Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton


"Chief mouthpiece of the whole land"

Minister of foreign affairs under Amenhophis IV (Akhenaton).

He betrayed the King by becoming the accomplice of Aziru of Amor.

He was partially responsible for the conspiracy that cost Ribaddi his life.

The following is a letter written by Aziru to Tutu:

"Thou art in that place (Egypt) my father, and whatever is the wish of Tutu (Dudu) my Father, write it and I will surely give it. Behold thou art my father and my Lord...the lands of Amor are thy lands, and my house is your house; and whatever thou desirest, write, and Lo! I will assuredly grant thy wish. Lo now! Thou sittest before the King, my Lord, Do not allow it to be so...."

 Tutu was responsible for handling the correspondence that arrived at Akhetaton. During the co-regency, Akhenaton received copies of all correspondence going to his father in Thebes.

Tutu was responsible, after the death of Amenhophis III, to allow to remain, unanswered the correspondence from the allies in Asia - if he had responded to these letters the allies may have been saved from the Hittite invasions.