Why not volunteer to help with research in Zimbabwe?

Volunteers are needed to assist people in tracing friends and relations in Zimbabwe.

If you would be interested in becoming a volunteer please e-mail or giving your name, e-mail address, what assistance you are able to offer and the areas you are able to work in (Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare etc)

Notice - photograph volunteer needed:

Looking for some-one who is willing to take photographs in the Byo Cemetery.
This person might be requested to do the following:
1. To locate specific graves from the Records Office at the Byo Athlone Cemetery, being given a set of names, and dates etc.,
2. To then proceed and find the specific grave/s in question and photograph them, from at least, for each grave, a close-up view of the headstone, the full length of the grave, and the grave number marker where possible.
3. To record on paper, the full details of the grave/s, and full texts of on all stones etc. on that grave/s. The reason for this is that after photos are printed, the 'exacts' might not be completely legible etc. A basic hand sketch with ALL texts recorded with accuracy pertaining to the texts is required.
4. One full set of the pictures taken should be developed to ensure that all the necessary pictures taken, are of sufficient quality to be passed on to the person requesting such information.
5. In the case of headstone etc. that might have inscriptions on several faces, these must all be photographed.
6. Probably in most cases, 2-3 graves might be requested at a time, but would recommend that the rest of the camera spool should be used up, and as boring as it may seem, to use the remaining film to re-capture the same angles again, etc., until fully used up.
7. The original spool/s, the single set of prints, and paper transcript/s, must be snail mailed to the person who has requested such informations. The spool must obviously be posted in such a way that it will not be damaged!
8. These would be paid for photography.
9. I would only be referring persons to such a willing photographer, and they would have to continue their interests from there themselves.
10. How payments are made, before or after pictures are taken, etc., would have to be agreements between those parties.
12. The photographer should preferably have Email access.
13. Basically I am looking for some-one to whom I can refer other people who are looking for photos to be taken these Cemeteries.
14. In the future, other people might also be looking to get photos of Cemeteries in other centres such as Harare, etc. So let me know...
15. Digital photographs are also very much accepted.
Please contact if you are interested.

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