Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton

The Mummy of Amenhophis III


Report on the Skull:

Cranium measurements:

Length 194mm

Breadth 148 mm

Circumference 5550mm

Index 74

Dolichocephalic - long - headed

Auricular height - 118mm

Facial height 122mm (seperation of lips in the mummy)

Upper facial height 073mm

Minimal frontal breadth 095mm

Bizygomatic breadth 133mm

Bigonal breadth 095mm

Nasal height 053mm

Nasal breadth 095mm

Chin verbex projection 210mm

Left orb 039x034mm

Right orb 039x034mm

Skull measurements point to him having been Egyptian in features

His jaw was Arminoid

There are prodominate supercileary ridges

The forehead was sloping

Projection of upper incisors (Trait of eigtheenth dynasty royal family - evident in both the skulls of tutankhamon and the body found in RV55). The resembence to the molar teeth in both skulls is evident.

Boney ridges pass from the nasal spine to the alveolar point leaving a well marked depression on each side. This is the same, only more pronounced in the skull of the body in tomb RV55.

Amenhophis III may have suffered from abcesses in the teeth - on the right side only teeth of both the upper and lower jaw were encrusted with tartar.

There had been an extensive alveolar abscess below the right lower incisors, and a smaller one above the right upper canine.

The upper incisor teeth had been lost before death and the alveolar process absorbed in part: The right upper lateral incisor had been recently lost. For its alveolus and the peforation (facial) of a small alveolar abscess are still present. Evidence of suppuration around the anterior lateral root of the left lower first molar is evident.

X-Ray of skull of Amenhophis III