Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton

Ankhkheprure Mery Neferkheprure - Nefernefruaten Mery Waenre

Co-ruler and successor to Akenaton.

Died soon after the death of Akhenaton

Married to Meritaton - although his name was also linked to Ankhespaaton.

His name is often seen to have replaced Nefertiti after her fall from favour.

His coronation name was Ankhkheprure

He also retained the Atonist name of Neferneferuaton "beloved of Ra's one and only".

He may have spend most of the first three years of his co-regency in the Northern palace that was frequented by Nefertiti.

There is evidence that the Amon cult was still in existence as a a graffitti in the tomb of Pera dated year 3 of Smenkhara's reign alludes to the recitation of prayers to Amon. These were being said in a temple dedicated in the name of Smenkhkara in Thebes

Smenkhkara went to Thebes in the year of his death - year 17 of Akhenaton and here he disappears - possibly a victim of a murder plot.

He had a palace at Akhetaton (identified in the excavations). There is no mention of a palace for Tutankhamon