Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton


Commander in chief of Tutankhamon.

"Royal Scribe"

"Fan bearer on the King's right"

He dedicated 5 ushabtis to Tutankhamon - these were the only objects, together with Maya's funereal figure, given by subjects for inclusion in the tomb.

One of the ushabti figures carries the inscription "the servant who makes his master's name live". The act of reviving the name of the dead during the funeral rites is the prerogative of the eldest son, and when there was no male heir, the daughter. In the case of there being no children the performance of this duty would be left to a close relation or a very faithful friend. The 'divine' Ay, for reasons of state, is portrayed as performing this rite but it seems more likely that Nakhtmin, with the giving of such a personal funeral gift, and his title, thereon, would in actuality have performed this rite.

He later dedicated stela to Ay - these were desecrated by Horemheb.

He appears to have been an important man and a friend of Pharaoh.

He became a henchman of Ay when Ay took over the throne.