Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton


He was a high official who played an important role under Amenhophis III

He was born in Athribis, in the Delta - the son of a high official of Amenhophis III.

Amenhophis invested him with numerous offices among which were:

"Chief of the Secrets of Kap"

"Master of the ceremonies of the feast of Amon"

"Chief of the Conscripts"

He won renoun as "Chief of the King's Works" - notably for the transport of the colossi of Memnon for the funerary temple of Amenhophis III. He directed the quarrying of the magnificent sandstone at Gebel el Ahmar -"the Miricle of Stone".

Akhenaton gave him the titles of:

"Soveriegn's messenger in all foreign lands"

"Divine father"

"Fan bearer on the King's right"

Intendent of Amun's cattle in the Land of Kush"

"Intendent of the Lands of Gold of the Lord of the Two Countries"

"His majesty's brave in the cavalry"

Under Tutankhamon he was viceroy of Nubia.

Towards the end of his life he became intendant to Sitamon, wife and daughter of Amenhophis III.

He lived to be 110 - the age of wisdom.

He was considered to be one of the greatest sages of ancient Egypt. His mortuary temple was built on the edge of the Western desert.

His tomb was desicrated by Horemheb and his master's name and figures hacked out of the burial chapel - however figures of Huy were not defaced.

His autobiography is still in existence.

Later in history, under Ptolemy Evergetes II - a successor to Alexander the Great, he was deified and henceforth worshipped as a God.