This page is dedicated to Helene Mladova-Boucher - one of the last Romantic ballerinas.

  Helene Mladova (09 April 1922/ 07 February 1997)

Odette, her daughter, writes:

Helene was my mother - one of the last of the romantic ballerinas - this page is dedicated to her. She was a remarkable woman ending her life in a world far from the ballet - working for the Coffee Growers Association she was awarded the Bayer Cup for her service to the Coffee Industry in Zimbabwe. She was a very family person and loved her private life as can be seen from the photographs on this link . I have included some photographs of her as a young girl - and photographs of her family. She danced with my father and you can see photographs of her as a dancer by clicking here....


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Photographs of my parents as classical dancers can be found here........
Photographs of my mother's family can be found here.....
Pictures of Helene at home...

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