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Some Photographs of Zimbabwe and before!

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Market Hall - no longer standing in Harare 

Old Harare - these buildings still grace what was Manica Road

The Post office later became the Radio Station - then it was converted into Cinemas! The old hitching post remains outside

This was once a synagogue - then a betting hall and now a nightclub!

The Christmas Lights down Jason Moyo - the large department store on the left is Greatermans

Enkledorn Hotel

Mazowe Hotel - note the early British flag on the wall

Great Zimbabwe

The Acropolis


Prince's Hall - now torn down - Eastgate occupies this position

The rear of Prince's hall looking towards what was new Meikles in the 70's

Old Meikles Hotel - torn down to make way for the New Meikles

Now one of the leading hotel of the world

Meikles has always been known as one of the leading hotels of the world - when the Herald was first published in the pioneer edition the photographs of Rhodesia's "leading hotels " were published - here they are on the following pages -

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