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Posted 13 November 2013

Missing Cat: Majestic large ginger tom cat with a white bib and yellow eyes, missing from Goring Close Highlands since *last* Tuesday evening, or Wednesday morning. Frank has not been neutered. Owner heartbroken. Please phone 0772 236 363. Thank you.


Posted 12 November 2013

Missing Cat: Majestic large ginger tom cat with a white bib and yellow eyes, missing from Goring Close Highlands since *last* Tuesday evening, or Wednesday morning. Frank has not been neutered. Owner heartbroken. Please phone 0772 236 363. Thank you.


Found Cat:  in the lower end of Coghlan Rd/Ussher Close area of Greendale North, a young unneutered male tabby.  He has been hanging around for a few weeks looking for food and is very friendly with people.  Unfortunately he has been terrorising my cats  so I have taken him to Chisipite Vets.  If you think he might be yours please contact them 0772 253 318 or me on 0772 307 055.  Mrs V Render

Lost Cat: Lost is an spayed female black and white cat called “Moby” from the Ridgeway North area.  She is fully grown but small and has bow legs and a chewed ear and tail.  She is micro chipped.  Missing for 5 days.  Please call the Avondale Vets on 339971/2 or Kate Rudder on 0775 553 745.

Posted 28 October 2013


Found: Alsatian: Yesterday morning (24/10/13) at around 10:30am, I found an Alsatian running down Lomagundi Rd.  He/She was between the traffic lights for Harare Drive and the Engen garage on the left towards Greencroft.  I managed to catch him/her and he/she had a blue collar on, very friendly but very tired, thirsty and nervous.  VAWZ team came and collected the dog  and took him/her to Marlboro Vet, or you can contact VAWZ for more info. -Katie 0772611920


Message From The Harare Spca: From this coming weekend dogs and cats and other domestic animals will be affected by  fireworks. Although some pets will be locked up for the duration of displays that have been advertised , fireworks will be used by individuals throughout the festive season.. We highly recommend that all pet owners microchip their cats and dogs. Visit your vet or the Harare Spca Surgery early this week and get this done.. it is also advisable to put collars with ID tags on all your pets. Any missing pets should be reported to us with full descriptions and preferably a photograph. Zim Pets Lost and Found on Face book is a good place to post photos and descriptions of missing animals. Frightened animals that are on the streets may be hit by  cars, stolen and some will go into hiding for days. Easy identification will reunite you with them. Some owners never find their beloved pets again.


Missing Dog: Missing from Edinburgh road in Vainona since Sunday 27th October.  Small cream/white female pomerian called “Cheeky”.  Please phone 0772 348612

Missing Cat:
Tortoiseshell female cat with black face below the eyes. Missing since 12 October from Aboyne Drive, Highlands.  Reward if returned. Phone 746429 or 0772216967

Found Dog: We found a little dog on Arcturus road a couple of weeks ago. It is a small , male dog with yellow/white fur, definitely not a puppy and has a lovely pink and yellow collar – so is someone’s precious pet. I have asked around at all the vets but no-one has reported a dog missing. My name is Debbie Martell and my number is 0772 330 300.


Saturday, 26 October 2013 11:20 AM


Who in Highlands is missing a Jack Russell? Found it in front of the gate just now at 11 am. She is not thirsty and not hungry. Her home cannot be very far.  Phone Arjanne at 0772161804 or email arietsema@gmail.com


Posted 22 October 2013Posted 18 October 2013

Cat Found: A very tame, ginger cat found its way onto our property along Montgomery Road, Highlands. I have taken it to the Vet on Aintree Road, off Enterprise. If anyone in the area has lost a cat please get in touch with this vet or the SPCA.

Rescued kitten:  Young male ginger rescued cat/kitten looking for a loving home.  Unable to keep due to allergies and dogs.  Please contact Sue on 0712204193 or 744033


Lost Dog – young, brown, female Ridgeback, about 7 months, ran out of gate this morning after her owner in the Highlands area – Knightsbridge Road/Kia Ora Nursery side.  Last seen heading for Enterprise Road but running fast so could be anywhere by now!  Answers to the name of Zoe – please phone Debbie 0779 530 491 or John 0774 859 060 if you see her.

Posted 16 September 2013


My female cat, Nelly, went missing around Broadmead Lane and Steppes Road in Chisipite since 5 September 2013.  She has a pink collar and bell, and has a black mark on her upper right lip.  I would be very grateful if you could contact me at 0771060070 or 0771060071 should you have seen her or know her whereabouts.


Thank You.


With kind regards,


Posted 03 September 2013


Lost Cat : much-loved black cat, with white chest and white paws, from Enterprise Road, Glen Lorne/Umwinsidale area, near Manyonga Road turnoff.  Answers to the name of Mittens.  Last seen Friday night, has no collar, can be a little skittish.  Please ring 0772212844 if you've seen her.


Lost Dog: I have lost my jack russel in the Colne valley area yesterday afternoon. Male white with brown no collar. Answers to the name spot. Thanks Maryann 0772-201435

Missing Dog: Lost - Border Collie.  "Misty"  15 Year old spayed bitch.  Went missing Avondale West on Saturday.  She is deaf and going blind.  Black and white long haired.  Owners extremely concerned.  Please call Laura on 0778 725767 or Graham on 0775 901591.More on the above:

My Border Collie, Misty, has been missing since Saturday late afternoon in the Avondale area..  She is 16 years old, deaf and partly blind.  I am beside myself with worry.  Please may you kindly send this to all you have on your list.  I have called all relevant animal societies who are also, very kindly, helping me search for her.  She is mostly black with a thick white long haired collar.  She will be extremely confused as she is not traffic wise.  Please may anyone who may have seen her contact me.


Posted 14 August 2013


Found Dog: Male Jack Russell found running down Ridgeway on Thursday afternoon.  Very friendly, in good condition, predominantly black and white with a bit of tan. Taken by VAWZ to Friend Foundation. VAWS- 0778431528 Friend Foundation-0772225845

Lost – Jack Russel/something, white brown patches and long tail, went missing from my yard early this morning from St Lucia Drive, Marlborough.  She’s a skittish but very friendly and answers to the name of Sarah. If anyone has seen or got her please call me on 0774070594.  Many thanks.


We have found a fully grown very friendly male ginger cat who has been hanging around our house in Borrowdale (Armadale Road), for over a month now. He seems to have come from a loving home as is extremely friendly and just wants to be loved; we have only just started feeding him as he is losing weight but I had hoped he would find his way home before getting to know that we would feed him.

He is not worried at all by little dogs, so probably comes from a home with friendly dogs. I would love to find his owners; if you hear of anyone missing their cat please contact me!

Thanks! Lynette 0772 362 943=


Posted 31 July 2013


Found Dog: Our guard found a little white and dark brown Jack Russell outside our gate last night. We are situated on Parham road in Ballantyne Park. I sent the guard on a mission to the surrounding houses to see if it belonged to any neighbours with no success. We will send someone up and down the road again to see if it belongs to anyone on Parham and if not we will drop it off at Chisi Vet and the owner can claim it from there.


Found Monkey: We have spotted an adult male vervet monkey in a tree in my garden in Greendale Coghlan Rd. Looks in excellent condition, if its yours please collect it. ph 0773 236 152


Found two teenage dogs on a jolly: Broadlands Rd, Emerald Hill, Monday, 29th July, at 8am. They are approx 6 months / one year old.  Both Alsatian X  Both had no chips and very friendly.  Contact 24 hour Vet on 2nd Street Ext. or Friend Foundation.

We have lost our dog. We took our dog to a friends house in Hatcliff yesterday afternoon (30th July) - she jumped the fence and haven’t seen her since despite searching the area till late last night. She is black and tan in colour and responds to the name of Tiara or Tia, she is also wearing a grey collar with paw prints on it. A reward is offered if anyone finds her. Please if anyone has seen her call Judy or Pete on 04 490802 or 0712405813.

Posted 26 July 2013

Tuxedo female cat is missing from 18th June 2013

Name is Sadie, she is 1.5 years old.

She belongs to Karyn Chan Jack.

If anyone finds her - Please kindly take her to Harare Central Vet Surgery at 24 Nigel Phillips Avenue, Eastlea,

or phone 747204/5   8:00am to 12:00 and 3:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays from 8:00am to 12:00.


Posted 18 July 2013


Missing - black and white female cat – about 8 months old – has red collar with small bell.  Last seen on Turnham Road, off Knightsbride Road, Highlands.  Her name is “Whiskey”.  Any information please contact 0772423996

Posted 16 July 2013

Missing - black and white female cat – about 8 months old – has red collar with small bell.  Last seen on Turnham Road, off Knightsbride Road, Highlands.  Her name is “Whiskey”.  Any information please contact 0772423996


Found Cat: We found a young tabby female cat at around 6pm on Friday evening crossing Borrowdale road crn Piers rd. The road was very busy and we didn’t want her to get hit by a car so we picked her up. She was very friendly, around 4 to 6 months old. She has been taken to Avondale vet.


Found Cat: A very friendly black & white cat with a black smudge on his face - think a tom - has found his way into my house! I'm in Helensvale, anyone missing a very friendly talkative black & white cat, please come claim him. 0773278514 Lynette 


Found Dead Cat: If anyone is missing a cat in the Vainona area,  sadly, a large ginger cat was found dead outside our house   on Doon Road  Vainona,   this morning, Saturday 13th July. seunv@zol.co.zw


Missing Cat: Black and white female cat – about 8 months old – has red collar with small bell.  Last seen on Turnham Road, off Knightsbride Road, Highlands.  Her name is “Whiskey”.  Any information please contact



Missing Dog: My black Staffy male, answers to name Thug has been missing since last night Dorset Road East, Mt pleasant, if anyone has seen him or picked him up please call me on 0772 261381.

Posted 11 July 2013

Dog Missing: Since Monday evening in old Alex Park (near Alex Park School). Medium size male, mixed breed, light brown, long tail and nose, white around the muzzle. Very friendly and not given to wandering. If seen, please phone 0712 602 400.


Posted 08 July 2013

Today Sat 6 July I found a happy, friendly tan and white neutered male jack Russell lost and on Pringle Road, Mandara. I have notified Chisi and Kamfinsa vet and I have him staying with me for now. My contact: Avril Thomas 0772 268 532 if you are his loving owner.



Posted 02 July 2013


Found Dog: On Friday 28th of June at about 9pm i found a female Tan and white jack russel terrior along Gayden Road Greystone park. She was found on by the curvy section of the road towards Carrick Creigh road. I took her to Kamfinsa 24 Hour Vet. She didn’t have a collar on and im unsure if she was micro chipped. She was running around with a larger golden coloured dog when I found her. I could not catch the larger dog.


Found Dog: Found wandering on Gaydon Road, Greystone Park, near the Halford Road intersection at about 1:45 pm today (1st July) a brown and white female Jack Russell.  She was very tired, and in traffic, and she has been taken to Chisipite Vets. They think she is about 3 – 4 years old.


Missing Siamese Cat: Bella has been missing from Upper East road, Mount Pleasant since Friday.  Her face, ears and tail are all black and she has a white body.  Please contact Rosie with any information - 0778363526.


Posted 01 July 2013

Found: We found a cute tortoiseshell kitten (about 3 months old) at Royal Golf club this afternoon (26 June). Think he is a boy. Very talkative and friendly. He was taken to 24 hour Vet 2nd St Ext.


Found Cockatoo: Missing Cockatoo was found yesterday on Kew Drive, Highlands. Please call 481970 for more info.


Found Dog: We found this lovely dog wondering up and down our close this afternoon. We are just off Harris road which runs between Montgomery and Wingate road. He has been hanging around all day  causing havoc with the dogs in the area. He seems very lost, I took him in then decided to take him to Kamfinsa Vet where hopefully his owners will be re united with him.

FOUND: In Grosvenor/Bayswater Road in Highlands - large, elderly, tan German Shepherd dog.  Very friendly and well-fed but no collar.  Taken to Kamfinsa Vet at lunchtime on Monday 24th June.

Lost: Female Cockatiel lost on Shortheath Road in Chisipite, wings have been clipped, but she is due for it again.  Much loved pet of my daughter.  Anyone with any information, please contact me on 0772147626 or sandipereira@me.com. A reward will be gladly given.

Posted 20 June 2013


Very friendly black and white kitty found near Christian counselling centre taken to second street extension vet or contact 0772238223 patrick Olivier

Found Parrot: A green parrot was found on the 15th June along Hogerty Hill Drive in Borrowdale Brooke. Its wings have been clipped and it is traumatised and pining for its owners. Phone 0779 452 490

Posted 17 June 2013

Lost: Is a 10 month old GSD called Boss.  He is not castrated and does not have a microchip.  There is a reward offered for his return.  Please call the surgery or the owner on 306831 0772 324 529 / 0733 930 700.  Thank you.

Posted 08 June 2013

From: Tony Krynauw krynauw@zol.co.zw

Found a Siberian Husky yesterday evening outside our gate on Garth Road, Pomona.   In good health and very friendly, but appeared to have been lost for a day or two.  Took her to 24 hour vet, who advise that SPCA will collect her today.   White face and black body.




Posted 03 June 2013


I have a mallard duck that arrived in my swimming pool last night much to my dogs delight was just wondering who it belongs to as it is very tame . I live just off Harare drive by the American embassy . I am sure it must belong to someone. Cheers Andrew 077303840 Webstersa@iwayafrica.co.zw



Big, Male, Neutered Ginger Cat Found: in Ballantyne Park. This friendly boy has been hiding in a garage on Lloyd Close  for about 5 days. The owners of the property kindly fed and watered him . The cat refused to leave and continued to hide. He is definitely a well loved pet and is waiting for his owners at Chisipite vet. Please have your pets micro chipped for easy identification shacker@zol.co.zw


Cat Found: I picked up a beautiful young female tortoise shell cat on West Road this evening   Very friendly and wearing a gold diamante studded collar. She had apparently being living in the grounds of one of the houses there but is not their cat.   I took her to the 24 hour vet on second street extension and they are looking after her for a while before sending her to friends foundation.   I am sure she is a loved pet and hope the owner can be found


Posted 23 May 2013


Black Male Labrador Found: in Alex Park on Sandringham road near Botanical gardens Monday evening during the rain! Very friendly - happy to get in the car. Has been taken to Avondale 24hour vet upper east road.


Jack Russell Dogs: Can anyone out there offer a good home to two Jack Russell’s. One male, and one spayed female. I am moving into a Complex and cannot take them with. They are good natured and very loving. Please call 0772 308 509.


Lost Rottweiler: From 26 Hawkshead Drive, Borrowdale is an 18 month old Rottweiler answering to the name of Sengwa. She went missing overnight on Monday. She has been chipped. Sengwa is a friendly and strong looking Rottie with a long tail. If seen please call Trish on 0772-334991 or henson@zol.co.zw


Rescued Kittens: in need of good homes – 9 weeks old. Purry Furry is an apricot and white female, Ginja Ninja speaks for himself, Sylvester is a fluffy black and white chap, and Spooky is a very handsome pale ginger and white. Rescued from an abandoned house,  all have fantastic personalities and loads of love to give to a new family who can give them a forever home. Please email Sarah on sarah@twalatrust.co.zw or call 0772592944.



Found Dog: This morning I picked up an adult male Jack Russell dog, very friendly, running around traffic, at the corner of Pendennis and Link roads. He looked lost and was being traumatised by students. I took him to the 24hr vet on upper east road, if anyone is looking for him if they could go check with the vets there thanks.


Missing Cat: On Monday 13th May, our black cat went missing from 51 Princess Drive, Highlands. He is all black, with green eyes, neutered and is approximately 3 - 4years old. He has a scar on his right cheek. Please if anyone has seen him contact Ashleigh on 776510 or 0772244500 or Tarryn on 0779531037. ashleigh@tanmac.co.zw


Posted 17 May 2013


Puppy Found: A very friendly male puppy was picked up and delivered to us at Borrowdale Lane Vet on Sunday the 11th May.  He is black & fawn in colour and approximately 8 months old.  He was picked up in the park on Staley Rd in Borrowdale.  He must belong to someone as he is in good condition.  Please call us at Borrowdale Lane Vet on 883099/0712 451 328/0774 166 065 or drop in to 67 Kingsmead Rd.


Missing Dog: our large Great Dane puppy went missing on Saturday morning in the Arcturus area.  Lucas is a harlequin merle (grey with black markings) and he has one green eye and one blue.  If anyone knows where he is, please contact me on 0772248559 or 771532 – reward offered.


Found Cat: Yesterday evening my daughter picked  a very friendly white cat with grey patches by Pizza Inn 2nd street Ext. She had taken it to the 24 hour vet.


Found White Maltese Poodle: age approx 8 , found 12pm Sunday 12th , along  Tunsgate/Northwood rise, delivered to Dr Trace , 24hr Vet Upper East rd. To date not claimed will be transferred today 14th May to friend foundation.




Young, small grey, neutered male cat missing from New Alex Park since yesterday morning.   Has a bent right ear.  Answers to the name of Pasha and is microchipped.  Wary of large dogs.  Talkative and very friendly.


If you have any information please contact Nicola on 745044/0772306473.”


Kind regards


Nicola Wilkinson

Cat Missing: Calico (brown, orange, white) cat missing from 3 Knightsbridge Crescent, Highlands since Wednesday night. Please if you have seen her or have any info. call Janna 0772432523. Please do not try to catch her, she is very nervous. Reward offered.  richard.c.bridges@gmail.com


Found Kitten: We have a small kitten who came into our window last night on Hodson Avenue, Alex Park.  He is obviously very loved and I'm sure someone is missing him terribly.  He is completely grey with a few white spots.  If someone is missing him, please call Belle 0772371751 or Luke 0773183884, and make sure to have proof of ownership!


Missing Cat: Young, small grey, neutered male cat missing from New Alex Park since yesterday morning.   Has a bent right ear.  Answers to the name of Pasha and is microchipped.  Wary of large dogs.  Talkative and very friendly. If you have any information please contact Nicola on 745044/0772306473.


Posted 13 May 2013


Lost Female Kitten: in the Ballantyne Park area  five months old white with brown spots ,unsprayed with a pink collar. If found please contact Megan on 0774433512.


Angela Hazelden anghaz@zol.co.zw

I am hoping that you can assist as my daughter is beside herself as our Labrador is missing.


We were taking him on the truck to Mount Pleasant golf course and he either fell or jumped off, it was only seconds before we noticed.  Sadly his colar was not on.


This happened round 8am on Sunday morning, cell phone card vendors on Borrowdale Road by Pomona foodcourt said they saw a dog matching his discription running down Borrowdale road towards Harare Drive, but we have driven around for hours with no luck so far.


I have informed Police, SPCA, Vets so we are hopeful.






PLEASE CALL 0772-233333 OR 883208






Posted 09 May 2013


Missing Cat: from Seagrave Road, Avondale - White and grey long haired female cat went missing on Tuesday 30 April 2013.  Answers to the name of PC.  Please contact Natalie on 04 303021/303054 with any information.  Many thanks accounts@profertzim.com


Jack Russel Found: A young male jack russel was found this morning on the corner of Pendennis and Link Road in Mount Pleasant.  He does not have a microchip. He is at the 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital. info@vet24hrs.co.zw

Posted 26 March 2013




Picked up by Borrowdale School this morning at 6.15am a male Jack Russell, very friendly and loving.  Pedestrians say it came from St John’s College area.  Please contact Tracey 0775-887225.


Posted 20 March 2013


Cat With Kittens Found: Have found a stray cat with kittens on the next door property at work. Would anyone be interested in adopting a kitten otherwise they will have to be removed and sent to spca? Please email g06m2077@gmail.com if you can give one of them a home


Missing Cat: My black cat, Rumble, went missing from the Avondale 24 Hour Vet Tuesday 12th March 2013.  He was last seen heading into the 'varsity grounds.  He is about 2.5 years old, quite stocky in build, and black with tiny flecks of white.  He also has a wound on his head from fighting. If any one finds him, please would they call me on 0774-082-373 or 0772-245-098?


Missing Dog: Black Scottie Cross missing from Tunsgate Park/ Northwood Rise area since Sunday. Answers to the name Jet contact Rowena 0772256586.


Missing Sausage Dog: Our very precious little Black and Tan sausage dog, Lily, has disappeared. This mail comes from Mutare, but this breed appears to be very desirable. Please, if any one hears anything about her, there is a reward for her return. Please could anyone at Vet Practices be on the lookout for her. She is MAD about balls, so if she responds to a ball being thrown, she might well be our Lily. Our phone number is 020 65610 Thank you Jane and Bill Clegg



Posted 18 March 2013

Dog Missing: Missing from Helensvale/Glen Lorne area Wednesday 13th March. Miniature black and tan short haired, female Daxi.   Answers to Jibbitz. Please call Louise on 0772 365997 woz@junglecomms.com


Fox Terrier Found: A male black and white Fox Terrier on Monday 11th March along Suffolk Road, Strathaven. He is an older dog with a short tail and has been neutered. He definitely misses his owner as he cries at night.  I Will have to take him to Friends Animal Foundation if he is not claimed. Cell:   0712 601 821/ 0712 601 822 / Phone: 04 336 600 / 11


Thank You: The purple crested lourie has now been reunited with its surrogate family. Thank-you for such an overwhelming response and interest on the care, safety and offer of homes for this bird. Thank-you, Sue


Posted 17 March 2013

our dog Tia has run away this morning from Richmond Close off Richmond Road in Highlands just off Ridgeway North. I am currently in London but my fiancee Luke is home. She doesn't usually run away, but the gate was left open this morning. She is a big female German Shepard cross with Alaskan Malamute, she is 2 years old, very well behaved and very friendly although a little timid with strangers.

She is wearing a maroon collar and it should have tag on it.

Please let me know what I should do next.

Kind regards,


Sophia Scott

ZIM + 263 7787 23317
UK   +44 (0) 777 577 3894


Posted 14 March 2013

Dog Found: Kamfinsa Vet. A Beautiful Boerbul Bitch, Possibly Cross Bred Handed In Last Evening To The Kamfinsa Vet Surgery Tel:497237\ 0772312896 - Found On Cnr Court And North. She Would Love To Go Home. Also 4 Kittens Looking For Loving Homes....


Homes for 9 Pups: We are fostering 9 pups from birth and time is creeping fast. We will be needing the help from people to donate newspapers. If you are able to... Please contact Leanne 0772396159 or watsapp.


Lost Dog: Female fox terrier type dog. She is a smallish animal white with black patches. She originally came from Friends Foundation and answers to the name SHEBA and was lost from Braywick Lane in the Philadelphia, Borrowdale area. Phone Enid Northcote on 861829.

Posted 13 March 2013

I found a little ginger male kitten this morning(11 March) opposite Borrowdale School.  He is very friendly and must be someones pet. I have left him at Chisipite Vet.  Please put out a notice on your mailing list. Many thanks. Lindsay


Found Dog:  I picked up a very friendly, middle aged staffie female, black and white with blue collar on Coronation Ave at 5pm yesterday.  I have left her at Kamfinsa Vet.


Found Kitten: I found a little ginger male kitten this morning opposite Borrowdale School.  He is very friendly and must be someone’s pet. I have left him at Chisipite Vet.  lindsaycaps@yahoo.com


Happy Parrot Home: Going away for the April holidays? The Home of the Happy Parrot still has a few vacancies for your feathered friend! Book early - open cages, good food, lots to do - your feathered friend will love it! Phone Beryl on 0773473849


Labrador Cross Rottweiler Found: On Sunday the 10th March an adult male medium sized black and tan Rottweiler cross Labrador was picked up on Pendennis road.  He has a brown leather collar and is not micro chipped.  He is friendly and in good condition. He is at the 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital. vinay@vet24hrs.co.zw


Lost Kitten: found in the complex property of Stonechat Place, Stonechat Lane, Greystone Park this morning. Thursday 7th March 13.  We tried to locate the owners, Around the area, to no avail. He is very tame, pale ginger in colour and approx 3/4 months old. Handed in to Chisipite Vet.


Male Staffie Found: A beautiful male staffie black in colour was collected by the SPCA today on princess drive. He must be missed.

FOUND Fox Terrier type dog - neutered male black/white in colour. 

Found along Suffolk Road, Strathaven on Monday 11th March. Tel: 0712 601822


Found: young hand-reared purple crested lourie in the Greendale area. If you have lost this bird, please phone Sue on 0772 424 173. Thank-you


From: dragon17magic@gmail.com [mailto:dragon17magic@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 7:14 PM
To: olind@yoafrica.com
Subject: Fw: Missing Cat





Please help? 


My black cat, Rumble, went missing from the Avondale 24 Hour Vet this morning.  He was last seen heading into the 'varsity grounds.  He is about 2.5 years old, quite stocky in build, and black with tiny flecks of white.  He also has a wound on his head from fighting.


If any one finds him, please would they call me on 0774-082-373 or 0772-245-098.


Thanks & regards,






Found Fox Terrier Type Dog: male black/white in colour. Found along Suffolk Road on Monday 11th March. TEL: 0712 601821


Found Lourie: young hand-reared purple crested lourie in the Greendale area. If you have lost this bird, please phone Sue on 0772 424 173. Thank-you


Missing Cat: My black cat, Rumble, went missing from the Avondale 24 Hour Vet this morning.  He was last seen heading into the 'varsity grounds.  He is about 2.5 years old, quite stocky in build, and black with a tiny fleck of white.  He also has a wound on his head from fighting. If any one finds him, please would they call me on 0774-082-373 or 0772-245-098. dragon17magic@gmail.com


Posted 07 March 2013

Found Dog: Our Female Jack Russel is on heat and has attracted a oldish Male Jack Russel ( Dark brown and white) with a Funny eye. In the Ballantyne area, Please if anyone has lost their dog can you call Kelly on 0772 217101.

Posted 06 March 2013

Lost Female Dog: Jack Russell, white with black ears and a black eye and answers to the name of Patchy.  She is 9 years old. She is spayed and has no tail. Patchy went missing in Orange Grove Drive, Highlands Please phone 303054:  GAEL or ROBBIE


Posted 04 March 2013

Morning Mike , some weeks ago you had put in your columns that a dog had been seen wondering around the Borrowdale traffic lights . Big white and tan pointer .

Well there are a number of us who walk regularly at the Botanic Gardens in the mornings with our dogs and have seen him there frequently . Just this morning we saw him again .



Initially we thought he was getting out of  a yard nearby , going out having some fun and then going home . But from his appearance today it seems he is lost and his only food is probably the dustbins at the National Parks offices .


He is truly a beautiful dog . Sadly as we normally have our dogs with us , he will not approach us , but I think a few handfuls of food and a bit of patience would coax him over .


I will call the vets again to see if I can locate an owner , but if anyone out there can help , this would really be appreciated . He tends to be in the vlei /bush area around the Nat parks headquarters .



If anyone wants to contact me , please let them use senglish@mweb.co.zw .

Much appreciated

Sarah English

Dog Found: Black and White (female) wire haired terrier found on Kew Drive Highland yesterday morning. The little dog was petrified. It has a collar but no tag. Taken to Highlands Vet who in turn have taken her to SPCA.


Found Cat: Young, friendly,  female gray and white cat has taken up residence in our garden in New Alex Park.  Please contact me if you think that this may be your cat.  Phone 0772 306 473.


Missing Dog: Elderly male Rottweiler, found by Lovemore, who is the guard for Econet tower at Balantyne Park, at 1230 last night. I have taken him to Chisi Vet but I think they are going to ask SPCA to take him.



Posted 21 February 2013


Lost Puppy: A puppy (Heinz variety) has been stolen from Allan Wilson Avenue in Belgravia – approx 10 –12 weeks old!  A guard in the road saw 4 young men drive up in a  white Isuzu Double Cab and steal the puppy through a bit of broken wall.  Came from the Friend Foundation early January 2013. Anyone who may see this poor little puppy by the name of PATCH, please contact the owner – Emelie at 4 Allan Wilson Avenue, Belgravia. 


Missing Labrador: A golden Labrador who responds to the name OSCAR went missing in the Highlands area this morning. The maid is besides herself as the owner is currently out of the country. Oscar is roughly two years old with a brown collar and very friendly. We have quite a few people out looking for him in the area so if anyone happens to spot a friendly golden Labrador please can they call Laura on 0772822080. I would greatly appreciate your cooperation. 

Posted 19 February 2013

Lost Dogs: Family pets, "Nyala" a young boerbul and "Levy" an older Jack Russell went missing over a week ago, they went walkabout from their home in Emerald Hill, 3 of them, 1 has returned home, the other 2 above, are still missing.  Any reports on them, anyone housing them, or seen them at all, please let us know.  REWARD OFFERED for the RETURN of these dogs:  please contact  Briarley Davidson on 0772 201 894 by SMS, or briarleynicholson@gmail.com --- alternatively Ryan Butterworth on ryanbutterworth180@hotmail.com


Posted 10 February 2013


Our small Burmese cat has been missing since lunch time, she always comes

when I call and our garden h been cat fenced, so can only think she got out

of the gate when it was opened.

Se is very shy and would not go to anyone easily. I will offer a reward for

her return.

She is chipped and hs a collar with her name and my cell number. Her name is

Mia and she has dark points and a creamy/ beige body. W live at 4 Tay road

vainona telephone numbers 882311/. 0773124898

Please send me a bill for this I will pay Pomona hardware,

Thanks so much,

Moyra Thain


I wonder if you wouldn’t mind putting an urgent email out?

My son’s two Alaskan Malamutes went missing this morning from Cambridge Road in Greendale.

These are very distinctive, wolf-like animals.

Please, if anyone sees them, not to approach them, but to ring: Scott 0772152814, Ross 0772286833 or Les 0772286834 URGENTLY

Thank you so much,

Les Duncan



Posted 04 February 2013 


Our maltese cross terrier, white in colour, dog has been taken from our property.  We believe that someone may have jumped our wall and taken her as she is a dog that would “sell”.  Her name is Bacardi but unfortunately she has not been micro chipped.  We are very worried about her as she is as she is a very timid natured dog.  Please may you help. Thelma Flynn. Tel : (04) 334911/9 Mobile : 0772 266 731 t.azevedo@windmill.co.zw


A very distraught family have lost their Jack Russell Puppy called Peanut from Kingsmead Road in Borrowdale on December 23rd. The Puppy is white with brown spots on her face and back.She recently was spade and still has her stiches in. She is blind in the day time and can only see at night. The family are very worried for her safety and are offering a reward for her safe return.

If by any chance you found her wandering around the area over the holidays and dont know where she lives please phone 883331 or 0712- 863 - 142 or 0773 213 568 and give this distraught family a happy start to the New Year.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year


Posted 30 December 2010

One brown & white Male Jack Russell walked into Millers Grill at 7:30 pm Wednesday night. We have sent it down to the 24 Hour Vet in East road. Thanks Dux 3 Ferris Ave cell: 0712 204548

Posted 28 December 2010

Missing, “NED” Blue Australian Heeler from 160 Gaydon Rd, Helensvale on 27th December. Please if anyone sees him contact Tina on 0772-908-720. Owners are away. He is shy but not vicious. He will jump into the car if you open the door but will run if you call him. He has a tag on his collar




Please circulate: Large reward offered.

Went missing from Gaydon road Greystone Park on 28/12/2010. Ned is mid size and blue grey in color with a collar on. Please send onto in particular to people with horses as he may seek out the familiar smell of horses

Posred 20 December 2010

We found our Jack Russel who was missing,,,unfortunately he met a fatal end on the road. Very sad but at least we know. Thanks for the help in posting the ad
Posted 16 December 2010

Our Jack Russel went missing on Wednesday morning (we found a hole in our fence). We live on Broadlands Road in Emerald Hill. We have walked the streets of Emerald Hill and have not found him. He is brown and white, male and a long tail. Please please please contact us if anyone finds it.

Sally Palmer
0772 236625, 0772 354 840

Posted 14 December 2010

Found in Berkshire Road, Emerald Hill, a very friendly female ginger cat with white belly, wearing a blue collar. Call Avondale vet on 339971/2 or Bev on 0772 311 895.

Posted 14 December 2010

Our dog, Nala, a boerbull cross bull mastiff female, 7 years old, went missing on Friday afternoon. She was last seen off Willowmead Lane in Ballantyne Park. She is light brown with a short tail. If anyone has seen her or has any information, please contact me:

Email: bgorringe@zol.co.zw
Tel: 885016
Cell: 0772 262 156

We are desperate to have her back safely.

Thank you.

Bridgette Gorringe

Posted 12 December 2010

FOUND - male ginger and white cat wandering in Borrowdale. This kitty is very friendly and obviously someone's pet. He is presently being cared for at Chisi Vets in Harare DrivePosted 01 December 3010

HUGO is our precious 8 month old miniature brown Daxi who has gone missing from 9 Malcolm Rd, Borrowdale / St John Junior School area. PLEASE help us find him - he is an extremely friendly little soul.
Loves children - he himself is so young. He's got a red collar on.
Our home number 885473, my mobile 0772 245 953. Thanks so much Paulette

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