Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton


May have been sister or daughter to Amenhophis III - she was married to him.

Her mother may have been Mutemweya or Tiye - she was probably married to both Amenhophis III and Amenhophis IV (Akhenaton).

Memorials of her are found in the tomb of Thuyu and Yuyu.

Her portrait appears on two chairbacks.

She is shown facing Queen Tiye, offering homage (offering homage to the older Queen and senior wife and receiving homage as heiress). She wears the crown of lotus on her tall wig - this is the prerogative of royal favorites and of princesses married to their fathers.

The appearance of Sitamon in the tomb of Thuyu and Yuyu suggests that she may have been a daughter of Tiye, and the lotus crown that her father was Amenhophis III.

A twin cartouche on a kohl tube bears the names of Amenhophis III and Sitamon - this is evidence of their marriage.

Sitamon's palace was by far the most important of those belonging to the royal princesses at the court of Amenhophis III.


She is thought to have been used as a pawn of the regime - perhaps being the only true heiress at the court.