Egypt During the Reign of Akhenaton

Yuaa - Yuya

Born in Djarouka (close to Akhmin)
A king 's guard and Master of the chariots
his wife was T U Y U

Their children were:
1 daughter Tiye
1st wife
of Amenophis III

1 son Ay married TEY
their daughter was Mount-Nadjme she married King Horemheb of Amon
TEY was the adoptive mother or nurse
of the queen Nefertiti

Their 2nd son AMEN was a great prophet of ATUM-Re

 Yuyu held the titles of:

"Master of the Horse and Chariot"

"Captain of the King"

"The favorite, excellent above all favorites"

"The mouth and ears of the King"

"In charge of the Ox of Min" (at Akhmin)

"Divine Father" (Pharaoh's father-in-law)

Lieutenant of the King's Chariots"

"Superior of Amon's harem"

His mummy shows strong European features - however the skull shows some of the distortion that is evident in the art of the age.

We do not know his origins but he may have come from a dynasty of high officials.

It is possible that he could have been the father of Ay - this would explain his arrival at the Akhetaton court, as he would have been the brother of Queen Tiye.

There is a great similarity between the mummy of Yuyu and the portrait of Ay depicted as the Nile God at the base of a statue now in the Boston Museum.

He was originally a member of the priesthood of Min, Lord of Akhmin and a prophet of that god as well as superintendent of his herds of Oxen.