The Unofficial Zimbabwe Jack Russell Page

The Breed in Zimbabwe

The Jack Russell is still not completely accepted as a breed in Zimbabwe.
It was originally breed from a combination of Fox Terrier, Dashaund and Beagle

The male Jack Russell should stand about a hand higher than the female when fully grown

When Pastor Jack Russell set his heart on breeding the ideal dog to go down a hole after a fox he could never have been aware that nearly a century later his name would be a household word among dog lovers. Today the Jack Russell is one of the most popular breeds throughout the western world.

There are colour combinations - tan and white - black and white - liver and white and a triclour. their coats can be smooth, shaggy, ruff haired or silky and long.

The Jack Russell tail is now allowed to stay - being held proudly aloft and wagged at every opportunity - when it was the fashion to dock the tail (what a horrid thing to do to a dog!) it should have been cut so as to be long enough to grasp with the hand - the reason for docking being so that the huntsman could grab the dog and pull it easily from the hole where it had chased the prey.

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