Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton


King of Byblos

He paid with his life for his loyalty to Akhenaton.

Akhenaton, misinformed by his ministers, about Ribaddi - left him helpless against Amorite attacks which were led by Aziru.

The minister of foreign affairs at the Amarna Court, Tutu, was in league with Aziru and a plan to assassinate Ribaddi was hatched. Abandoned by everyone and forced back into his city Rabaddi probably fell pray to the assassination plans.

He wrote to Akhenaton:

"Behold Aziru has fought my chiefs, and the chiefs whom I dispatched to the city Simyra he has caused to be seized in the city. Both the city of Beruta and the city Ziouna are sending ships to the city. All who are in the land of the Amorites have gathered themselves.....I need men to save the rebellion of this land....Give me soldiers!"

Simyra fell - Ribbadi again wrote to Akhenaton:

"Grievous it is to say what he has done, the dog Aziru. Behold what has befallen the lands of the King on account of him; and he cried peace unto the land, and now behold what has befallen the city of Simyra - a station of my Lord, a fortress....and they spoil our fortress....ah, the cries of the place...a violent man, and a dog..."

"Now Abdesherah is marching with his brethren....march against him and smite him....the land is the King's land; and since I have talked thus and you have not moved the city of Simyra has been lost. There is no money to buy horses, all is finished, we have been spoiled....give me thirty companies of horse with chariots, men, men...there is none of this for me...not a horse..."