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Here will be listed surnames that occur in Zimbabwe and that people are researching - Ndebele, Shona, English, or other.

Zimbabwe has always been a melting pot of nationalities and cultures. Please submit your surname for listing :

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28 December 2013

Surname Submitted by and e-mail
Adrichem unknown Richard HILTON
Alexander Researching brothers Dr Walter William Francis Alexander & Angus George Forbes Alexander who were born in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland in 1895 & 1897 respectively.
Walter was the Chief Medical Officer for the Rezende Mining Company in Umtali, South Rhodesia and became an MP & Speaker for Parliament in the 1950's. He married late in life to Mary Wilson, sister to Sir Ian Wilson MP

Angus was a civil engineer who then went into a mining venture with his brother. He married Olive Thompson and had two children - Mary & Edmund.

Ally Walker

Andrews : Aubrey Andrews (father) Thelma May (mother) Anne (Maria) Bremner/Brebner. Contact:

Austin for details click here...Heidi Bossert-Taodo
Bailey Hello from Australia . I am trying to confirm that my G/Grandfather Reuben BAILEY died in Bulawayo between 1896 and 1902. Could you possibly assist me with a look at the records? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am an aged pensioner and my family tree is my only hobby now. Thank you, Cheers, Bob Cunning in Victoria
Barbour for details click here..Michaela
Barlow for details click here...Rod Smith
Barratt Probably from about the mid 1800s to the present. - Pat Brown
Bhehane I am trying to find the origins of the people with the surname Bhehane, would like to establish the family tree. Contact me if you have information on email
Bilier-Moudray married Peter Uys and had three sons - 1900 to present Kate O'Flynn
Biri Ebart Biri []
Beatham for details click here..Eveline Zacharowitz (now Brownstein)
Benadie for details click here...Charmaine Miles.
Bossert for details click here Heidi Bossert-Toaldo
Bismark for details click here........ George Pearce
Boyd 1865 Myrna Caporn
Burger for details click herem Heidi Bossert-Toaldo
Burgoyne Cambridge, England.1590 - 1817 Pearl Corbett
Burrowes Ireland; South Africa; Zimbabwe; Zambia1896 to date Pearl Corbett
Capstick Click here for details Jill Stedman
Cartledge or Cartlidge I am looking for Harry CARTLEDGE 1890's to 1904 Harare- originally from Kingston on Hull, England. He was married I think. Sally Tracy
Carruthers Scotland/Rhodesia 1895 Ian Leslie Hewitt Carruthers
Cason Cason The Cason Family are originally from Norton. The family members can be contacted c/o
Chalmers See further details here.....
Chesworth Sam and wife Harriet Alice, nee COMLEY (born 1878 in Bath, Somerset).Children Kathleen Hilda Mary, Stanley and Norman, the family living outside Bulawayo. Harriet Alice was my great aunt, her sister Annie Lilian was my grandmother.Judy RAMSEY New Zealand

Chiddy Elleanor (Leigh) Now Cason Born in Harare in 1942 and attended the Dominican Convent now living in Johannesburg can be contacted at this e-mail

Childs/Yorke Childs/Longmore/Kinear Longmore
Colin Childs
Chiri Check here for details...Clemence Mandiveyi
Chitsinga Harare and Gurve Itayi Chitsinga

Bulawyo. Harare. Gweru
1900 to present Yvonne Janette Christie

Chitsiga Harare (and Gurve) Now live in London England Itayi Chitsiga
Chiunda I am doing a family history and family tree on the CHIUNDA family for my daughter. I am looking for people with that surname who originate from Mutare/Manicaland. Nyasha
Chungwa Hi I'm looking for family the surname is chungwa i'm not sure of the meaning but they are based around
eastern cape emdantsane I think my dad is thando chungwa and his younger brother is mongezi and their
sister is noxolo I'm not looking for them I'm looking for other people related to them if you know about
them please e-mail or call me 0715316586 or


Nontombi Ndlovu
Chuma or Tshuma I am working on the family tree. My sir name is Tshuma or Chuma.

What I know is our great grand father is Nsogwa and he might have lived around Plumtree,Bulawayo and Nyamendlovu areas of Zimbabwe.

He had sons among others Mahangwe, Malanga, and Mabile.

I am researching on his History and lineage.

Please help. Best regards,
Tshuma - Tyson Chuma

Clarke My uncle Kenneth Mason CLARKE (born Forest Hill, London, 30 Aug 1907) emigrated to South Africa about 60 years ago. Later he moved to Zimbabwe, where he died in 1973. He married, first, Joan by whom he had daughters, Louise and Anne, and, second, Irene who was still living when he died. I would be interested to hear from anyone with an interest in these names. I have a lot of CLARKE genealogy that I can share. Martyn Taylor
Commerford Hi looking for anybody that has info on Commerford family info, we have done a fair amount of internet searches.Have alot of info.
Cookson Does anyone know anything about COOKSON's living in Rhodesia from about 1915 onwards? If anyone has any information on either of these surnames please contact me. Michelle Essers
Corbett Worcester, England; Australia; South Africa; Zimbabwe; Zambia. 1803 to date Pearl Corbett
Cromar click here for details...Jackie Roy
Crombie Alexander COMBIE was in the mining industry from about 1905 - 1955. He had a daughter Elizabeth Crombie. If anyone has any information on either of these surnames please contact me. Michelle Essers
Cullen/Hunt/Pace/Wyche Do you have surnames: HUNT, PACE, WYCHE or CULLEN in your surname families? Thanks, Addie Pace-Glasgow
Digby Norfolk England - to present day Odette Lind
click here for details Eirian Evans
Driver Gordon Campbell
Durward Descendants of James Turner Durward
1 James Turner Durward b: 16 December 1887 in Holytown Bridge, Dalziel d: in Zimbabwe, Africa .... 2 Lorna Durward b: Abt. 1920 in Zimbabwe, Africa ........ +Thomas Henderson b: Abt. 1915 in Edinburgh .... 2 Quentin Durward b: Abt. 1925 in Zimbabwe, Africa Janet White
Easterbrook Surname: Easterbrook
All Africa, but particularly Southern Rhodesia pre-1900 and South Africa
Mark Easterbrook MBCS CEng CITP

South Africa, Chipinge, Melsetter 1893 to date
For further details click here...

Elske I am trying to trace the ancestry line of my grandfather Louis Elske – he died in Bulawayo in April or May 1968. He is said to be one of 5 sons. He married Flora Cooke (could be without e).

Any information on his parents and their arrival to Rhodesia or South Africa would be great.

Best regards

Leigh-Anne Elske
Accounts Manager
Nashua Cape Town
Cell: +27 83 629 0721
Tel: +27 21 550 2000
Fax: +27 21 550-2030

Esbach I am a Zimbabwean in New Zealand and I am trying to trace my grand parents. My grandfathers name was Edward James Simpson and my grandmother's name was Alica Lina Esbach. They would of been in their 90's by now. - Delray Alwanger
Evans Bindura - 1950s - Ashleigh Delport
Fenwick-Barbour Click here for details - Michaela Morgan

Looking for Agnes Rita and Bob Fields
Click here for details and Photograph
Fitzpatrick Lawrence, Norah, Mary Ann and John Fitzpatrick may have emigrated to Zimbabwe from London Eng., about 1927.- Marg Bennett
Forrester and Harding Click here for details...Geoff Hallett
Fulton Before 1960 May Catherine HOATEN married Hugh FULTON in Rhodesia. They were divorced in 1960 in South Africa. If anyone has any information on either of these surnames please contact me. Michelle Essers
Fyfe Click here for details...Heather Fyfe
Gawthorp I am searching for any reference to this name or any of its variations (Gawthorpe, Gawthrop, Gawthrope).Iin particular my father's uncle Allen Gawthorp(e) and his wife Eleanor (Lena), and any children they may have had. All i know is Allen was born in Cambridge, UK, he served in the army and married Eleanor on 4th May 1931 in Lonavala (India), and i have been told he subsequently ended up in Rhodesia, but i am not sure of the year or the place. any info please contact me at
Gazi I'm trying to find out the origin of the surname Gazi which I am told originated in South Africa but ended up in Zimbabwe! If anyone can actually help me trace my family treeI'd really appreciate it as I am trying to write a fact based book! ?????
George Kitwe area (Broken Hill Mine) then to possibly Salisbury - Barbara George
Gobey GOBEY william douglas married to Ivy EDWARDS.
Would appreciate any information.
Thanks - Jenny -
Granville Click here for details Jill Steadman
Gweru I would like to find as many Gwelo/Gweru family members as I can. I have e-mailed the ones I know, but if there are any other Gwelo's out there please get in touch. - Musa Gwelo.
Gumpo Origins of gumpo surname also known as Ngomani!
Hamilton Alexander born 1805 - may have died in Zimbabwe and I am looking for any family that may have had there.
Ewen Wilson
Harding Click here for details...Jennifer Littlejohn
Harry My grandfather's name is Osborn George Harry. I don't know if he was in Rhodesia. I know that his Dad was in the Welsh Brigrade in Wales and died in the first World War. My Grandfather also went by the name of OG Harry. He was a farmer in Natal. Megan Franck
Hartley Gordon Campbel
Hardy Click here for detailsNorman Jamieson hbns-pilots@berkine.COM
Haukozi I would like to find anyone with the surname of Haukozi anywhere in the world. My family is from Mutare, Honde Valley, Chinaka District
Havelock from Havelock the Dane to present time - Odette Lind
Herselman Trying to get origin of my surname - .Jacq Herselman

William Charles HOATEN was a major in the BSAP/military. He married Mabel Mary nee COOKSON, formerly CROMBIE and they had a son Eric Gerald Hoaten. In 1913 they lived in Bulawayo. Both William and Mabel died in Rhodesia and Eric was in South Africa by 1929. If anyone has any information on either of these surnames please contact me.

I am doing reesearch into the HOATEN family, but I know very little about them.

This is what I know:

William Charles Hoaten who was born in Middlesex c. 1879. He
emigrated to Southern Africa and was in Rhodesia by 1903 where he
became a career policeman (BSAP)/military man, retiring as a Major. He
died in Rhodesia. He married my g.g.m Mabel Mary nee Cookson,
formerly Crombie. I think Eric Gerald who was born in Jhb and whose
father on the birth certificate is listed as Alexander Crombie, was
probably the illegitimate son of Mabel and William Hoaten.Eric always
went by the surname Hoaten and William paid for Eric's sons to go to
boarding school in Port Elizabeth. I think Eric Hoaten went to St
Georges College in Salisbury and was probably in Rhodesia until 1929.

I am finding very very little information on the Hoaten family. Other
than my family there are no other Hoatens in South Africa. I have
search on the archives in SA and UK and not found anything. Getting
information from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is nigh impossible. Hence my email
to you.

Do you perhaps have any information on him/his family? Or any
suggestions where else I can look?

Michelle Essers

Hoaten See more here.... Jackie Lock
Hope Seeking family links to the HOPE surname in former Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. Family came up from Cape Town South Africa in the early 1900’s. Primary father was Robert Hope, born Abt 1868, died 1948 in Gatooma, result of an accident with a train. He was married to Rosalie Mary HARKER, born Abt 1872. There were 4 sons; Frank HOPE, Tom HOPE, John Robert HOPE and Robert Henry HOPE. Also 2 daughters Edith HOPE and Grace May HOPE. Any information on the family lines would be appreciated.
John Hope
Hundermark (Hundertmarck, Hundermarck) Germany; South Africa; Zimbabwe. 1754 to date - Pearl Corbett
Jamieson Click here for details - Norman Jamieson hbns-pilots@berkine.COM
Kashula I am working on my family tree KASCHULA - Sara-Su Burrows (nee Kaschula )
Keppel Click here for details. - Michaela Morgan
King New Zealand; Essex and London, England; Zimbabwe. 1741 - 1961 - Pearl Corbett

Chipinge 1893 to date
For further details click here...

La Grange 1924 - 1954 Turblanc Abraham - Myrna Caporn
Lambourn(e) London, England; Australia. 1772 - 1927 - Pearl Corbett
Laurent London, England; Zimbabwe. 1853 to date - Pearl Corbett
Lee see details here.......
Lind Selkirk,Scotland, India, Zimbabwe - Odette Lind
Loney Ireland; Zimbabwe. 1911 to date - Pearl Corbett
Love Patric Cyril and Ethel Myfanwy nee Evans 1957/8 12 falmouth Rd, Alexandra park - Graham Milne
Macbeth MACBETH, Robert Moved from Cape Town to farm in Bromley about 1902/1906. Married Christina Ritchie. Died 26 April 1924. Submitted by - JOHN UNSWORTH: for more details click

My uncle John Bruce Macdonald was born in N. Ireland in 1911. I do not know when he moved to Rhodesia but from a copy Death Certificate dated 1969 he was married with 3 children and lived in 13 Francis Flats, Belvedere, Salisbury. The intended place of burial was Warren Hills cemetary.Patrick Macdonald



Kindly find my surname origin which is Maphisa (Mkhwanazi)


 Jonas Maphisa []



MJ Maphisa
Maphiwa/Ndlovu For details click
Mandiveyi For details check here...Clemence Mandiveyi
Mowser Mowser first name Alfred or Ernest. thanks Adrian
Mowser. Note the family name is frequently misspelled as Mouser, Mowzer
etc dependant on the writers dialect.
Mercer Thomas Mercer.
For more information click here..Annele Rudman

I am looking for the origins of the Mlilo family.


Contact me on


I would really like to know the origin of my surname Mkhasibe my email is

Molokomme Good day can you please check the origin of my surname
Email add:
Mudarikwa Surname MUDARIKWA
Meaning - Our Grandfather where hunters no animal will pass by their arrow in Shona vainge vasingadarikwi ne mhuka People begin to say havadarikwe till they say A-Mudarikwa

Mabvuku was the home of the VaShawasha people before colonization. The Shawasha people of the Soko clan settled in this area c300years ago. Mabvuku as opposed to the present day site of Chishawasha is the native home of these people. The present site of Chishawasha village was given its prominence by the establishment of the oldest Catholic Mission Church there.The ancestors of the Shawasha people are commemorated in the street and road names of Old Mabvuku, namely, Tingini, Godzonga, Marembo, Chauruka, Nyamare, Nyahuni, Chaitezvi, Nzvere and Shambare when the family where big they move for pasturers and fatile lands ..Mbarami of Zvomuya ,Makwembere ,Mudarikwa Then setlled in Murewa Uzumba Area akapatsurana na Chitimbe,Mutengambiri,Muzembe and Jambwa.....Imba Ya Zvomuya Mbarami ,Makwembere ,chari,....Down to Mutasa Morosi,keresiya ,zambe Patrick,chidamba,come from the shavasha clan we cant leave Jatisai Rachel from Hunda wo bore Lancelot,Tayengwa,Edward,Obedare,Jeraki.Forbes ,Josephat,Rodgers,newtown,Gelie,Nona,Mbarami,tete
submited by Brian Mudarikwa

Mullins/Colenbrander/Smith I'm researching the Mullins, Colenbrander and Smith's. Mollie Mullins (born in Natal 1861) married Johan Colenbrander and moved up to Bulawayo sometime between 1883 - 1896. Her sister who is my direct ancestor Elizabeth Mullins married Harry Herbert Smith. After he passed away she visited Mollie in Bulawayo in 1896 and then later moved to either
Bulawayo or Gwelo. She later married Johan's brother Alphons Colenbrander.
Elizabeth had 2 sons, Harry Herbert Smith (born between 1881-1885) and
Thomas Cyril Smith (born 1886). Thomas Cyril Smith was an interpreter at the court in Gwelo. He died in 1926 in Gwelo. Any extra information that anyone might have would be very much appreciated.
Muponda Ndebele - Marietta

Mnyandu history
McNicol I am researching for a book on my late father Douglas James (Pat) McNicol. He was from New Zealand and served in the SAAF in the 1930’s and worked as a flying instructor for De Havilland in Rhodesia. He met my late mother Barbara Pasker, (Born Barbara Sheard) at the Light Plane Club in Bulawayo. He lost a leg in a plane crash in Rhodesia, probably in approx.1939, in an incident similar to that of ‘Pat’ Judson, I believe. I would appreciate any information that you think may help or perhaps an indication where I might look. Malcolm McNicol -

Ncube Searching for source of name and history. For details click here....Theresa Delsoin
Ncube Click here for a document with the origins of the name kindley submitted by

Mduduzi Michael Ncube

Ncube My name is zanele ncube please explain for to what it means and how did it come to existence
Ncube I am researching the name NCUBE., believed to be of the Machichi tribe. Please can you let me know if there is a tribe or was MACHICHI in Zimbabwe during King Lobengula's reign. - Yvonne Siggery
Ncube I am researching for the origins of Ncube also Zikhali. My children need this information much as I do; that they should know where they came from. Where did this 'group' come from originally, and was there some kind of kingship lineage? There are too many conflicting ideas that the Mlilo totem can be used with the Ncube. Is this true? If so, how so? Joe Zikhali
Ndlovu I am researching for the origins of Ndlovu surname also know as Gatsheni. If you know any information about lineage or any information of their origins. Please help me with the information
Ndlovu Hi I am desperate to know more about this family; the little I know is that my family came for Mangethe area just across Tugela River when coming from Stanger. They then settled in a place called e Ntshawini in Stanger. I have been shown ancestral graves in the area of Gledhow. Nombuso Ndlovu
Neilson Thomas - born Scotland 1858 - died Bulawayo - David Wilson
Netshamulivho I want to know if there is anybody with Netshamulivho as a surname in
Zimbabwe. Avhashoni Netshamulivho
Nhira I'm researching the meaning of the name Nhira. the origin I believe is Zimbabwe. Do you know of any other sites or references books that may help? Donna Woody
Nobbs Eric A - born 1877 married to Phylis - may have died in Zimbabwe and I am looking for any family that may have had there. Ewen Wilson

Want to know more about the Nyoni name - J Masuku []

Iam trying to gather information about the surname Nyoni,its origins,the tribe of the Nyoni people and how they came to setle where they are in Zimbabwe.


Palmer Check here for details
Pamberi Anyone from Zimbabwe with Pamberi surname
Parker/s I am looking for the origin of the Garvin Parkers or the Parkers. Namely Valerie Lyndsay born in Bulawayo in 1932
Petzer South Africa; Zimbabwe. 1870 - 1958 - Pearl Corbett
Parkers I am looking for the origin of the Garvin Parkers or the Parkers. Namely Valerie Lyndsay born in Bulawayo in 1932
Pascoe I am trying to begin finding records for Pascoes in Harare and surrounding areas. They began with the Mazoe Patrol in 1891 and some may still be alive today. - Margaret Lawson, PhD

Please help me find the origins of the Phuthi Surname the only information I have is the name of my great grandfather Jacob Phuthi a missionary in Lesotho Phuthi, Mandlenkosi M []

Paterson Surname PATERSON in Zimbabwe between 1957 and 1964. Brett, Robert, (year for both unknown), and Sean in 1964. Sara Fraser-Paterson
Potgieter (Isaac)
Prescott (Bertram)
I am looking for any information on the following families: POTGIETER (Isaac) and Prescott (Bertram) Prescott has a connection to Australia, believed born there. any info is much appreciated Theresa MALONE (nee POTGIETER)

Thomas Meikle and Rhodes Trek - 1890
Indutshwa farm - Insiza and Ft Rixon
Mangwe Trek

Yvonne Siggery

I would kindly like to know more about my surname if full details , not half knowledge as some people give .

The nation of ama Hlubi , where did come from because originally they are not from Zulu nations or I must say clan of R/Hadebe was the first to be the Silo in the early 1300 to 1400s to date .


Jabulani Radebe

Rademeyer I am trying to find out a bit more about the name Rademeyer. More specifically Johannes Jurgens and Anna Christina (nee Erasmus) arrived in Bulawayo 1894. Looking for their parents and grandparents. Sue Venables
Rathbone I am doing family research on the Rathbone family.Looking for information on:
1. Frederick Thomas Rathbone (12 Feb 1910-2 May 1964)
He died in the Salisbury area, after an accident that caused a brain haemorrhage, and was buried at Harare Cemetery. Occupation mechanic.
m. Joyce Linda BROWN (1912-1964). I don't know if they had any children.

Any info will be appreciated.

Regards Derek
Rick In Rhodesia early 1940. The name is common in Norfolk and Nottinghamshire in England, but some bearers of the name in America have German ancestry. There are RICKs in South Africa. Gillian Rick
Roberts I am doing a family history on the Roberts family. My great uncle George Roberts and his wife Bertha, as well as their children were missionary folk for the Methodist church in the early days of Southern Rhodesia. Patricia Roberts Monroe
Rodkin Zimbabwe - Avril Roberts
Saptouw Could you please help me find the origeon of the surname Saptouw. This surname is found in the Southern Cape. Thanking you - Ockie Fourie.
Sibanda My father was born in Silobela and he is under the Madambi clan.
I want to know if we are Ndebeles or shonas because some say that our surname changed from Shabangu - Lewis Sibanda

May u pliz assist me with the history of the sibanda surname I'm from zimbabwe bulawayo pliz reply me on Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Simpson I am a Zimbabwean in New Zealand and I am trying to trace my grand parents. My grandfathers name was Edward James Simpson and my grandmother's name was Alica Lina Esbach. They would of been in their 90's by now. - Delray Alwanger
click here for details Eirian Evans
Souchon Gerald born 1924, and Valerie born 1926 - Gordon Barlow
Summers Click here for details...Cheryl Carl
Stenson Salisbury/Harare 1865-1954 - Myrna Caporn
Strydom CJ Strydom believed to have entered Rhodesia in 1896, settled in "Dutch Settlement" north of Nyanga. CJ Strydom was murdered, when?, where? Dirk Strydom
Surry Sussex, England; Zimbabwe. 1875 - 1905 - Brian Manson Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Sury Hi can you shed any light on Surey as that is my family name? Kim Surey
Swanepeol Can you give me any information on my grandparents.
Gabriel Hermanus Swanepoel born 2/7/1889 in the Cape, Died 2/6/1962 in Rhodesia.
Ella Sophia Swanepoel (nee van der Merwe) born 5/12/1892 in the Cape, Died 13/07/1936 in Rhodesia. I would like to know how to find the names of their parents, and how many siblings they had, and how many brothers and sisters they had and their names
Tapson and Thackwray Gordon Campbell -
Tshuma I’m looking at the origins of the Tshuma surname. Casious Munyai,
Facilities Manager
Tel (011) 799 2235
Mobile: 082 858 6007
Tully Click here for details...Jennifer Littlejohn - Brisbane - Australia
Tutani I am interested in information on theTutani name belonging to SA Xhosa and also to be found in a Zimbabwian family. The Tutani bearing this name came to Zimbabwa wit he the SA Methodist when they sent missionaries to Zim in the late 19th C
Errol Richards
van der Merwe I am researching my family from Zimbabwe. My greatgrandfather was Izak Wilhelmus van der Merwe born on 12 December 1896. He was married to Anna Susanna Oosthuisen born on 12 May 1895. They had 4 chiildren:
Petrus Anthonie (Piet) van der Merwe
(Ouboet) van der Merwe
Izak van der Merwe
Ellie van der Merwe.
van Niekerk I am looking for information on Ponty van Niekerk(including his actual given name, if possible) and his daughter, Alida Regina van Niekerk. Ponty was the captain in command of the Afrikaner Corps of the Bulawayo Field Force in the 1890s. His daughter, Alida, was married to Johannes (John) Frederick Dreyer.
Beth Blake
Vawdrey England; Zimbabwe. Abt 1880 to date - Pearl Corbett
Veale Arthur James Mallet died 1944 Pioneer Corp Police (where did he live?) Married Diane Mallet Stickland - Clayton Veale
Venter Dirk Jacobus Venter entered former Rhodesia in about 1908. Died of blackwater fever near Rusape, when? Dirk Strydom
Watson Robert - click here for details...Vaughan Boekestein
Walker Click here for details...
John T. G. Walker
Watson click here for details Eirian Evans

South Africa, Chipinge, South Melstetter = 1893 to date
For more details click here...

Gillian Strachan
Wenceslaus Click here for details...Merlyn HANSON
Wilson I am researching the life of Allan Wlson and his fiance May Thomson and James Dawson whom she later married.
Anyone with photos or information please advise me on
thank you.
Winnall I am searching for members of the WINNALL family from London England who may have emmigrated to Rhodesia in the late 1800's or early 20th century. Names I am looking for are Adah Ellen Winnall (ne WATT), Edward Henry Winnall, Leslie Watt Winnall, Mary Isabel Winnall, Herbert Edgar Winnall and Ethel Maude Winnall.

Bob Ell
Kamloops BC
Wratten Click here for details..
David & Ronica Hook
Woodcock I am looking for the death record of my grandfather. Stephen John Woodcock. He was born 1923 possibliy 1922 in cornwall england. He came to Rhodesia in 1949. I have reason to beleive he died abt 1990 Harare Zimbabwe. I understand that this maybe dificult to find because i do not have exact dates. Sarah Woodcock
Zikhali My name is william zikhali and I am searching forthe origins, culture and rituals of the zikhali's. jojo, tiyeka, ntonga Beentsopa, zikhali mazembe. WSikali []
Zikhali I am researching for the origins of Ncube also known as Zikhali. Please furnish me with any important information, as much as you possibly can, on the origins, how the lineage proceeds, rituals etc or some kind of important uniqueness for it.Joe Zikhali

When submitting surnames, please include your name and e-mail address in the body of the message. The meaning and origin of the name will help other people researching the material. Any additional comments as to when the name first occurred or interesting information about the name would also be appreciated. If there is a web site devoted to this name or your family please give th edetails for inclusion in the listing.
Submit your surnames here.
If you know the meaning and/or origin of some of the surnames with the info missing these details would be of help to everyone!

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