My mother Jean Violet PETTIT b 03.06.1929 Nyasaland ( Malawi) her mother,so
I am told was Agnes Josephine PETTIT I was told she was born in Nyasaland?
Mozambique. She spoke of her family being John & Ella BISMARK of Bulawayo.
I do recall meeting the BISMARKS a long time ago when I was a youngster. My
brother Reginal told me once that one Bismark owned a jewerly shop in
As I am now working on my mothers side of the family tree I am interested in
the Bismarks?Pettits. I have no idea who my mothers father was, she said it
was a man called Walter DE BRUYN who died 10.12.1929.I don't this is true,
of my mothers father. George Pearce

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