Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton

Akhenaton - His Titles


High Priest (of Aton) Ra-Heru-khuti the exhaulted one in the horizon, in his name of Shu who is in Aton.

Mighty Bull, Lofty of Plumes (Exalted One of the Double Plumes - changes to "Mighty One Beloved of Aton")

Great in the Kingship of Karnac

Golden Hawk, Wearer of Diadems in the Southern Heliopolis

Exalter of the name of Aton

King of Upper and Lower Egypt

Mighty one of the Sovereigns in Khut-Aton

Beautiful is the being of Ra, the only one of Ra

Son of the Sun

Oease of Amon (Amenhophis)

Divine Ruler of Thebes

Great in Duration, Living for ever and ever - beloved of Amon-Ra, Lord of Heaven

High Priest of Ra-Harakhti, rejoicing in the horizon in his name "heat which is in Aton"

The Great One of Visions

The following are the Titles on the Golden Ribbons around the mummy found in the tomb of Tiye -

The beautiful prince, the Chosen One of Ra. The King of Upper and Lower Egypt, living in Truth, Lord of the Two Lands, Akhenaton, the beautiful child of the living Aton, whose name shall live for ever and ever.