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East Meets West in Romance with ‘Oriental Charm’


''Sihr Al Sharq''

The Syrian TV series Sihr Al Sharq (Oriental Charm), directed by Anwar Al Qawadri in his debut on the small screen, depicts the true love story between Jane Digby and Sheik Medjuel.

Future TV channel, which is airing the episodes during Ramadan, said "the series is not just an imaginary story but rather about a strong, repellant, open-minded and romantic woman who comes to the East to enjoy its beauty. She loves the area and its people and their dignity. In the East, this woman falls in love with an honorable man, never imagining that he will be captivated by her charm and beauty."
Jane Digby was an extraordinarily beautiful English woman who lived in Europe in the 19th century. She spoke and read nine languages, was an extraordinary equestrian, painted, was musical, politically curious and well read, and her sculptures were called "remarkable." Despite her fame, she chose to live in Syria, preferring to marry Sheik Abdel Medjuel Al Mezrab after many disappointing marriages.

Qawadri, who resides in London, told the UAE daily Al Bayan, "I lived the story of Jane Digby for more than 15 years. In 1995, I entrusted the journalist Ammar Al Kassan, helped by his wife Reem Hanna, with writing the script. Wasim Imam composed the music for this work as he blended the desert music with the old Damascus music in 1853."
"All my works belong to real events which I attempt to document with full accuracy and credibility because I tackle the Eastern and Western civilization. Sihr Al Sharq depicts a real love story between a beautiful English woman, Jane (Lebanese actress Tina Jarrus) and Sheik Medjuel (Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman) that ended in marriage. The English wife lives as a real nomad's wife and moves with her husband between Palmyra and Damascus. She lives in the Damascus neighborhood of Al Aksab near the residence of Prince Abdel Qader Al Jazaeri, who was an honorable hero and friend of the Medjuel family."
"Jane remains looking after her children and husband until her last days. The most prominent politicians and officials attended her funeral and she was buried in Damascus neighborhood of Bab Sharqi in 1881. She was a well known lady as she used to receive the top ranking figures and kings during their visits to Damascus," added Qawadri.
Costarring in the series are Amal Arafa, Maha Al Masri, Yara Sabri, Amani Al Hakim, Laura Abu Asa’d, Salim Sabri, Abdel Hadi Al Sabbagh and others.

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