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My wife has in her extended family one Arthur Henry Barlow, an employee and manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank for 57 years, who eventually retired to Salisbury. He lived with his wife (name not known) and son Mr U N Barlow at 13 Lawson Avenue, Salisbury.

Arthur Barlow died in July 1960, aged 90 years. I'm having to make some assumptions from here. I'll assume the son was in his late 40s or early 50s, probably unmarried. He had a brother born in 1910, died in China in 1936. Let's assume Arthur Barlow is buried somewhere in Harare. Then his wife presumably quite an age herself stays on in Harare with her son. And they both die there, and may even be buried in the same plot as Arthur Henry Barlow. Or one or both of them return to live in England.

Is there a particular cemetery where English people were buried in the 1960s? Is there perchance a record anywhere of gravestone inscriptions?

Is 13 Lawson Ave still standing? Are the current owners on the phone?

Would they know anything of the Barlows?

Is it possible to obtain copies of death certificates in Harare?

Would Arthur Barlow have been notable enough to qualify for an obituary in the local newspaper? Like much in family history there are many questions, more questions than answers. But if you are able to help with any of this I would be much obliged. And if you have any research you need doing in New Zealand I'd be happy to return the favour.

In the interim I've learned that Arthur Barlow's wife's name was Gladys Vivian Liscarton Barlow (nee Gerrard). She was born Oct 1882 so in 1960 when her husband died she would have been 78. The son living with them - married or single who knows - was Vivian Netterville Le Poer Trench Barlow, born 1912, so aged 48 in 1960

Arthur Barlow was a retired banker. He had been in the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in the far east, but by the time he got to Salisbury he'd retired. As for his son Vivian I have no knowledge. Possibly banking but that's a guess

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