The Unofficial Zimbabwe Jack Russell Pages

The latest addition to our household
Born 20 August 2002 in the Vumba
shown here with Alexander

The father of them all
An unwanted puppy he has proven to be the best ratter in the pack
She was too sweet to live
Rescued - we tried to save her but failed.
Her mother had been killed by a snake and she was suffering from malnutrition
Living with Jack Russells
Our experiences of 10 years with the pack

The son of Winston
Gizmo the Great
Son of Winston and Roxie - he was born with a dislocated hip and we thought he might be blind - with the help of Alexander and Emma he was nursed back to health.He is the best watchdog!


Mother of Gizmo - she is, alas, no longer with us
She suffered from peripheral neurosis and was paralyzed in the hind quarters.


She thought she was a Jack Russell
Lived until she was 14 - she was an abandoned puppy and the first of our pack


Tribute to Squeak
A a loyal and brave Jack Russell
Who stayed by his murdered master's body and would not leave him


Other pets I have shared my life with.....

Before I discovered Jack Russell Terriers I shared my life with an assortment of animals. Here are some of them.....


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