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Who Was Guy Fawkes?



Also known as John Johnson, or as Guido Fawkes (this shows up in a possibly translated engraving text).

By the way the word "guy" pre-dates Fawkes in its origins it comes from French: Guy,then from Gui then from Late Latin-Uitus and then from Middle Latin: Vitus as in the repulsive saint of epileptics)a.k.a. Percy's man. 34 years old.

Son of Edward Fawkes, proctor and advocate in the consistory court of York, Guido was born in the Stonegate district of York. Baptized at St. Michael-le-Belfry in 1570, Fawkes entered St. Peter's School in 1578. He had two younger sisters Elizabeth and Anne. His schoolmates included John and Christopher Wright.

His father died in 1579.

His mother Edith remarried into the Catholic Bainbridge family of Scotton. It is thought that his stepfather influenced him to become a Catholic. Perhaps he was influenced by the headmaster of St. Peters, John Pullen, a man later named as a suspected Jesuit.

By the time he was 21 Guy had sold his inheritance and had joined the Catholic forces fighting in the Low Countries. For twelve years he served as a military man in the Netherlands. He was trained as a miner, skilled with gunpowder and in the arts of tunneling. He was at the siege of Calais.

In 1603 Fawkes went to Spain to discuss the plight of English Catholics with King Philip II. There he met Christopher Wright with whom he tried to get Spanish support for an invasion of England. He arrived in England with Thomas Winter on April 25,1604 and in May 1604 he joined the plot at a meeting with Catesby at an inn: The Duck and Drake.

Fawkes was captured at around midnight Nov.4 and was brought before the privy council on Nov.5. On November 7, after several sessions of torture, Fawkes admitted that the conspirators had planned to free Sir Walter Raleigh and other Tower Prisoners.

Fawkes then said, " yt was past,and he is nowe sorry fo yt, for that he nowe perceyveth that God did not concur with yet."

Fawkes did not reveal the identity of the other conspirators until severely tortured on Nov.9 but only after he was told that some had been arrested.There is some question as to the date of his execution some saying on January 31, 1606 others in February or March of that year..... and some that he went to his death on 05 May 1606..

The Marriage of Guy Fawkes and Maria Pulleyn By David Herber


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