Personal Home Pages of Zimbabweans

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Melsetter Memories   Karen Collins (nee Gibson)
The History of the HAND and MATYATYA Families   A site dedicated to our immediate family, our relatives and ancestors both in Ireland and Zimbabwe and the beautiful countries of our birth.
Carruthers of Zimbabwe Family Tree and information
The Lind Pages
The Linds in Africa and their interests
Jews of Zimbabwe   All about the Zimbabwe Jewish Comminity
Ethnologue of Africa   Offers a directory of enthnologues categorized by country in Africa and potentially useful for serious genealogists tracking down African roots.
Genealogical Royal and Noble Lineages   A list of countries where the genealogy of the rulers is available. The amount of information can vary from just a few names to a substantial amount.
Zimbabwe Open Directory Project   Find your school friends here!
Shona Information   Information on the Shona people
Alexandra Govere   A Zimbabwean in America
Ken Markham   From the Landes of Milk & Honey, To the Four Corners of the Earth, The Place I Call Home, The Wanderers Above The Mists Of Time - This website contains the largest single source of information on the Markham family in the Universe, incorporating vast information on 'The Place I Call Home.'
Zimbabwe the Countdown Begins   News and views on Zimbabwe by Lorraine

GenoPro - Picture Your Family Tree!

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