Lady Jane Elizabeth Digby el Mezrab

Jane Digby in 1824 at the time of her marriage to Lord Ellenborough

The Hon. Jane Elizabeth Digby was born on 3 April 1807 at Forston House in Dorset


She died in Damascus 11 August 1881

Her home in Damascus


Jane Digby had everything: beauty, aristocratic connections, money,and, as revealed in her letters, poetry, and intimate diaries,a highly original mind . . .She was an intrepid traveler and finally found she happiness in Arabia, where she married a sheik and divided her time between the oasis of Damascus and the hard life of Bedouin nomads.
She was a remarkable woman.
Her life was a she desired.

Odette Lind 1999

(Fifth cousin of Jane Digby)


Jane Digby was born into the English aristocracy, growing up privileged by beauty as well as birthright. Her ancestors included Everard Digby - who had been involved in the Gun Powder Plot and her ancestry can be claimed back to Aelmar, "Anglicus-Saxonus" .

Her affair with an Austrian prince and consequent divorce in 1830 from, Lord Ellenborough, caused a sensation, and from that time until her 1891 death, "her name was rarely out of the newspapers as she featured in one outrageous tale after another." I was it untenable for her to remain in or return to England; she then had a succession of lovers and husbands, including, by the time she was in middle age, "the love of her life," a Bedouin sheikh young enough to be her son.


The only known portrait of Jane Digby in Arab dress

Jane's husband - Sheikh Midjuel El-Mesrab of the Sbaa tribe of Syria


The only known image
The Orientalists in the TSR Museum - read about the paintings

Her grave in Damascus

Pictures on this page are used with the permission of Mary S. Lovell, author of A Scandalous LIfe - the biography of Jane Digby (4th Estate) 1995 et seq and Rebel Heart (Norton NY) 1995.


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