Posted 04 March 2013

We have been handed nine puppies only three days old needing foster moms.  We thought if 3 moms can take 3 pups each to share the load?  Please urgently call the surgery on 339971/2 or Lana Logan on 0775 210 839 or Friend Animal Foundation MaryLu on 0772 225 845.  We will provide feeding bottles and Milkopup.  Many thanks.


Avondale Veterinary Surgery

P.O. Box A.415 Avondale

Cnr. King George / Kenny Roads

[Opposite New Multichoice Building]

Phone : 339971 / 2

Cell : 0772 342 241


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There have been a few positive rabies cases within the Harare environs. Please think carefully about picking up stray animals from the streets. Please make sure your animals are vaccinated against rabies (cats & dogs). If you are unsure about the vaccination status of your pet, please contact your veterinary surgery.

What to do if you think your pet has been poisoned - alert - 12 September 2012

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