I live in Australia and am still quite new to family history research. I am trying to trace the family of my great grandfather. I found his parents and siblings on the 1881 census for the UK as they were almost all born in Scotland. Residing in Broad Street in Alloa, Clackmannan, Scotland:

John BARBOUR 39 Whitelaw, Haddington, Scotland

Ann BARBOUR (nee Fenwick or Thompson) 41 England married 20/8/1866 Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland

William BARBOUR 14 Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland (dob 7/11/1866)

Thomas Fenwick BARBOUR 13 Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland (dob 21/5/1868) *My great grandfather

Annie BARBOUR 10 Kinross, Scotland (dob 14/6/1870)

John BARBOUR 8 Kinross, Scotland (dob 27/5/1872)

Mary BARBOUR 6 Devon, Clackmannan, Scotland Alice Muncie BARBOUR 2 Alloa, Clackmannan, Scotland

I believe that in approximately 1882, when my great grandfather was 14 years old, they all moved to Rhodesia. My grandmother tells me that my great grandfather married a woman called Annie KEPPEL and they had a daughter Esme and four years later a son Athol Roy. When Esme was about eight years old her mother and brother died in a buggy accident and she was sent to live with her mothers family (FREEMANTLE and FORDYCE) in England and my great grandfather moved to Australia where he met my great grandmother Maud CARMODY.

Thomas also used the name Theodore Thomas FENWICK-BARBOUR but when this change occurred and why I do not know so Esme and Athol Roy's surnames may be BARBOUR or FENWICK-BARBOUR.

I believe that the marriage between Thomas BARBOUR and Annie KEPPEL, the births of Esme and Athol Roy, and the deaths of Annie and Athol Roy all took place between 1882 and 1913 in Umtali (now Murare).

If you can assist me at all in tracing records of these events (or any of the rest of his family) I would greatly appreciate it. Alternatively, can you suggest anywhere in Australia that I might access such records.

I am most interested in tracing Esme BARBOUR in the UK and need to confirm her name in order to begin the search so if time is limited please focus on her.

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