Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton

Tutankhamon - Tutankaton

"Living Image of Aton"

"Powerful is the Life of Aton"

"Gracious of Life is Aton"

"All life is in the Hands of Aton"


Tutankhamon was born in Malkata and thought to be the son of Amenhophis III and his Queen Tiye.

He was married to the Ankhaspaaton - the daughter of Akhenaton and Nefertiti - he was made co-regent to Akhenaton and on the King's death returned from the city of Akhetaton to Thebes - he lived until year 7 of his reign.

The death of Tutankhamon in this year and his burial with unsurpassed splendour still remains a mystery. A little known king whose main fame came through his death and burial. If Howard Carter had not discovered the tomb, on 04 November 1922, Tutankhamon would have remained a lesser king at the end of an interesting and tragic era.

He was a victim of the Amarna age - possibly murdered.

The evidence from the x-rays taken of his skull point to a skull fracture which could have been deliberate and there is thought that he lingered for some time after the injury before death seven years after he had returned to Thebes from the city of Akhetaton..



The Circlet found on the mummy's forehead

The head of Tutankhamon

X-ray of the skull showing the chip
of bone to the rear of the skull