I wonder if you could assist me in locating some information on Ancestors that lived in Zimbabwe. They are from the Bulawyo region. I will give you the information I have. I am not sure where this information is actually sourced from, it may be word of mouth, so I cannot tell you how accurate it is.

Possibly born in Port Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Africa on 23 September 1867 or 68. Died 15 August 1935, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Married (1), unknown, about 1880, place unknown. She died around 1898. 2 Children - Helen and Robert Chalmers
Married (2), Ann Koester, about 1899, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Ann born abt 1883, Zeerust, NWP, South Africa. They had 7 children, Florence, Arthur Sidney, George, Mary Jean, Muriel, Alfred, Olga Iris. Ann died abt 1961, Cape Town, South Africa

I am wanting to verify, if this is indeed when (and where) Robert died and when did Robert and Ann get married. And as a long shot, who his first wife was and where she was from. But don't worry about this too much - only if it's possible. I also don't know who Roberts parents are, so if you come across any documentation that gives a clue, that'll also be helpful. I also can't find any record of Ann dying in South Africa, but this also doesn't mean she didn't die there.

If I am asking you things that can easily be looked up on the internet, please let me know as I am able to do this. I haven't researched Zimbabwe ancestors before as I thought it was an "impossible" task. If you can be of any assistance, I would be grateful.

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