Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton


Queen of Amenhophis III

Mother of Akhenaton

Daughter of Yuaa (Yuya) and Tuaa (Thuya)

Unknown nationality

Mother of Sitamon, Baketaton and several other daughters.

"Great Royal Spouse"

Queen Tiye was honored in the Nubian Town of Sedeinga as "a living image of Ra on earth" (a goddess) - a chapel was built for her worship.

She spent time in Akhetaton and made a special visit there in year 12 of her son's reign - the occasion was marked by a special "Pagent of Empire with tribute being made by Asiatic and other dominions.




Are these her remains?

The king's great wife, Tiye, may she live,

The name of her father is Yuya

The name of her mother is Tuya

She is the wife of a mighty king.