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Tribute to Squeak - a brave Zimbabwe Jack Russell

One of the finest qualities of a Jack Russell is loyality and this has been more than proven with the loyalty shown by 14 year old Squeak who refused to leave the body of his master who was brutily murdered on his farm outside Harare. on March 18 2002.

This page is a tribute to Squeak and others of his breed - devoted and loving animals


Dog who wouldn't leave master given new home

A Jack Russell who refused to leave the side of his dead master in Zimbabwe has been found a new home. Squeak, the 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier, was pictured across the world as he lay next to the murdered body of his white Zimbabwean owner Terry Ford.

Mr Ford, 51, was the tenth white farmer killed since militants began often violent occupations of white owned land two years ago. "The dog would not leave the farmer's body," said Meryl Harrison, of Zimbabwe's Society for the Prevention of Cruetly to Animals who was inundated by calls about the terrier. "When Terry Ford's battered body was found under a tree, the little terrier was still at his side," she said.  

Squeak has been given a home by a friend of the murdered farmer. Story filed: 17:33 Tuesday 19th March 2002

LOYAL FRIEND: Squeak at Zimbabwean farmer Terry Ford's funeral service in Harare . Squeak made headlines earlier this week when he refused to leave the blanket-covered body of his master who was shot and killed by farm invaders. (AP Photo/Themba Hadebe)

Mr Fordís Jack Russell terrier, Squeak, approached the coffin before retreating, evidently confused, to the arms of the farmerís fiancťe, Naomi Raaff. Squeak had to be coaxed away from Mr Fordís body when friends found him on Tuesday.

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