LEE I am Anthony Winston Lee now living in Palmwoods , Australia . Born 04/09/1941.

My father was Johannes Jurgens Lee , the eldest son of Hans Lee who married Leticia Prescott.

My fathers brothers were Ralph , Burt and a sister Lillian. My father was born in 1900 and he died in 1976.

My mother was Queenie Rudman and her people came from Devises in Kent with the 1820 settlers who landed in Port Elizabeth in the Cape. The passed away in October 1946.

Hans Lee was the son of John Lee who settled at Mange , near Bulawayo,in the 1860’s. John Lee my great grandfather was given a piece of land by King Lobengula in the 1860’s

Which was an area that he could cover the perimeter in one day. Accompanied by the Kings Impis he covered a piece of fairly large land and the King signed a piece of

Paper to this effect . This original title deed is in the Archives in Harare and we have a copy of it. Lee’s castle at Mangwe was a stone farmhouse , built on outcrop of rock.

I started work in the District Commissioners Office in Chipinge in 1959 and finally left Zimbabwe in 1977 to settle in S.A.

My e mail address is

Tony Lee - B. Compt. C.A.I.B (SA)

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