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Stinky - our little girl dog

Having lost Samantha I was devistated and set about looking for another female Jack Russell puppy. A difficult task in Zimbabwe where people are leaving and no one wants to have unwanted puppies so most of the females are spayed. having the two older dogs we wanted a puppy as it would be accepted where a full grown female would not have been.

I put the word out and some two months later Stinky came into our lives.

She was born in the Vumba to a cheeky wire haired mother - the father was wired haired as well. And to make things really great she is tan and white (I call her a red head) - and she has a tail!!!!!!

We collected her site unseen and must admit thought she was a little ugly to begin with - with her little beard and ruff around her neck!

She has developed into a delightful dog - full of life, whose main occupations are annoying the old dogs and playing with her tennis balls.

She is a delight - very loved and has quite taken the family by storm! She sleeps on the furnitute and on the beds - a real spoint brat!

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