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Safety on Guy Fawkes Night




Guy Fawkes Night has become, traditionally, the time to let of fireworks and crackers and light bonfires.

Please be careful when lighting fireworks. Make sure that the fireworks are placed onto a solid base such as a pool surround or a driveway and make sure they will not topple over once lit.

Never let children light fireworks or be around them unattended.

When lighting rockets point them upwards at an angle away from the people watching them.

Children love sparklers - make sure they hold them well away from their bodies and not near other children.

If you are lighting bonfire be sure that it is in a contained area and cannot spread causing a serious fire.

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Remember that pets are frightened of the loud bangs and sounds associated with fireworks - make sure they are inside and comforted if they show any signs of distress.

Warn your neighbours that you are going to have a firework display - this way they will not be frightened when they hear loud bangs and they will be able to keep their pets indoors so they will be safe and not afraid.

Enjoy yourself - but please be careful!


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