Transcriptions, documents, stories and photographs

The Story of Countess Billie - the first European woman to enter Mashonaland
Bulawayo Town Cemetery
Leading Hotels of Zimbabwe - old Hotels still standing and in use!
Development of the Southern Rhodesia Military System
Jewish History in Zimbabwe
The Zimbabwe Jewish Community
The Declaration of UDI - historic document
The Silence is Deafening
- Sermon by Very Rev. John Da Costa Anglican Dean of Salisbury
Zimbabwe Photo Gallery - photographs of Zimbabwe
Kindred Trails
Zimbabwe situation
Rhodesian Role of Honour - may not be complete
"Those Were the Days" by Trevor Hemans The incidents and experiences in the life of a District Commissioner in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe during the 36 years between 1946 and 1981
Exchanges with Mr Smith - UDI
Rhodesian Pioneer Archives
Lancaster House Agreement
Rhodesian documents online

Should you have a document, story or photographs that would be useful to researchers on families in Zimbabwe or on Zimbabwe history - either that you could e-mail to us for posting, or a web site containing these - please e-mail me with details and we will post it with full credit.
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