment -unfortunately have to place him at friends foundation as he does not like my dogs - otherwise i would keep him.- he is playful, loving and would mkle a great companion. His name is Dusty.

Friends Foundation number 2930442. or call 884663

GOLDEN LABRADOR - looking for a good home. Candy is such a beautiful labby, just 2 years old, but our other bad dog keeps trying to kill her. She fetches balls and loves to swim. Please contact Ros on 0772 225 815 or brakeexpress@zol.co.zw

Posted 08 April 2011

2 year old beagle, male (newtered) looking for a home. This dog has previously been abused by his first owners and needs a lot of love and attention and you will need a lot of patience. If you are interested in rehabilitating this dog and giving him a home please contact me by Monday 11 April on 0772389218 or e-mail justine@yoafrica.com

Posted 24 March 2011

We moved into a new place and found a cat and kittens in the garage. We asked the previous owner (of the house) who is unaware of their existence.

Please advise how we can deal with this as we are not prepared to have them as pets.

Tel: Hellen 301985/8

Posted 01 March 2011

From: Jared & Kerry Nel [mailto:intouch@jarednel.com] Is anyone interested in a kitten? We have 3 that need loving homes.
Let me know. Thanks. Jared ZW Cell: +263 772 573 507 SA Cell: +27 72 291 6236 www.jarednel.com

Posted 22 February 2011

From: mike verwey [mailto:mikeandsu@zol.co.zw] SPCA has a rottie looking for a home. He is on death row at the moment. He is about 3 years old. He was rescued from a cage, as the owners had him in there because he could not get on with the family's small children. As with any dog it is a matter of training. Please if you know anyone who might like this dog, they are to get hold of SPCA as soon as possible as he is about to be put down. Thanks Su

Posted 03 February 2011

There are many young kittens at the SPCA desperate for homes! Take one if you can. Tel 0712 211 900 or 576356

Posted 31 January 2011

Good day,I have a 9months female Macaw parrot which i will be selling out to any caring homes for(10,000rands) and still negotiable. It is a well trained and behaved parrot,I got them as a present for my wife as a birthday gift before she passed away. i have raised it with love and passion which i want any loving home to do as well if interested. Any home out there that is interested in taking care of this bird should contact me for more information.. Feel free to contact me 078 629 5192



Posted 24 January 2011

Wanted: Home for three dogs. One Jack Russell - male, attractive, good companion. One Billy (British Hunting Dog) bitch - excellent guard dog. One black Labrador crossed with Weimeraner bitch - very attractive and sweet tempered dog, excellent companion for young children. Phone Dee on 0772 955 570

Posted 12 December 2010

Herewith the details of the dog we spoke about on the phone this morning. She is at the SPCA presently and was very sad at being left there. The person that dropped her off claimed she was leaving the country. Her paperwork said she is fine with dogs, cats , children and livestock and that she has been spayed. She hates cats and chases them and bites them. She has not been spayed but the SPCA will see to this. She spent the morning at our nursery school and was absolutely fine with the children. The noise and activity did not worry her at all. She also visited my stable yard and was not frightened of the horses. She ran around happily and returned immediately when called back. She is well mannered and walks perfectly on a lead. She is not a fussy eater and is house trained. This little girl makes the perfect companion and loves being beside a person but is very undemanding. Understandably she hated being returned to the SPCA but we had no choice as she targeted our cat and could not be discouraged from chasing it and trying to devour it!

Please help us to re-home her. I cannot bear the thought of her being abandoned. She has a lot of love to offer the right person.

Thanks for now.

Des Hacker Tel 04 883226 or 0712 404 486 or Amy Hacker on 0733 781 169

I have a five year old long legged Jack Russell male who has a very nice temperament however he has been chasing our Siamese cat and it has got to the point when one of them has to go. I had the dog neutered in the hope that it would stop it however has made no difference and the cat will no longer come in to the house but has to be fetched down from a tree.

Tinker is full of life and gets on very well with our elderly Labrador and young miniature toy pom. I have two young children aged 6 and 4 and he plays happily with them and his favourite past time is swimming with them in the pool.

We obviously do not want to have to find a home for Tinker but are left with no choice.

01 Decmber 2010

I have 5 adorable kittens that are looking for a loving home to go to for Christmas. They will be ready to go around the 20th Dec. There are pictures available for anybody interested. Call 0772 285 326

Posted 18 November 2010

[mailto:PA@vfsl.co.zw] I have just found someone who has two kittens looking for a loving home. Thanks Carrie

Dog Lovers please help. Today we visited the SPCA to adopt a small dog. We found exactly what we wanted. She is a 5 year old, small Maltese X Sausage ? Very friendly and well mannered. Her previous owner dropped her at SPCA on Friday as she was leaving the country. Her paperwork says she is used to dogs, cats, children and livestock. She is a delightful little girl but hates our cat. We cannot risk a fight and therefore have to return her to the SPCA tomorrow. We are devastated but have no choice. This little dog loves people and desperately needs to be in a loving home , not shut in a cage. She loved racing around our stable yard and was obedient when called back from her romping around. She follows closely at your side wagging her tail. Please can someone out there give her the chance she deserves. Contact me for details or visit the SPCA. Thanks Des Hacker Tel 0712 404 486

Cute little bunnies to go to good homes. Plain black, plain white and black and white - about 6 to 8 weeks old so still very cuddly. Phone Barbara on
0772-335 433 or 334654.

Posted 30 October 2010

I have a female Macaw parrot for adoption by a good home. The bird can talk, is tamed and well behaved.
Contact me on jjackie424@gmail.com if interested. I just need a good home for the bird.
Feel free to contact Jacki on +2779 823 8721.

LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOME – A colleague at work is looking for a good home for his 8 year old male Jack Russell. Unfortunately he is trying to assert his dominance and is fighting with their other male dog (also a small breed). He loves female dogs and humans and is a brilliant watch dog. If anyone can help, please email sharon@whelsontrans.com.

Posted 14 October 2010

Puppy - looking for a good home. A lovely fat friendly boy, to a very loving home please! He is a cross breed - rescued from a farm. Ready to go now. Please phone Kate Bristow 443248 or 0712205274.

Posred 05 October 2010

I have had an email from lady (a pensioner) in the UK who has a friend here (I would assume is another pensioner) who is looking for a home for her 11 year old cat that has been attacked by her next door neighbours dogs and as a result is terrified of the dogs. If you hear of anyone looking for a lovely little spayed shorthaired grey cat called `Sabrina' please can you ask them to get in contact with ‘Les’ whose email address is les@healthintergrp.com

Posted 23 Septembr 2010

PLEASE CONTACT: 0912 253 677.

Posted 22 September 2010

5 kittens born on the 24th August looking for loving homes. Mum is snow white with blue eyes, but Dad is yet to do the right thing and claim responsibility! Can send pictures of the kittens if anyone’s interested. Many thanks Karen 09122 83 675 or cinnamon@zol.co.zw

Posted 17 September 2010

I am looking to place a litter of 5 adorable bulldog puppies and also the parents, they belong to my late mother in law who I was really close to and she passed away unexpectedly, these puppies are so cute with correct conformation and excellent dispositions with shots and worming up to date. They do the funniest things. You just can't get enough of their playful antics. And they are growing so fast, contact me immediately if you are interested in them. Amanda Johnson amandajohnson10004@gmail.com
Posted 30 August 2010

Owners no longer have to place these dogs as they have been given leave to keep them!

Dusty and Pongo are 19 month old rescue pups from SPCA and are needing a new home. We had to move from the huge property we were on into a smaller property which has no fence. They have been used to space to run and play which they are good at. We cannot afford to put up a fence around the new place and the neighbours in the complex are complaining about them visiting. We are having to keeping them in an extremly small area which has no grass for them and are only able to let them run in the evenings when it is dark. They are both mixed breed, both neutered boys, and are all up-to-date with their jabs. Dusty is brown and white, we think a mixture of Jack Russell and Boxer. He loves to play fetch but sometimes decides to keep the ball! Pongo is black and white (like a Dalmation hence the name). We think he has Dalmation in him and not sure of the other breed, he is extremely clever and a fast runner who just loves to run. They both love children and lots of attention and, if they are allowed, to be on your lap for cuddles.

For more details and photos of the boys please contact:

Chantelle Currie
Posted 22 August 2010

Good homes wanted for 2 female dogs (4yrs) mixed breed and 2 male cats (12 + 2 yrs)- owners leaving country. Call Jens on 0912312663

Posted 12 August 2010

Cleo - a sweet pretty long-haired tortoise-shell cat is in need of a loving new home. She is 8 years old and is spayed, with all her injections etc up to date. She is residing (for the moment) at Chisipite Vet on : 494824 / 494863.

Please, if you know anyone who would be a good owner for this loving cat, won't you contact Chisi Vet and let her have a happy home.

many thanks

Posted 05 August 2010

michelle buchanan [mailto:michelle_buchanan121@yahoo.co.uk] I have 5 German Shepherd pups for sale, 2 boys and 3 girls. The mum is German Shepherd cross and the dad is pure, really cute pups to good homes only, please call me on 0913484204 . Thanks Michelle

PUPPIES PUPPIES I have 4 roly-poly puppies to give away. Fox-terrier cross Schnauzer - both pure-bred 3 black with brindle facial markings and brindle fee and one very unusual light grey, with the same markings on face and feet as the black ones but in lighter grey. Both of the parents have wonderful temperaments - excellent with children, but great watchdogs too. ONLY GOING TO LOVING HOMES!!!!!Call 0712 648 324

A good home wanted for beautiful tortoiseshell cat, she has been spade and has had all her jabs. Owners traveling a lot and can’t keep her. Please reply to pa.gmgpower@gmail.com

Posted 02 August 2010

I am trying to find homes for 2 adorable cats as the owner is leaving the country. They are between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. If anyone can help please reply to this email as we do not want to chose the last resort…Jodii Landman jodii@powerspeed.co.zw

Posted 30 July 2010

Kittens! We have three lovely, healthy, active kittens needing a home immediately: A black male, A grey-striped male, and a grey-ginger mix female.
They are 6.5 weeks old, eating solid food, and using a litter box. We ask only for a small donation
($5) to cover the cost of advertising. We are located in Hillside. Please call on 0913 965 836.

Posted 28 July 2010

Due to a death in the family Miss G is reluctantly forced to rehome a 10 year old female staffie. Tia should preferably be the only dog and does not like cats. If you think you can offer a home to Tia please give the surgery a call.


We have four kittens at the surgery needing new homes. Assorted colours – 3 female and 1 male. To good homes only please – not factory ratters!!

Avondale Veterinary Surgery
Cnr. King George Roads / Kenny Road
Opposite New MultiChoice Building
P.O. Box A.415
Tel : 339971/2
Cell : 0912 342 241

Posted 24 July 2010

We have an 8 year old male ginger cat desperately looking for a home. “Oscar” was brought in to us 6 weeks ago with a snare embedded around his neck. He recovered in our hospital for two weeks and was then sent to the Friend Animal Foundation for rehoming. Unfortunately Oscar contracted cat flu and has been with us again for another 10 days. He is now fully recovered, been neutered and desperately needs a loving family to take care of him – he is a rather large cat who is so unbelievably friendly.

Please give Oscar a home – he has been through so much in the last couple of weeks.

Avondale Veterinary Surgery
Cnr. King George Roads / Kenny Road
Opposite New MultiChoice Building
P.O. Box A.415
Tel : 339971/2
Cell : 0912 342 241

Hours of Business:
Monday - Friday 8.00 - 11.30, 2.00 - 5.00 [Shop stays open all day]
Saturdays / Sundays 9.00 - 11.00

Posted 14 July 2010

Good home wanted for two much loved adult male dogs - preferably if they could go together.

An elderly English Pointer and a mature Mixed Breed who is an excellent watchdog.

Please contact - ruthss@btinternet.com or Tel. 04 495 700 / 0913
263 672

Posted 12 July 2010

Good home wanted for two much loved adult male dogs - preferably if they could go together.

An elderly English Pointer and a mature Mixed Breed who is an excellent watchdog.

Please contact - ruthss@btinternet.com or Tel. 04 495 700 / 0913
263 672

Posted 10 July 2010
From: Anja Cameron [mailto:anjacam@zol.co.zw] I have a 2 – 3 year old boerbul (Male) to give away to a good home. He is just too big form our property and is not good with children. I need to find him a new home very urgently otherwise I’m going to have to do the other thing which I don’t really want to – please phone 330636. There is an answering machine Anja Cameron

Posted 12 May 2010

Stunning pale grey/softly striped kitten approx 4 months old (very small) seeking secure home. Very loving animal, house trained. Contact Laura on 700976 (office hours) or email to: macgiles@healthzim.com

Posted 03 May 2010

4 year old female boerbul
excellent guard dog
good with kids but not with other dogs
very loving, well looked after and attractive pure breed
would suit a single dog family with large garden
contact Katharina on 0912 264 916 or at igames@zol.co.zw

Posted 02 February 2010


1 4 Month old Ridgeback X bitch puppy
1 4 Month old Doberman X dog puppy

These two dogs must go together as they have been brought up together and are very good mates and good company for each other !

Please ring Mrs Baker on 0912 310327

1 18 month old Jack Russell bitch
1 18 month old Jack Russell dog

Also delightful animals, both strays and have not been claimed

Please ring Ms Killick on 011 211900

All SPCA requirements must be met and a Pre-Home and Post-Home check will be done according to the SPCA regulations.

I have a lovely balck & white cat/kitten looking for a home. Its about three months old.

Nothing wrong with the cat, just my baby started crawling and is always going after the cat doing all kinds of things to it - am afraid one day it will get mad and scratch him badly.

You can contact me call on 0912 202131.

Posted 31 January 2010


1. Jack Russell Cross bitch pup approximately six weeks old, will be ready for her new home at
the end of January.

2. Two Labrador Cross pups, one dog (black) and one bitch (chocolate brown), approximately six weeks old, will be ready to go to their new homes in the first week of February.

All three pups will have been wormed and vaccinated and prospective new owners will need to have the usual SPCA Home check done and sign the usual neutering forms required by the Harare SPCA.

For further information, please contact Jill Hardy - 740181 or 0912 701050

email here...... if you have a pet needing a home and would like a listing on this page - most dogs were homed in 2009!

Terrier Rescue - visit the page here......

Posted 12 August 2010