Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton


King of Amur (Syria), son of Abdiashirta.

He was a contemporary of Amenhophis III, Akhenaton and Tutankhamon.

He carried on his father'scies and, protected on one side by the Hatti alliance, and on the other by his connections with the intreges of the Amarna court, through Tutu, who was minster of foreign affairs, he succeeded in siezing the prosperous ports on the Phoenician Coast.

He was cunning and persuaded Pharaoh, to who he actualy went, that he was a loyal vassal, defending Egypt's interests on the frontiers of her Empire. In fact he was only looking out for his own interests.

Suppiluliuma used Aziru as an instrument rather than an ally and forced him to accept his suzerainty towards the middle of the 14th century

Aziru was one of the vassal kings who acted as an advance guard of the Hittites. He attacked such cities as Simyra and Tunis - but Akhenaton, and before him his father Amenhophis III, were either misinformed about the events or refused to assist their allies and therefore Egypt lost her valuable Asiatic Empire.