Searching for the descendants of Stephen & Jane DOBLE (nee Jones), who emigrated to South Africa from London in the early 1900s. They had a son, Frank, who was killed in WW1 and two daughters, Gladys and Winifred. Winifred married a man with the surname SMIT (no known descendants) and Gladys married someone with the surname WATSON, and had children Russell and Frank. The families moved to Rhodesia/Zimbabwe at some stage, though the original Dobles died in Cape Town, and I believe there are descendants still in Zimbabwe. Thank you Eirian Evans or



I was searching the web for help in finding names in Zimbabwe. and was hoping that you might have the info I need. I am looking for records of a David Cromar born about 1917, and died in the 80's - he could even have died in England because his daughter moved there and he went over to them. We don't know where he was born, but he attended Pietermaritsburg College, and was captain of the cricket team and did well in sports there. David was married after WWII to an Italian lady; during the war he was imprisoned and he escaped and a family put him up and he married the daughter. They moved to Bulawayo, and later moved to Salisbury. They had three children: a married daughter named Vivienne, we think her married name is Seagrave; a daughter named Barbara (the eldest) - I don't think she married; and a son who died in the 60's in Rhodesia. We think he was a student in high school (possibly Churchill High) when he died. Many thanks for any light you may be able to throw on this. Regards, Jackie Roy

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