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28 December 2013

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Looking For: Mr Joe Trail.  If Anyone Knows Of His Whereabouts Please Call Me On 0712402778 Or Email Me At  Many thanks

Looking for Roy Ellis: ex Tedco and possibly Kennel Club.  A friend now in New Zealand would like to contact him.  If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please email or

I am looking for information about my sister Carol Rose Lewis born in UK and who was a nurse at Bulawayo General hospital in the 1970s. I believe she married a doctor named David. Thank you for your help.

I am trying to trace records of my grandfather's brother LEONARD FRANK ATKINS, born in 1880 in Bruton, Somerset.  He went to Zimbabwe, then Southern Rhodesia either just before or just after WW1 and lived in Salisbury.  His wife was Edith May ? and they had two children.  Roderick G Atkins born in 1921 and Dorothy Zoma Atkins born in 1928 in Salisbury.  Leonard was a garage proprietor and died on 22 Sep 1970.

Pamela Anne White []


Any information would be very much appreciated.

try ing to trace descendants of William and Agnes Bennett who lived in Umtali in the 1890s.  children were Elsie, John Davidson, Brice Montague plus three others, then later possibly in Salisbury.

Hi I am looking for Annette Davies.  Davies was her maiden name.  Her married name was Smit.  Her date of birth was around 1959-1955.  Please contact Hayley Mellor 0772 608 700 or


Many Thanks

Hayley Mellor

I'm looking for my father name robert martyn,don't no much about him my name is candida martyn. My date of birth is the 1/ 02/1986

Susan Mills, Oriel school 1965, oboe player, University of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe circa 1968-1971. British passport, British parents, Facebook, don’t have middle or married name (assuming she got married), marriage records, deaths, emigration, UK immigration, church records, university records, bank records (Barclays, standard) where her parents worked, orchestras in Harare, school records to see if they know her middle name, other public records.

I am looking for my biological father - William Lawrence Sylvester Cole aka Bill Cole as Bill Sylvester-Cole last heard of as living in Bulawayo. Patti North []


I am desperately  looking for Christel Nel(maiden name)born 11 nov

1965/66/67 previous living in krugersdorp Annelie Matthee. Think her maried surname might be Pretorius or Pistorius

Looking for details of John Henry Christopher ELLIS and his wife Annie Matilda née MILFORD who married in Rhodesia, presumably prior to name change.

John HC ELLIS was born in Redruth, Cornwall in 1923.  It is unknown whether there are any children from this marriage.


Michael McAllister

Mikki []

Looking for relations/Information to Ian HAY, Lived in Sailsbury (Harare), married Dorathy Payne - Children Alan, Norman, Gina Hay. Please contact me on

Looking for relations/Information to Ian HAY Born 17 Feb approx 1921 - Died 1982 in Krugersdorp, Lived in Sailsbury, Rhodesia (Harare), His Father John Hay worked on the Railways. His mother, Johanna Jordaan-Orange I think was admitted to Ingutsheni Hospital in Bulawayo. I have not been successful in finding out from the hospital if they have her patient records. Ian Hay might have grown up in a childrens home in Bulawayo but I have no idea what the name of the childrens home was. 

Married Dorathy Payne  - Children Alan (Umtali area), Norman, Gina Hay. 

 Please contact me on

I am trying to track old junior school friends.  I was at Vainona Junior School from 1976 to 1981 with a Stephanie Stock.


I picked up from a web site that there is a Stephanie Stock related to the late Brian and Allan Stock.


I would appreciate it if you have contact details of Stephanie, if you could email them to me.




Allan Bullock

Allan Bullock []

My name is Audrey Titus and I’m trying to locate my Grandfather and his siblings in the UK. I’m not really sure of my grandfather’s name between Jack and Jacob Titus. My Grandfather was a soldier in Southern Rhodesia and he had two children with my Grandma, My Grandma’s name was Maria and she was black. Mr Titus was based by then at Dabuka Airbase in Gweru in the late 1940’s. When the war was over, he went away with his son and left my mom behind because he was made to believe that my mom had passed away, but she was alive,  my grandma hid my mom in fear of the political situation at that time. If anyone can assist me locate my grandpa or his siblings please contact me at or

May anyone help me. My name is Welldone Danwell Kondo. I am looking for a Ms Alice Mushayi from Mhondoro,Zimbabwe. She is the mother of my son Leeman Mushayi. I last heard from here in 1997 in Mufakose. I am now in cape town.

Contact me on 0846758771. Or at

Hi all , I am looking for a information about 2 families in Zimbabwe(Foley and

Stott) in the 1900 to 1960 era and any possible links between the two


I am looking for PATERSON, specifically William Paterson and his sister Ann Warren (nee Paterson). She had two sons as far as I know.  Thier fathe,r as far as I know, owned a few motor garages called "Paterson Motors".



Thank you,



Tracy (was Griffiths), I believe she is now divorsed. Not sure of her maiden name.

We are looking for Dave Hall (who has red hair) and would be between 48 - 54 and was from Harare. He worked for Barlows in Harare and then onto Zemco in Kempton Park. He has a sister by the name of Debbie who studied in Grahamstown.


Dave Hall was a best man for Hilton and Elmery Harley


Please email with any details to


Hie .. I am looking For Paul Dube... From Gwanda. I am not sure wot he was ,some say he was a Missionary somewhere In Gwanda ... He met my granny Alois Tecla Ngwenya/Nduna in Gwanda between the 1945 & 1963 . Am not 100% about the years!!


Please help me find him or his relatives


Kind Regards


His GrandSon

My Uncle Mr Peter "Tiffy" Tyrell:  who would be in his 80s now if still alive, I have seen a man of the same name mentioned as the deputy commissioner for your organisation in the East Bulawayo district in 1999. Tiffy was an ex soldier who served with my father in the 1950s ,  He was also a tetsi fly officer in the Kariba national park. Can you help me make contact , I appreciate he may well now be dead, though any help would be greatly appreciated. Chris Mbanga

I am looking for the death records of my uncle, Matthys Christoffel Veldsman (b. about 1893 in South Africa, d 21 Dec 1958 in Zimbabwe - Bulawayo?), his wife Lew (Lue), their son Dennis, who died in the 50's in an accident while serving in the Rhodesian Air Force and their daughter Hester? who may be still alive or her decendants. Deon Veldsman

Does anyone know or knew Roger and/or Ruth Evans? Please pass on any info they have to Bryan at

Message from a friend:
I received an e-mail from Roger Evans's stepbrother Bryan. I don't know if you knew Roger but he was killed on an anti-poaching patrol in Wankie in May, 1980.  Bryan only found out he had a brother Roger when he was 15 years old and he never actually knew Roger at all. He managed to track down Roger's two sisters but Roger was already deceased by then. He is trying to fill in the void of never having known Roger by finding out as much as he can about him, what he was like, who his friends were and any interesting stories about him etc and also any info about Ruth his wife as he would like to contact Ruth.   I have told him what I can which is not very much and I think Mike Bromwich has given him Mark Butcher's contact address as he was with Roger when he was killed and also the address for Barney O'Hara and I think Derek Langman who is supposed to have seen Ruth in Cape Town at some stag

" I am still looking for Scarlett McKenzie/Brash my step mother in law and her daughter Vivienne who moved to South Africa 25 + years ago. Recent information received says that when she left here she went to work as a secretary, for a army barracks in Greytown in South Africa. McKenzie is her first married name, maiden name unknown. "

I have information that would be of use the the searching person as Scarlett McKenzie is my biological mother, and she can be contacted through her brother.

Please forward the details of the person searching or ask them to mail me. Julian Mc Kenzie []


Hello - I am trying to find out information about Samuel Brewer, the son of my grandfather's brother, Charles Brewer.

He was born in Newton Abbott in 1916 and served with the British South Africa Police, awarded the Colonial Medal in 1956.

Brewer, Samuel Verney (3589) Attested: 30-Jul-1936 Last Rank: Superintendent - Died: 16-Jun-1996 Capetown, South Africa


Thanks - Ian Brewer

Ian Brewer []

I would like to post a request for any information anyone can supply on my parents James (Jimmy) and Janet (Jenny) Thomson. They lived in Salisbury (Harare) from about 1950 to 1964 and I believe Jimmy was a fairly well known builder in the area. Both parents are deceased but I would like to know what family circumstances made them abandon their 6 children in both Nazareth House and Emerald Hill.


I seem to be going round the houses trying to add a request. What am I doing wrong


Many thanks



Annette Wright []

I am looking for the relatives of my father MAROVA DUBE who is said  to have committed suicide in 1980/1981 in filabusi, Zimbabwe. I have no any other details than these for no one can tell me where I was born or where he lived. Please help.

Rumbidzai Matengah []

 Thomas Evans born 1911,went to live in Zimbabwe in late1970's.

 Last known at 23 Dover Court, 1Montague Ave,Harare.

Obviously he must have died but we don't know if it was in Harare.

The last contact we heard of from a friend of his was 1988.

Any advice on how to find more information ?

Thank you,

Robert Kermode.

R Kermode []

I am Beatrice Sibongile Mabanga born in 1975 as the first Daughter of the Late Zakhele Cyprian Mabanga and Fuzile Aminah Mabanga ,the couple was married in 1974 in Bethal. iam looking for the origin of Mabanga family in South Africa, iam doing this because we are now two sisters left without a brother to do this for our family,our late brother left  a baby boy so our kids have to know where we are coming from and so that we can know who we are?Beatrice S Mabanga []

I urgently need to trace my grandfather NEVILLE WILLIAM CRANE who lived and died in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  He died in Salisbury (now Harare) in the 1970’s. I think it was 1976, but I’m not sure. I do know it was after 1973 because that’s the year my father died, and he died a year or 2 or 3 later.


He lived in a suburb called green???? (something), could be greenside.


His wife Rita?? Also died in Harare, but I think she died in the 1980’s. She was in some old age home in Harare for many years.


I suspect my grandfather may have been born in Rhodesia in the late 1890’s, so I would also like to find out whether there were CRANES living in Rhodesia in the late 1800’s.


He’s father died when he was only a baby and his mother remarried a Mr GLYN-CUTHBERT. Would like to know it there were  GLYN-CUTHBERTS in Rhodesia in the late 1800’s / early 1900’s.




North West Province

South Africa

I'm trying to find anything on REG HART and his wife NELL (nee Tranter). I'm told Nell arrived in Bulawayo about 1902. I can find nothing on the net for the Hart's who were apparently well known in Bulawayo. My Uncle thinks the Hart's were Auctioneers in Bulawayo. Hartsfield was apparently developed by Reg Hart.
Nell (she may have been Elenor or Ellen) was my late Grandmother's Grand Aunt. Nell was born in Staffordshire, England (c. 1876).
I'd appreciate any information about this couple or their offspring for my Family Tree.
Tess Heales

I am currently tracing living family members of the HIRST Family.


My ancestor who came from the UK in 1864 to Natal, Durban was Prof IRA HIRST (music)  He was married to Adelaide Octavia KINSMAN.


All their children and descendants were born in SA but some of them moved to Zimbabwe in the early 1900s and would like to know which of them did and where their descendants are now as I would really like to make contact and share our family genealogy.


Please email me:

My father, Gert Petrus Gerber was born in Enkeldoorn on 13 November 1925 and died in Gwanda on 20 May 1989.


I am trying to find details of his parents.


I have no firm information on them.
I believe they came from the Eastern Cape and were possibly part of the Enkeldoorn Trek in the early 1880's.


I would appreciate any help you could give or possibly tell me where to look.


Liz Drury

+2711 784 5356

P.O. Box 4311
Rivonia 2128
Mike Drury []

I am looking into the history of the O’Reilly Family in Rhodesia – Father was Victor Julian O’Reilly, Born Lonely Mine. 11 December 1923, Died Salisbury 13 July 1974. – Married Desiree Ellen Laurent

Kevin O'Reilly []

I am searching for details of Albert Charles Mountford born 19/12/1949 in Belbroughton, Worcestershire, England. I have found his details on a passenger list, he left Natal on the Winchester Castle ship and arrived in Southampton on 31/5/1937, his proposed address in the UK was Rhodesia House, Strand, London. I am trying to find out why he was in Rhodesia, when he went and what he did when he was there. So far I have been unable to find him on any passenger lists leaving the UK.


Liz Mountford

LOOKING FOR LOST FRIEND: On behalf of friends I am trying to find Shakes Tamsin. His dad may be a church pastor in Zimbabwe. If you can help please phone Libby Garnett on 498304 or e-mail
I am looking for anyone with the surnames,Stanley,Renne,or Chalmeyer,that resided in salisbury at the time southern rhodesia circa 1950 –1966.I believe that the name chalmeyer could have come from indian decent.I am searching for my relatives from my mothers side,who’s name is Eleanor Eugene Stanley or married name Renne.She was part Indian.She had 3 children,George,Angelika and Ingrid.If anyone has any information on any of these surnames,I would be so grateful and thankful.Thank you. Maxi Vye maxi
I am looking for information about John Odell, born 26th June 1946. Any information greatly appreciatedsusan []
I would like to make contact with the late Scott Rollo’s children, Rollo Scott was a famous South African Composer and Conducter in the 70’s and worked for the SABC, he and died in 1995 in Fischoek in the Cape

His childrens names are: James Scott, Charles Scott Anette and Tessa Scott.
Their mothers name was Paddy Scott and they lived in Parkwood Johannesburg in the 70’s.

Kind Regards
Karen. Torlage… my maiden name was Melamed.

Karen Torlage
Automa Multi Styrene
Tel: 011-974-3524
Fax: 011-392-5674
Cell: 072-645-8369

Trying to find information about Comaroff family (Jacob and Leah)
Thank you Karen Orrell - Appleblue
Seeking news of Don Cadman, Roy McNamara, Barnes.If anyone knows anything of them please contact me
Best regards
Terry Foskett
GRANT George St Clair. I am looking for any information about George St Clair Grant who was born 10/07/22. He moved to Rhodesia in 1958 with his wife Joan (nee Pulley). Both George and Joan were school teachers and settled there. Please email with any information, however trivial. Thank you.
My name is Hubert Strang and I now live in New Zealand. In the early seventies I used to work in Lusaka and every second weekend drove to Bulawayo to visit my then girlfriend by the name of Judy Davies. She was born in 1950 or soon thereafter. She went to UCT in Cape Town and might still be living there. I had a brief phone call from her about 15 years ago in Cape Town when she told me she had two daughters and lived with her father. I only know her maiden name.
I would be grateful for any contact information.
Hubert Strang []
I'm looking for my stepsister ,regretfully details are few . Our Father was John Philp Newton married for a second time to Marion Townson ,they had two children Elizabeth Olivia Charlotte Anne Newton and myself John Edwin Townson Newton .I am led to believe my stepsister married a Doctor and does/did reside in Harare. Flowers were sent to my Fathers funeral ,but details were keep by my Mother and lost on her passing on. Any help in making contact would be appreciated.
Thank you,
John Newton

John Newton Photography []

Paternal family searching for their nephew / grandson. He was born in Harare at the Avenues Clinic on the 7 December 1986 and shortly afterwards given up for adoption through the Harare Social Services.
He will be 25 this year, and his biological family have been looking for him for a while. If you have any info or possible clues to his whereabouts please email
From: Heather Corbett [] On our property we have a grave and we are trying to find out who is buried there. We bought the property in 1982 from Paul Halsted under a company name Lilbern, and no one has any knowledge of who Was buried there. Our property is under Subdivision C of Lot H of Borrowdale Estate, situated on Luna Road, Borrowdale brook. It is now known as Lilbern estate, and was previously owned by Mrs. Lilian Muriel Ralston who sold to Lilbern in 1967, prior to that, it was owned by Mrs. Johanna Wilhelmina Alletta Luise Deas who sold it in 1947.
If you could assist us with any information on the above, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards Heather
I need your help, I have been asked to try and find the biological parents for a girl now aged 35 years old, her biological parents are known as Patricia Eileen McBride father David McBride, she was adopted by a Greek family the adoption took place in Umtali, I really do hope you can cast your minds back that far this girl is desperate to find her parents, her biological parents were both from Byo.
Please could they or anyone knowing them or their whereabouts plz contact
I am in contact with a Zimbabwean family here who is desperately trying to get news of their aunt-her name is Pat Watson (sister-in-law of Peter Watson the old saw doctor) She was married to Jimmy his brother who died quite a few years ago. Anyway to cut a long story short....she has been residing at Flame Lily Lodge in Marlborough, Harare for quite a while but I have no idea how to find out if she is alive or dead or whatever!!! She was going blind. Could you - would you please try and find out for me so I can let her family here know?
Noreen Welch
I am trying to trace the Flowerday family who lived in both Southern and Northern Rhodesia in the 1940s, 1050s and 1960s. My great uncle Ernest was a prospector for the mining industry had 3 sons, Lawrence, Aubrey and Alec. Aubrey lived on the copper belt in Northern Rhodesia. Lawrence owned the company EC&W and Alec worked for the clothing shop, McCullagh and Bothwell, in Bulawayo. I think great uncle Ernest died in 1957.

Any help will be appreciated. My email address is
My name is Quentin Roberts and I'm endeavouring to trace RICHARD L. BARRETT
("DICK) who was earlier employed by the Rhodesian Forestry Commission in Salisbury . . . as Silvicultural Research Officer. This would have been in the 1950's and 60's and probably later as well. One of his close associates was Lyn Mullins and they co-authored many papers on forestry related subjects.

Dick worked briefly in New Zealand C1950 and we established a warm friendship, both being employed by the N.Z.Forest Service. This eventually withered and died as such things do when coping with long distances and busy schedules. I have often wondered what became of him and the magic of the internet now allows this to become a more concrete endeavour.

Whilst it is quite possible that Dick is no longer with us (I'm 81!) any news you may have of his later life and movements would be appreciated.
Naturally, I would not want you to go to too much trouble as this is not a matter of any great import.


Hi, I'm trying to find 2 friends of mine that once lived in Marondera and both was with the S.P.C.A. Then they moved to Harare. Their names are:::
Nan Radford and Rosemary Scarborough. If you have their addresses or any info please contact me. Would love to contact them. They were my best friends. I was also inspector for S.P.C.A. in Marondera many years ago.
Thank You,
Ruby Turk
Does anyone have any knowledge of William Davidson Scott and his wife Catherine who were in Southern Rhodesia from 1927 at least through until 1942, latterly living at 49 Leander Avenue, in Bulawayo? Catherine was my Grand Aunt and I would very much like to learn what became of them.

My email address is:

Thank you.

Grahame Smith
I am trying to trace my fathers side of the family in Zimbabwe. He was Edwin Arthur Buxton Young. He was born in Kimberly in may1920 then the family moved to Zimbabwe to settle.I believe his one brother Steve Young is still alive and lived/s in Bulawayo. Edwin was married to Gertrude Hepple.
Yours Heather Steyn
Family of Jean White are desperately trying to make comms. Anyone with information please contact
We have been given information that a Jean White is staying at Borradaile Trust. (Not so) Please see the FaceBook Group
Kind Regards Andrew Edwards +27 84 520 8008 [] I am trying to help a friend in Australia - Hilary Marais, locate old friends who ran/run Grey Moon Nursery - Pieter Badenhorst and Ken Person. The number in the book seems to be out of order. Please contact Laureen on 0772 695 099.
Looking for the Dunn family who were in Zimbawe during 1920-1960 Family members consisted of Ernest Cort Dunn b.1895 Blackburn, Lancs, son Michael Alistair Cort Dunn b.1925 and wife Doreen Isabel b.1899. Any help would really be appreciated.

Adams Martin Ross

I am trying to locate the where abouts of the above mentioned person. He used to live at 104 Napier Avenue in Hillside Bulawayo. We have been seperated for 20 years now and I would like to cut all ties with him. Any one who may be able to help locate him, I would reall be very grateful.
I may be emailed on the following address:
Regards Gail Dimanche Adams Nee Christiane

I recently saw a well defined grave marker bearing the following inscription:

Top: The Royal Air Force Insignia

800446 Aircraftman 1st cl.
D. HARLING RAF Axiliary Air Force
died 12 October 1941
The headstone is apparently in Salisbury, Zim

My name is Graham Harling, presently living in Velddrif, Western Cape, South Africa, formerly of Hull, England (left 1972)

I would be very interested to learn of any relationship to the deceased airman, and the circumstances of his death, and any other of his relatives.

My email address is <

Many thanks for your kind attention.
Hi i am trying to find ancestors of my family! i dont have much information other than she was Cath or Kath Gibson, living in Harare. i think she had a son? my last recollection was she was in a nursing home in Harare!
Niven is my family name
Kirk was my mothers maiden name

any help would be gratefully received


Alastair Niven

I am looking for Duncan Nyika of Malawian origin.Last seen in Macheke area between the 80’s and 1990’s Worked for a Tobacco company then.Had a friend who worked for Macheke Beerhall by the name Bhota
Who is said to have relocated to Murehwa- Gumbanjera or MukarakateAnyone with information please contact me on


Iam looking for Priscilla Johnson who once went to Nyazura School her brother was Sean. Anyone who knows her please contact me on 0913263490 .
Does anyone know how I can contact an old friend Mrs Taryn Dobson (nee Easterbrook). When I last heard from her a few years ago, she was farming in Norton. I would love to get in touch with her again, so would appreciate any possible leads. If you can possibly assist, please contact me on Many thanks Paula Edwards (UK)

help - i need to find Martha Pezuli
her daughter's name is Thelma Pezulu it is very important to me BRIDGET BABBAGE

Martha used ot have a hair saloon ask her if she knows Leslie Babbage i ma his siter i need to find Thelma

LOOKING FOR KEVIN SIMONS. I've lost contact with a very dear friend, who I have had constant telephone and email contact with for the past 9 years since he left Zimbabwe. Kevin Simons turned 33 years old on 10th February 2010. He was a former learner guide in Zim, then worked on a farm in the butchery abattoir, then worked for Zimbabwe Photographic Marketing for a couple of years. He left Zimbabwe in 2002, going to the UK. He has been in Jbg, SA for the last couple of years. He stopped contacting me at the end of October 2009 very suddenly, and I am extremely concerned as to his welfare. I do not have any telephone numbers or an address for him, only an email address which is going unanswered. IF YOU KNOW KEVIN SIMONS, PLEASE CONTACT ME : Jenni Ferguson (04) 335608, 0712 215 897,
Seeking family links to the HOPE surname in former Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. Family came up from Cape Town South Africa in the early 1900’s. Primary father was Robert Hope, born Abt 1868, died 1948 in Gatooma, result of an accident with a train. He was married to Rosalie Mary HARKER, born Abt 1872. There were 4 sons; Frank HOPE, Tom HOPE, John Robert HOPE and Robert Henry HOPE. Also 2 daughters Edith HOPE and Grace May HOPE. Any information on the family lines would be appreciated.
John Hope
I am looking for Richard Smith also known as Dick Smith and his daughter Beverly. During 1969 he worked at the Shabanie Mine in Shabani.
Richard Wolfaardt
I’m looking for information on my family name and history, TALJARD my fathers parents moved from the then Rhodesia in the 1950’s to South Africa. Unluckily I don’t have contact with my father’s side of the family anymore. Any information will be helpful especially about the family name origins.

Carel Taljard

Josina Maria Magdelena Botha is my birth mother. I was born in Bulawayo in 1972. Interested in any information on my mother, in particular medical history.
Searching for descendants of my great aunt Kit:

William Wardley (born 1875 in Dalton, Lancashire) married Christiana “Kit” Bulmer (born 1880, Barrow, Lancashire) on 12 Jun 1900 in Barrow, Lancashire, England. Sometime after 1901, William and Kit Wardley immigrated to Rhodesia and my side of the family is no longer in touch with their family. I remember many years ago, my grandmother used to correspond with someone from the Wardley branch of the family and it is possible that she might have wrote to Salisbury (now Harare). Any leads on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara J Starmans
Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Michael Charles Turner

I am searching for an old friend that at one tine travelled through Canada any help would be appriciated..thank

Michael would be about 70 years of age now..he is a tall man about 6ft6in or I remember his family farmed..he likes to travel and had seen a great deal of the world..he had to return home in 1967 and we lost touch...once again thank you

I am trying to find any information about my great grandfather, I believe his name was Frank Neville.
My great grandmother was Phoebe Wolfenden, when Wolfenden died she married Alfred "Bulala" Taylor (from Breaker Morant movie), I don't know when Neville was involved but all the Neville children were brought up on the Taylor farm (Avoca) in Plumtree/Mangwe area.
Any information would be appreciated.
Gary Ludick - e-mail:
I'm looking for any information on my grandfather Michael Ignatius Griffin (b. Australia) who settled in Bulawayo in early 1900's. He was married to Mary Francey (Ireland). Apparently he laid out the roads in Bulawayo and was involved in building hotels. He also had extensive ranching interests (Cowdrey Park) Michael arrived in Rhodesia in 1897, and he died in Bulawayo. All a bit vague but any info appreciated.
Good day , my name is laurence buchanan and would really like to get into contact again with mty friend dawn nimr-forbes but have lost contact with her , if anyone knows how to contact her please mail me at i met her in cape town some years back and have lost all contact details . please help.
thank you kindly
Evelyn Amm
I studied with her in Durban between 1980-1982. All I can remember is, that her moms name was Geraldine(Gerry). I cant even remember whether she had a sister or not, but could have had one.
Her boyfriend was Philip (Mackenzie ?) at the time, also from there, whose dad was a dentist. All she said then ,was that they live in Harare. On a farm / in town ??????
I looked for Amm surnames on the web, but could not trace anyone by that surname. Sorry I dont know more. We were supposed to have stayed in contact, but as it goes, we lost contact, which is so sad - she was a very special friend to me and I would love to know where she is now ??? If you could find more information for me, i would be truly grateful !!!!
Thanks so much for replying to my request
Best wishes, Brunni Ortmann. ( ) or ( remy
I am searching for information on my grandfather, Thomas George Andrews and grandmother, Anne Marie Andrews, who lived at the Gwaai Sawmills in Rhodesia around 1946-1947. They eventually died, I believe in Nyamandlovu, Zimbabwe around 1957-58. Their son, Aubrey Andrews, was my father.
Denise Andrews
Dover, Tasmania
I would appreciate hearing from members of the William Hurrell Family.
Please email
Many thanks
Any Mears relatives out there please email
thank you
Perth West. Australia
I wonder if anyone can help me find contact with a special friend, Evelyn nee Amm, who studied with me in Durban, SA between 1979 and 1984. She came from harare. She was going out with Philip ? form Zimbabwe at the time, whose father was a dentist in Zim. I cannot remember his surname. Her moms name was Geraldine Amm. I dont know whether she did marry philip or not ? Unfortunately we lost contact with each other. i would really like to contact her. the name AMM does not come up when I search on the web. Maybe they moved somewhere else ?? Can anyone help me find my friend ? I would be most grateful !!!
Thank you, Brunni Ortmann, contact :
I am trying to locate and old friend that I met in canada..his name is Michael Charles turner...ant help in this matter would be address is you..Allan Trotter
I am researching Dr. Henry Johnston, who practised medicine in Gwanda and Bulawayo in the 1950's and 1960's and am trying to find anyone who may have information about him and also the whereabouts of his wife Rosalie Johnston (he died in 1966 +/- in Gwanda I believe).
I was also hoping to find a copy of his death certificate and his will, also that of Rosalie if she is not still alive.
Guy Taylor -
My son, Jamie Thomson is looking for Tim Ralph who used to play rugby for Rhodesia. Eric, in UK, is looking for him and can be contacted through Jamie at Kathy Hull
Looking for Mike Johnson who apparently runs a lodge in Zimbabwe - please contact Don & Joni Wilkinson on Inserted by Helen van Rensburg -
Searching for information on my great-grandfather, Emanuel Tayfield who initially emigrated from England to South Africa and fought with the British "Thorneycroft Mounted Infantry" in the Second Boer War. He later joined the Pretoria Mounted Police, and I believe he may have been sent to Rhodesia with the British South Africa Police to fight in the Matabele War. There he met, and possibly married, my great-grandmother, Lillian Pitt, who'd recently emigrated to Rhodesia from England. Family members have told me that he became a race horse trainer and owner post war, before taking his family to live in Durban, South Africa.

If anyone can verify this information, or possibly have leads to both families (Pitt and Tayfield), I would welcome all feedback. Heather Munro Tayfield, Brisbane Australia -
If you should know the person/s that are being "searched" for and have information regarding a particular post in the Newsletter, please kindly copy the section of the newsletter that you are responding too, and email it back to with the relevant information. In turn we will then e-mail the original poster and copy the email to the person who responded to the Search.

We do not include e-mail addresses in the Newsletter to safeguard your privacy and prevent spamming.
I am trying to get in contact with a good friend of mine from GHS, Salisbury, Jacqueline (Jackie) Davies who married Bernard Little (a Doctor). I was last in contact with Jackie when she was working in a bank in Bulawayo in 1975 or 1976. We then left for the States. Please could anyone who knows where Jackie might be contact me, Karen Knight
Looking for Tim Hawkin(g)s. He went to Plumtree School in the 50's and parents farmed near Norton. Would love to hear how he is and what he's been up to. Last contact was in 1959 or 1960, have photo of us with Sally Scrase and Dana. Contact Alan Howard, now retired in Welkom, South Africa.

My request; Does anyone know where old family friends are:The JOHNSON Family who used to live on ‘Fountains' and' Trevelloe Farms in Shangani. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Phyllis Johnson who married Phil Robb in Bulawayo in 1962, David Johnson who went to Plumtree and worked for Byo Power Stn , and Elizabeth ( Wizz ) who married David Lawrence in about 1966 and moved to Natal. Also Cheirel and Tisha Stewart who lived on ‘Poplars' and Battle Farms , Shangani. Cheirel married Dave Quested in Byo in 1969 and Tisha married Sam, Calder in 1971.My Mother Mary Beverton was the district nurse in Shangani and Greystones from 1950 to 1955 and Father Ted Beverton worked for Meikles and we lived on Leachdale Farm. We moved to Bombazonke in 1955 but always kept in touch with my parents friends in Shangani. Vicki Walker ( nee Beverton)
I am still looking for Scarlett McKenzie/Brash my step mother in law and her daughter Vivienne who moved to South Africa 25 + years ago. Recent information received says that when she left here she went to work as a secretary, for a army barracks in Greytown in South Africa. McKenzie is her first married name, maiden name unknown.
Murray Cowell is looking for old school mates who went to Mount Pleasant Boys High School early to mid 1960,s. In particular Rob Smith (who I think emmigrated to Australia) Andy Sievewright, John Stear, Stuart Thorton and anyone who worked at Manica Trading Company in late 60's and early 70's.
Can you help with the following search please:JANICE STEPHENS ...Anyone know of, or know the whereabouts of Janice Stephens, ex Cam & Motor Mine, BlakistonSchool, Standard Bank c. 1960.'
Keith Sanders

Looking for Dorianne Oakley Smith and/or her brother John. I knew Dorianne in Rhodesiain the late Sixties early Seventies. She was my Bridesmaid when I married in 1972, Ihave recently met up with her ex flat mate Lorraine and we would love to be in touch again. Marion

I seek contact from descendents/relatives of Douglas and Terence Morgan who had lived in Salisbury and Bulawayo for many years. Their parents were Kingsley and Dorothy Morgan who lived in Jo'burg. My last contact was decades ago (late 40's) in Jhb.Hope you will contact me: - Ron Morgan
I left Churchill in 1974 and had friends who were twins and another friend who I believe is in Australia surname Ellis, if they are around would really like to say HI
Hi all I am Peter Verster of Bulawayo and Salisbury, I am looking for friend Paul Hunt. Paul work for a construction company in Salisbury, we were really great friends and were both members of the Italian football club in Salisbury. Paul and I both played together for Salisbury Italians. If anyone has any information on him I would really like to make contact again.
Any girls from Langdon House at Eveline back around l965-68 period?
Georgia Merritt Estes

I am looking for Zimbawean relatives of Cyril and Cedrick Edwin Frost both who at one time were Married to ( Maggie ) Lindeque, I think their Childrens names were Tommy, Bernard, Cynthia, Patrick, Charlene, Carmen and Loreen Dalmira. If anyone could assist it would be much appreciated

I am trying to trace a relative, originally from England, who I believe may have died in Rhodesia in 1940. His details are:

Name: Dick Bradley
Born: March 1892 in Dalton in Furness, Lancashire, UK
Married: Caroline Jessie Gordon

I believe Dick and Caroline lived in Rhodesia in the late 1920’s and through the 1930’s. I know from UK records that they travelled together from Cape Town to the UK on the Llangibby Castle arriving in Southampton in July 1930. Dick’s occupation is given as a ‘turner’. We have a note from my grandfather that says Dick died in 1940 but we can find no records here in the UK to support this. However, there is a further record of Caroline travelling alone from Cape Town on the Winchester Castle, arriving in Southampton in May 1940. The record indicates that she is intending to permanently reside in the UK, which leads me to believe that Dick may have died in Rhodesia.

Any help or information would be most appreciated.

Richard Gordon -
I wonder if you can help me? I am researching the 10 allied airmen who are buried in Malmo, Sweden. One of them is Flying Officer Peter Clark, RAF, who was killed on 18 July 1944, only age 21.

I am trying everything I can think of to find as much information as possible about him and am hoping to find relatives who can help me. So far I have not had much luck.

Peter Clark was an only child; his wife died in 1947 and they had no children. He had sone cousin on his mother´s side, who I am in contact with but I would dearly like to find any of his cousins on his father´s side.

This is why I would like to try and trace his uncle Emmanuel John Clark, who was born in 1889 in Fulham (London), England. I know he was married and his wife´s name was Annie. I have seen two entries concerning them in the UK incoming passenger lists.

In 1924 they came to England from South Africa and in April 1939 they came to England from Rhodesia.

So my question is: is it possible to find any trace of Emmanuel John Clark and his wife Annie in Rhodesia for the time between 1924 and 1939 and also after 1939? Did they have children? Did they die there? I have no knowledge of what sort of sources there might be, so any help at all would be most welcome.

Anette Sarnas
Midgardsgatan 3
SE-216 19 Malmo

I am looking for my mothers cousins:

Elaine Isabella Lawler Bartlett who married Francis Gaby, her sister Jean May Bartlett who married Donald Collins. Both the girls where born in Port Elizabeth South Africa around 1920 - 1927. Their younger brother Theodore Painter Bartlett was born in Rhodesia around 1936 and was 17yrs old when his mother May Bartlett died in 1953 in Bulawayo.
Can anyone tell me how i can go about getting a copy of Theodore P Bartletts birth cert.

Please contact me with any infor:

thanking you
Kerry Nicol
New Zealand
I am is looking for Lynne Dorothy (lynette) Perkins nee Konschell DOB:
1950. 97 Fowler ave, Zvishavane Sabi Vlei mine, Zvishavane.
HeinRich W. KocH
Am looking for Maureen Mortley Wood that married a George Craven. Other names I do not know. I have recently heard that George Craven died from a heart attack. So its only Maureen Craven left.
She also became strange, mentally, after she divorced George.
George then had a heart attack and died apparently.

Apparently Allan Mortley Wood was last in Salisbury.
Douglas went off to Canada long ago.
Dorothy died in Salisbury in late 1980's.

Gary Westermann

I am trying to track done family I have lost contact with.
Douglas Mortley Wood's number, his wife is Johanna
Also Maureen Craven, nee Mortley Wood
Allen Mortley Wood
They may be in Harare?

Gary Westermann
Please let me know if you find anything.

Gary Westermann

I am looking for any information on a family from Bulawayo by the name of OXLEY originally from Sheffield.
The family lived in Bulawayo in the 1950s. Fathers name was William(Bill) who worked in the manufacture of cutlery.
he died circa 1955 (of silicosis) and is buried in Bulawayo.
His wife's name was Pat and their only son was named Billy (assume William). Billy went to Milton High School and in 1960 (age about 16 at this time) was living with his mother in a flat in Bulawayo, (possibly connected to a hotel - maybe The Central Hotel?).

Christine Unett
NSW, Australia
I am looking for information on a Bert (?) Verity who is my paternal grandfather. I believe he lived in Zimbabwe in the 1960's.

I have no further information on him except that my paternal grandmother's name was Rhoda.
Margaret Verity

I am interested in finding an old friend that I worked with in Canada. He was raised in Rhodesia and probably returned there. His name is Michael Charles turner and he would be about seventy years old at this time..he is quite tall and would stand out in a me at
I am looking for Gary & Sonja Ervine or Irvine. Not sure which. Used to farm west of Harare Mt Hampden way. Met a kiwi here who spent time with them in the 90s & wants to contact them. My email address is
Hello, I am looking for information about William John Doey who was born in Dumbartonshire, Scotland in 1923, he went to Zimbabwe in the 1940s. He spent the rest of his life there. I would be grateful for any information about him as we don't know anything about his life after he left Scotland. Thank you Jane Alexander
I wondered if you may be able to help me. My sister Niall was married to a Zimbabwean farmer - Anthony Millar. They were married in 1986 and then Niall developed an illness and sadly passed away 6 months after the marriage. Our families remained in contact until my family all left Zimbabwe and now we have no contact at all. I spent many wonderful days on the Millars' Mazowe farms when I was a teenager - hunting, fishing etc. With all the horrendous goings on in the farming community in Zimbabwe I have often wondered what happened to the Millars. I know that their farms were listed and I can only imagine what trauma they would have gone through in losing the farms. They were good farmers and incredibly proud of what they had achieved.

If you have any contact details for Stuart or Colleen or any of their sons - Anthony, Andrew or Robert, I would be most grateful. I am not sure what I could say to them that could help with their loss but they should know that memories of their farms and the beauty that they created, comes to me often when I think of my childhood. Paul Johnstone Bristol, England

I am searching for my birth mother MARIA MAGDALENA MELLET and birth father BERNARD WOOD. I was born in Bulawayo 10/9/977. I believe she was in the children’s home and was a minor at the time so she would be in her mid 40’s now. I can be contacted at
I am looking for information on a Bert (?) Verity who is my paternal
grandfather. I believe he lived in Zimbabwe in the 1960's. I have no further information on him except that my paternal grandmother's
name was Rhoda.
thank you
Margaret Verity
I have three brothers and two sister's, my eldest brother is Stephen Smith, I come second Cornelis Smith, Helen Smith, Charlie Smith, Georgy Smith and Cecelia Smith, My parents were Stephen and Elsie Smith, they lived in Bulawayo in Grey Street.
The three younger members of my family were adopted, I believe that my two brothers were adopted by Counselor Edmonds and his family, in Bulawayo in the early 60's as well as my sister to whom I do not know.
My elder brother and I went to St Josephs' home for boys, but were at Queen Elizabeth Crèche in Borrow street, my sister Helen was in St Gabriel's, and that is the basic story there are a lot of gaps in my life, which a cannot fill and have been trying for years to find them.
Stephen went to Port Elizabeth just after the war, and Helen married and had two children I have had two marriages, my first wife passed away twenty years ago, and my second wife and daughter live in Perth WA, and I too live in Perth and have tried all angles to get in touch with my family, I am currently working on book about my life in Rhodesia, and Zimbabwe in the hopes that maybe it would help with contacting my family.
My father I know is deceased, and I do not wish to meet my mother or know about her, she abandoned us when I was two and after 48 years, I don't have bitterness I have sorrow for her.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Cory Smith []
Trying to trace details about Charles Leslie Garnett Wright, born in Northern Ireland in 1888, moving to South Africa in 1909, and working his way through the ranks of the Civil Service. He married Evelyn Janie Shoyer (born in Capetown) in about 1917, apparently in Salisbury and had two children Elsie Montgomery Garnett, born 1918 and Peter Garnett, born 1922.
Evelyn Wright died in 1970 at her daughter's residence in Johannesburg, Elsie now being Mrs Bennett.
Peter Garnett Wright was a civil engineer in Rhodesia, and was living in Salisbury in 1970, but died near Durban in 1988, the same year as his sister.
My link is through Charles' mother, who was sister to my great grandmother.
Elizabeth Layton []
Is there anyone who knows a Margaret Moore married to James Moore who
had a daughter named Joyce(My Mom).
I wonder if you can assist. I am trying to trace Barbara Paul .She and her husband lived on Fig Tree Farm, Somabhula .There is a phone number quoted in the book - 054 223658 but as I have no phone lines I cannot call them I can use e.mail since I have a satellite connection.Would you know if they are still in Zimbabwe and whether they have an e.mail address. I am actually looking for them on behalf of some friends of theirs now living in Australia

Many thanks


Box 40 G Gawa Kariba Zimbabwe
SKYPE ADDRESS : trishkok
+263 (0)61 3127 - fax/phone
+ 263 (0)61 2225

I am looking for Arnold MABANGA. Should be in Europe for the past 10 years. Patrick Mabanga

I am searching for details of my grand-father who was
a pioneer. His name was John Wilson Pattinson, he was an 1890
pioneer.He served with the Umtali Burgers and received a
BSACompany medal for services during the first uprising.

I need his birthdate and place of birth. I believe he was born in Cumbria/Cumberland but I need specific

Can you advise on where best to search?

There are many records here in the UK of the same name and around about the estimated DOB but it is
impossible to make positive ID. Lynette Spence (nee Pattinson)

Hodgson, Margaret born Farquharson – Gloria Rose

Sam Millwood (baptised Samuel Johannes Farquharson) is looking for his sister Gloria who was adopted and renamed Margaret Hodgson. Gloria was born in Allenridge (RSA) in July 1955 and placed in the Rhodesian Children’s Home in Salisbury (Harare now) with elder sister Alice (now Gillian) and myself (Sammy at the time). We were all adopted into different families in 1962 and lost sight and sound of each other since then. I have since found our Mom and Dad and Gillian (Alice) and a host of half-brothers and sisters. The only one ‘missing’ now is Gloria (Margaret)

Anyone knowing of Gloria/ Margaret, please tell her that we are all looking for her, hoping to reunite at long last.

If anyone can help Sam, please contact him at

I'm looking for Sithokozile Mkwananzi (Tokho). She is over 50. She used to live and work in Israel for over 10 years. I heared she was deported back to Zimbabwe about a year ago.
Thank you
Keshet Bar-Yadin []
I have been asked to help Nancy trace her Family History in Zimbabwe, but unable to find any records here in the UK. Nancy was born Nancy Zhuwawu on 2 May 1953 at Trony (or Tronwenely) Garage; she married Oliver Baipayi on 12 March 1973 in Harare. Oliver was born on 26 May 1944 at Bonda Mission Hospital and died 12 July 1997 at Parerenyatwa Hospital. Nancy's Father was Phillimon Zhuwawu, born 1916 in Mozambique and married Raika Mpambwa in Chinhoyi. He died in Harare in 1979; Raika was born in Makonde district. Oliver's Father was Euton Baipai, born in Mutari; his Mother was Fanny Chindanga, also born Mutari and they married in Bonda Mission. Fanny died in January 1979 in Bocha. Sorry, this is all we have. Can you help us? - would be most grateful. Thank you in anticipation of your kind attention, best regards, Francis M. Lee


I am searching for may Grandad's family in Southern Rhodesia. My Grandfather; John Augustine NORRIS was born 1921 in Southern Rhodesia. His father was Harry NORRIS. Family romour has it that Harry was married to the daughter of the personnel sevant(batman)to Cecil Rhodes. This is all i know at present so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I live in Israel now and am researching my family who lived in
Rhodesia around 1900 - late 1950's


Alexander Crombie married to Mabel May COOKSON my g.g.m in Essex,
England in 1899, had a daughter Elizabeth in 1900 Essex.

They emigrated in 1904 and in 1905 Alexander filed for divorce. A son
Eric Gerald Crombie was born in March 1906 in Johannesburg, with the
divorce becoming final in June 1906. Elizabeth remained in her
father's custody. Alexander was in the mining business and died in
Rhodesia. I think Elizabeth also stayed in Rhodesia all her life.

After her divorce from aelxander CROMBIE, Mabel May COOKSON (formerly
CROMBIE) remarried William Charles Hoaten, who was in the
BSAP/military in Rhodesia. He eventually became a Major and was one of
the highest ranking officers at the time. It is suggested that he died
in about 1955 and in 1913 was living in Bulawayo. Eric grew up using
the surname HOATEN and was possibly in Rhodesia unitl 1929.

William receivied a medal as rank of Sergeant under number 1219 with
the BSAP on the casus-belli site.

I think that he was born in 1877 in England and later emigrated to Rhodesia.

Does anyone know anything about Herbert Osmond COOKSON; Muriel
COOKSON, Perch Charles COOKSON, Beatrice COOKSON. I believe some or
all of this family lived in Rhodesia around the 1950's

May Catherine HOATEN/SHELTON married Hugh FULTON in Rhodesia before
1960 - they were divorced in South Africa in 1960

Do you have anyinformation on any of the above people? Please contact
me on

My Cousin Michael Patrick Christopher Bartlett, born Yemen Aden 1935. He is married to" Di", don't have any more details on her. They have 3 children.
They lived at RAPAKO, I have a photo of them there dated 1980. I believe that they farmed tobacco there. There is reference to Rapako on the Internet in relation to the troubles dates 2000/2001, I can only assume that they were still there then.
Michael Bartletts parents were Christopher Paige Bartlett and Vera Agatha Miles. They were both English, married in 1933, and travelled the world as Christopher was a Cable Engineer. Michael had a sister, Judy, born 1940 in Kingston Jamaica. She married an Australian, still trying to trace her.
My parents divorced when I was very young and I lost contact with my father, who I am now trying to trace. My father was born in Clitheroe, United Kingdom, in 1937. He moved to live in Zimbabwe around 1975 / 1976 and lived in Bulawayo. I last heard he was still living in Bulawayo in 1984 and have heard nothing since. His name is James Keith Oddie and he was born on 1st June 1937, in the UK.

I am from South Africa and am researching my family roots.

This is my story:

Alexander Crombie married to Mabel May Cookson in Essex, England in 1899, had a daughter in 1900 also in Essex.

They emigrated in 1904 and in 1905 Mabel fell pregnant and her husband filed for divorce. A son Eric Gerald Crombie was born in March 1906 in Johannesburg, with the divorce becoming final in June 1906.

Eric grew up and joined SA Customs and Harbours, when in about 1929 he advised them that he had changed his name from Eric Gerald Crombie to Gerald Eric Hoaten. Mabel had remarried after her divorce to a William Charles Hoaten, who was in the BSAP in Rhodesia. He eventually became a Major and was one of the highest ranking officers at the time. It is suggested that he died in about 1955.

I have found mention of William receiving a medal as rank of Sergeant under number 1219 with the BSAP on the casus-belli site.

I think that he was born in 1877 in England and emigrated early 1900’s.

I am looking for any information on this man. Date of marriage to Mabel, any children born on their marriage, whether William officially adopted Eric Gerald, and hence the name change? Anything at all for me to be able to further trace his roots.

I'm looking for any information about a Tom Hutchinson, prospector and blacksmith, who worked in and around Bulawayo between 1800 and 1920.

Tom originated from Scruton, a small village in North Yorkshire, UK. But he spent much of his life prospecting in Zimbabwe. One of Tom's sons, born after a short return visit to the UK, was killed in the first World War eighteen years later without ever having met his father.

I have no idea whether there are any records of Tom Hutchinson. But we wouldn't be surprised if he had a second family in Zimbabwe, since he spent so much of his life there and visited home so infrequently!

We'd be fascinated to find
Desperately searching for my foster brother Cairn Bennie or his brother Kenny (Kenneth). Cairn was at St. Joseph's House for Boys in the early 60's & was born Boxing Day '49. We know he had a brother + 3 or 4 younger sisters. His mother worked at the Automobile Assoc. Please if anyone knows any of the Bennie's could you pass on details for me.
Karleen McDonagh (nee O'Flynn)
I'd really appreciate your help!Marion Charmaine Lane was born in N.Rhodesia in 1933.She divorced in 1972, & DIED IN r.s.a. in 1985 with the surname ESCHUR.One obscure reference cites a divorce between a Marion Lane and a John Frederick Lane also in 1972 which means Lane may not even have been her birth name. That's it!No idea about siblings, parents, or town of birth.
Sparce indeed!
Thanks for your yime & efforts.
Brian Matthews,
Looking for Colin Craig, You still alive? Mail me DJ .David J. Jones
Will the BISMARKS from Bulawayo please contact George Pearce who is
completing family history.( John Bismark who was married to Ella )
My grandfather, Edward Rossiter, went to Southern Africa from Christchurch, Newport, Wales in 1902 along with his brother David William Rossiter and sister Laura G Rossiter. I understand David and Laura remained in South Africa but Edward went north to Rhodesia where he married Aletta Coetzer, who along with her family (parents were Jan Harm and Johanna Herculina) had gone to Rhodesia with the 1895 Henry-Steyn Trek. I am trying to find information on members of the extended Rossiter and Coetzer families as well as the descendants of both David and Laura Rossiter. Coetzer tree currently back to 1642 and Rossiter to c.1830. Neil Rossiter
Am looking for a lady by the name of Leslie Straw, previously married to Shraga, nee Lennon. Sister - Toni Connor, nee Lennon, of Whittington Farm, Chipinge.
Leslie was last heard of living at the above farm. She used to spend a lot of time in the Greendale Club in Harare. Please send any info to John Murphy at, and any request for more info about Leslie.

I am trying to find any information I can about my father, David George Green, born in Pretoria in 1935, who joined the British South Africa Police force on the 4th January 1960. I know that he was in Salisbury in that year and that he left the force as a Chief inspector in 1980. His number was 6115. I would like to find out any information I can about those 20 years such as, which regiment he was in, where he served etc. I would love to be able to make contact with anyone who knew him and especially to try and find out where he went and what he did once he left the service; whether he is still in Zimbabwe or moved back to South Africa or somewhere else.

I would really appreciate any pointers you could give me about where to look for such information. I am having trouble in finding many websites that help although some of the members of the BSAP association have been helpful in giving me the little information that I stated above, unfortunately no-one has come forward who actually knew him as yet.

Gail Glazier

Im looking for any one that knows of Mr JOHN HUGH MACDONALD or knows any of his living relatives, he had two sons by the names of Albert John Macdonald & Taylor Macdonald both of them born in Queens area Inyati close to Embakwe Mission.I would really like to find out where he was buried & what year it was?There mother was Rossy Macdonald (Mhlanga).My mobile is 07791983360 & EMAIL is
Looking for Raymond Richardson who may have come to Rhodesia as it then was in 1931.
He was born in London in 1901 and lived in Capetown for a while and possibly returned to England later. Thanks and any help given welcome. Willing to help anyone in return with look ups in London, South England Heather
Hi I was wondering if you maight help me? I am trying to find out about my Uncle Colonel John Charles treherne known as Jack, He lived in Bulawayo for many years (I also grew up there) he married several times and died between 1965-1968 I have phoned all over Zimbabwe to try to find his death and where he is buried but no one seems able to help they tell me I need a number ? but what number I do not have a death cert or anything Is there any chance you might be able to help me

I am looking to find some trace of my father and his family, who I believe lived in Zimbabwe when my father was a child. I will outline what little I know of them, I wonder if there is anywhere you can tell me I can search?

My father: Paul Arthur Mills, born 1933

His father: Percy Claude Mills

His mother: Rosina Mills nee Rowlands

I believe they moved to Zimbabwe from Sheerness England, perhaps just after World War 2. I do not know exactly when, nor how long they were there, though I believe it was several years. I think my father may have married there around 1950, when he was 17, to a lady named Pat, I do not know her maiden name.

Do you think there is anywhere I can look to find any trace or historical reference to them?


I am trying to find out a bit more about the name Rademeyer. More specifically Johannes Jurgens and Anna Christina (nee Erasmus) arrived in Bulawayo 1894. Looking for their parents and grandparents.
Sue Venables
I am Terry Disteldorf (

Searching for a Sue Alfons who I met in 1989 in London UK. Possible alternate spellings of her name are Susan/Suzanne ... and Alphons ...

Terry Disteldorf
18/140 Baringa St
Morningside QLD 4170
+61 (0)407 631 288 (Mobile)
+61 (0)7 3899 1921 (Home)
I am searching for an Ecksteen family that had at least two daughters, one called Katrina who would have been around 18 in 1947. In 1947 Katrina was in Johannesburg for a short while.
Sandra, Mississauga, Canada -

I'm starting a family tree as part of my sons school project and am trying
to find out about Johannes (Johan) Abraham Janse van Rensburg - my paternal
grandfather. He came up to Shangani from the Eastern Cape ( Port Elizabeth
area) in South Africa in the early 1900's. He was married to Anne Elizabeth
van Schalkwyk - daughter of Dirk and Alta van Schalkwyk. They had 5
children - Alta, Emmy, Matrinus, Dirkie and Fredrick Albertus of which my
father is the youngest. Can anyone fill in the blanks

Many thanks
Joy Brunette( nee van Rensburg)
Seeking Angela Fitzgerald (born c 1969). Angela is thought to have been born in the UK, but raised and schooled in Bulawayo. She might quite possibly still be living in the area, as believed to have married a local farmer.
Mother, Maureen (dec.) and father Michael.
Michael worked at a steel mill in Bulawyo, before leaving Rhodesia prior to independence.
Grandfather Tom Fitzgerald b. 1909, UK d. 1978 Bulawayo

Susan Mills (
Hi I am trying to trace malcolm bard who lived in marlbourgh he manufactured various items of rhodesian memorabilia to cut a long story short I would like contact re this ash tray of 2bde where I served those many years ago
jack moorhead
My name is Charlton Johnson. I am the grandson of the late John Jamieson born in Bulawayo on the !4th March 1914. His father was James Jamieson. I too would like to know about everyone and would appreciate any information you might have. Please get in touch.

Charlton Johnson.

I am trying to find information on my great-uncle Henry J. Searle and his family. He was born Bristol, England in 1877 and emigrated to Southern Rhodesia in the early years of the 20th century. He married and had four daughters, and died in Rhodesia about 1956. I would be very grateful if you could give me any help or advice in my search.

Alan Britton
My Name is Jacqueline Cramer and I am working on the 'family tree' it seems that my great grandmother, Elizabeth Clarke had an illegitimate child, Florence Marguerite Clarke, with Douglas Alexander Lind in 1880. He then left for South Africa, Elizabeth Clarke died of T.B. and Florence was placed in Dr. Barnado's children's home and was fostered out and finally joined the military and went to Belgium during the first world war as a pay clerk.

The Lind's made monetary contributions to take care of the education etc; of the child...

I wonder if this is part of your Lind family? The parents of Douglas were Jane Portia and Francis Macon Lind. His siblings were.......George, James, Montague, Eulalie and Henry.

On another father Peter Michael Cramer immigrated to Rhodesia in 1965 and died in Bulaway in 1967. I have been unable to find out any information but I love that I find myself looking in Zimbabwe for two sides of my family !

My name is Des Tarboton and I live in South Africa. I am trying to trace the whereabouts of the daughters of Harry Ernest Marshall and also when and where he died? He had two daughters, one was Elizabeth Lynn Marshall born in 1939 and the other was Alison Claire Marshall born in 1942. Their mother was Alma Iris nee Roose and she died in the Salisbury General Hospital on the 13 April 1959. Harry was a civil servant with the Southern Rhodesian Government. I have no idea how I might trace these two people. They are in cousins of mine and I would wish to make contact with them. The last information I have of them appears on their mother death notice which is held in Pretoria. I would be most grateful if you could shed any light on them or alternatively perhaps you may be able to suggest how I may go about tracing either one of them. - Des Tarboton, Underberg -
I am searching for my birth mother. I know her name was Anna Sophia Heckler and she was born June 3rd 1956 in Rhodesia. Her last known address was 1 THAIN AVENUE WEST SOMERTOWN BULAWAYO. I am desperate for any details of Heckler family, relatives, friends, anyone that may have known her or could point in the right direction to locate her whereabouts today.
My mother's nephew, George COLLINS, emigrated from the UK to Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia, probably in the 1930s. He became a Master Mason, and had a son, John Rhodes COLLINS, still living there in the mid 1980s. John had two sons around 1960.

The International Red Cross has been unable to find any trace of these people. I should be most grateful to hear anything at all about them.

John Moore - e-mail

I am trying to trace information about my husband's grandmother, LILY LUFF nee CADMAN, who divorced LIONEL CANN LUFF in South Africa, then moved to Zimbabwe, sometime between 1913-1935.

Lionel was born in Wales, but so far I have been unable to trace Lily at all, except her name on their daughter's South African birth certificate. She may not be British in origin. She definitely never left Rhodesia, was probably born in the late 1800s. Family word-of-mouth says she was very rich, so perhaps there would be more likely to be a newspaper obituary? I know it's not much to go on, but if anyone has any information, I'd dearly love to hear from them.

Jean Smith.

I am looking for my birth mother. Her name was ROWENA MARY CLEMENT, born 4 September 1923. I was born in Bulawayo on 25 March 1955 so she would have been there at that time. I have no other information but would be very grateful if someone could help me, even if it’s just advice.- Karen Mollentze nee Mackenzie
I am trying to trace some people in Bulawayo and wonder if you can help
Richard and Jeanette Norman
Amanda Lee Norman
Thank you - Tracy Gibson
Hi my name is Noeleen Dube nee Dauya and looking for a old friend named Stanley Vambe, in the early eighties he worked for ministry of foreign affairs and was based in Sweden that's if my memory serves me right .I would like to just catch up with him thanks
Please help me locate a long lost friend, her name is nasrin azadeh shakiba, last known mailing address is p.o. box 1131 Bulawago, Zimbabwe. Last letter received late 1980's . she said she work in a school and teaching engineering or architecture married to a man with family name shakiba. now she may be in her mid fifties. she's been in the philippines in the late 1970's. please do help me find any information about her Ann.
Name: Peacock

Origin: Blanche Isabel Peacock emmigrated from New Zealand around 1898 with her four children Blanche Isabel, Cyril, Percy Gavin and Kenneth Douglas. Cyril died in 1899 and Blanche married Ernest Chapel Sharp. Nothing further is known about Percy or Kenneth.

Adrain -
I am looking for information on my family who is reported to have lived in the old Salisbury in Rhodesia which I gather is today’s Harare in Zimbabwe.
Unfortunately I do not have much details to go on. I am looking for my a Jurgens Johannes Pieterse who died with his wife in Salisbury while staying with there son Barend Stephanus Pieterse (His brother was Petrus Pieterse who lived in Gwelo). Barend Stephanus Pieterse had four sons who all died in the bush war.Any information you can give me on the Pieterse family in Salisbury or Gwelo will be appreciated

Contact details: Jurgens Pieterse

Egbert Henry Hill was born in South Africa 11th April 1878. In the early 1900s he moved to Southern Rhodesia and was never heard from again -- at least we can find no record of family contact. He was from a farming background and probably farmed in Rhodesia, but could have worked at any job. Does anybody know anything about him ?
Arvid Lind - I am seeking more information about this family member. He was the second husband of Anna Albertina Miller nee Gebhardt, and three children were born: Agnes Eveline who married a Mr Scott, Jennie Albertina, who married Patrick Murray and Amy Louisa.
Should you be able to either let me have any relative information or put me in contact with anyone who may be able to, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.
May Margaret Bossert had reverted to “Berger” and she died on Easter Sunday 1980. -
response to the enquiry about the Austin/Cox Family. - from - Jeni & Kobus Dewet -
I am actually looking for the tribe where the Dube’s are from in Zimbabwe. From that family, you have, Norman Dube, Musa Dube, Otiliah Dube now married. They most have been in the UK for some time but I’ve been trying to correspond with them for some years know. Pls, my email is I actually don’t know the tribe that family comes from and believe I have an origination from this family. My name is Tabani and I live in London and have missed track of this people for 27 years now. I want to get to the root to start tracing my lost family and hope you could be of great help to me. Hope to get a positive response from you.

Thanks and God bless you.


I wonder if you could assist me in obtaining info on the following:
Elizabeth Colenbrander(I think she may have been the wife of or the daughter in law of Johan Colenbrander, a Rhodesian pioneer from S.A. who accompanied Rhodes)She was a member of the Early Pioneers & Settlers AssociationAnyone with the surname “Hein”There were brothers Clive, Gerald etc. I’m not sure of all the names. They were the cousins of my late father and one of them farmed on the farm “Senale” in the Gweru district.

I would also like to know if you are able to obtain any info on Franziske Frieda Henrietta Hein and Harry Herbert Smith (my grandparents) – whose marriage was solemnized at Senale farm, Gwelo in the parish of St Cuthbert , district of Gwelo on 17 Feb 1929 – she was 18 at the time and I’m not sure what my grandfather’s age was then.


I am trying to track down my aunt, Vera Bateson, nee Hardy or any of her family, who went to Rhodesia in about 1961. I believe she died in the late 60's or early 70's. There is a possibility that her brother Harold also went to Rhodesia.

marionfmccall@gmail.comMarion MacCall
My name is Ian and i hope you can help me find a dear friend of mine?
His name is Pierre Delarosa,he used to manage the Main Camp @Hwange approx 8 years ago.Last i heard he had left Main Camp and gone to work @ Clouds Inn Kariba.
There my trail runs cold. Can you help ?
We are trying to compile my wife's family tree, she is the great granddaughter of James Campbell Gibson and Gesina Elizabeth Gibson nee Steenkamp. Whilst being members of the pioneer society and have records of the family from 1893 onwards trying to find previous info is difficult. We know that James Campbell Gibson was born in Scotland in 1838, became a gold miner. he married Gesina Elizabeth Steenkamp about 1868/1869 (we assume) their eldest son being born in the Transvaal in 1870 - my wifes grandfather was born in June 1881, his dorpseel says NG Kerk Pretoria. Any ideas of web sites we can look for records of the marriage and if possible where Gesina Elizabeth Steenkamp was born we assume from her name that she is Cape Dutch. When my wife's grandparents married in the NG Kerk in Bulawayo in 1905 on the marriage certificate (which was in Cape Dutch) her grandfather was stated as "Boer"
many thanks

My name is Charlene McMurray (nee Christie) my grandfather ran a Funfair / Fairground in Rhodesia and I wondered if you have any info on it at all with any details? I think he was James Archibald Christie. My father was Keith Egerton Howe Christie who died in Howick, Kwa-Zulu Natal in June 1990 at the age of 69. Do you know of this Fun Fair - it would go back to the early 1900's I think?

Thank you.
I am looking for a young couple by the name of Peter and Karen Ellis, they have two children a girl and a boy, they left Zim a few years ago.

I would like to make contact with them, if anyone can help I would be most grateful, they can contact me on 09 432 8978 or by E mail donrose@xtra .co,nz
Rosemarie Watt nee van Rooyen
donrose@xtra .co,nz

Her name was Cynthia Ellis and she went to Eveline High in Bulawayo 1956 onwards. She lived at St Gabriel's Home and she had two sisters also at the home Margery and I think Alice.
She later maried a Payne but was divorced. I lost touch before we left for Australia and have tried many times to find her. Would be grateful if you could help. Please use subject FRIEND CYNTHIA ELLIS
Thank you so much. Mara
If anyone knows Kim Strong, please could you ask her to contact Bruce
Strong - urgently on email

"My name is Eveline Zacharowitz (now Brownstein) I am looking for my cousins, Jean, Carol and Al Beatham who were the children of my father's sister, Tilly Zacharowitz married to Patrick (Paddy) Beatham. They resided in Harare for many years and both Tilly and Paddy died in the late 70s leaving their three children. The last I heard Carol and Al were living in South Africa and Jean had moved to the U.K."
I am interested in this surname as it is one of my forebears and wondered if there is a connection. My relation was a Samuel Zacharowitz from Shillel then Russia and was born circa 1790-1810. Most of his sons changed their name to Goldberg and settled in Sunderland UK and Sydney Australia.

Is there a connection?
Hi Looking for Doug Washington trying to track him down for family tree, if anyone can help me with my
trace please email me on Tamara
I once had a pen pal named Glynnis McGlead, whose married name was deBruin, I think. I was just going through some old papers (due to some flooding in my basement), and found letters Glynnis had sent to me. My sister has a pen pal she has kept up with all these years, so I thought it would be fun to try to again write to Glynnis, and see how she is. Is this something you can please help me with? Her last address was 5, 4th St, Raylton, Bulawayo. The original address I had for her was 4 Hopwood Terrace, Tegela, Bulawayo. At that time I lived in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

Joan Colburn, MLIS Joan Colburn,
I 'm looking for Lawrence Chiadzwa. Last worked at Air Zim late eighties/early nineties. Harare Caleb Mutsumba
Could you help me to trace Lewis John Evans – last known address 51 Kopje Road , Gweru.
I am his niece and his elderly sisters have been asking about him. They’re 93 and 91 so he must be in his late 80’s if still alive.
He was born in Liverpool and emigrated in the 30’s or 40’s; he has 2 sons – Peter and David.

Liz Waide
Carlsson Herbert. Swedish family trekked from S.A. c 1900 and settled in the Insiza district.A large family and I would like to contact relatives to help with my research.

Fox. English origin.Came to Duvali Ranch area in c 1830's.Frank was a
driller.His wife Dallas (Val).Had 2 sons ....Patrick and Michael.

Wither / Van der Riet....Peter and Joan.Mashaba family.

Hughes / Payne/Longbottom.....Somabula.Large family on my mother's side.Must be many still in Zim. Cheryal-Ann Wither (nee Fox)

My father was Eric Wiblin, born 1918 in Port Elizabeth and died in
April 1942 during the war.

After the war his only sister Barbara (born Port Elizabeth 1915) with
her husband Charles Myhill moved to Zimbabwe to farm. She died in April
1954. They had a daughter Valerie born May 1940. She married Taylor and had a son Eric Charles Taylor born January 1958.

My father's only brother Ernest Wiblin (born 1915 in PE) also moved to
Zimbabwe at this time. He married and had three children, Beverley
Wiblin (Born December 1953) Earl Wiblin (born March 1952) and Sandra
Wiblin (born 1956).

This information came from the will of my Grandfather, Reginald Wiblin
who died in 1958 in PE. Unfortunately it had no addresses.

After the war my mother remarried and lost contact with the Wiblins.

I have lived in Australia for the last 40 years and often wonder what
became of the other half of my family.

I would really appreciate any advice or help you could give me. Derek Wiblin
Adelaide Australia

Iam trying to trace details of my father who was born in Salisbury or so we are told on June 2nd, 1934. He came to the UK in the early 1950's and never went back - thus, any family history we have is sketchy. Lawrence Naested
Would appreciate any information you can find on my cousin (or his descendants) Robert Victor ALLAN who was, to the best of my knowledge, born in the 1920's (place not known but probably Rhodesia) . He served in the RAFVR in second world war and gained the DFC. He then joined the 1st Battalion of the Rhodesia Regiment as Captain and QM between 1948 and 1954 winning the Queens Medal in 1953 as the Champion shot of Southern Rhodesia. The trail then goes cold! I can't find his birth certificate in this country, nor the marriage certificate of his parents Bertie(b1882) and Nellie (No trace) but according to family legend they emigratred to Southern Rhodesia iin the early 1900's.Darby
William and Susan Anderson lived in Bulawayo from about 1903 to 1914, he was a mining contractor. They had 5 children, some born in Bulawayo, James, John, Margaret, William and Allan. Can anyone assist me with record searching. Susan in AustraliaSusan Peat in
I am searching for information about the Burnett family from Zimbabwe. Thomas Burnett Married Gwendolyn Lloyd, if anyone has any information it would be appreciated.

contact: Jo Burnett


Would like to contact Patsy Burnell nee Collins. We shared a flat (Wychford) late 1969 early 1970. I believe she moved to Phillipines then back to Zim. contact: sleuwen@maltanet.netsleuwen@maltanet.netI am looking for a long lost school friend of my mother's Audrey Joan Andersen(nee Watterson) The person we are looking for is Doris Middleton(nee Stuart) her husbands name is Harvey and children are Sharon, Russell, Mary-Lou and Lorraine. Their tobacco farm was called Mpunzi Farm at Mount Darwin.I think our last contact would have been 1975. If anyone can help me find any of Doris's relations it would be greatly appreciated. contact Lisa Whitlock(nee Andersen)
Chris and Dawn Pohl (nee Howarth) 3 kids, Bradley, Tamryn and Shannon Tamryn J Pohlwebsite:
cell: +263-(0)91-272063
HERSELMAN Jacob Salomo (Jacq), Born Umtali, Rhodesia - Mutare Zimbawe. jherselman@lantic.netcontact Jacq Herselman
I am looking for information on Alan Gersohn. Your help would be appreciated. Visit our Website @ www.BrushstrokesArt.comcontact Grant Weltman
Lorraine Hilary Hartwell who used to live in Bulawayo around 1969. 3 Winchester House 4th Avenue contact: Barry
Looking for any information for a Helen Mary Pilsworth (maiden name), who used to live in Gweru in 1968contact:
Shelley Robertson
hi i'm looking for any family members of the LATE GERALD LIAM ROGERS. and also anyone who knows SUSAN ROSEMARY RANDELL or looking for her. They can contact me on


Athene Papachronopoulos
My uncle Guy and aunt Mary Stevens, with their 5 children, emigrated to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)in the 1960s/70s from Natal South Africa. I haven't heard of them since and would really like to be in touch with any of the family. I believe they settled in a mining area called Gwelo(?). Please publish this information on your website to help me find them. Thank you. contact:
I am trying to trace my mothers half-brother Geoffrey Victor George Cornish. He was born in 1939 in the Greenwich area of London, England. His parents were Charles George Victor Cornish and Violet Jessie Bertha Buvyer. He emigrated (on his own) to Zimbabwe about 1957 where he joined the Police Force. He married about 1965. This is all the information I know about him. Any help or suggestions about how I may be able to locate him or obtain further information would be much appreciated. Thank you in anticipation of your assistance. James Tattersall
. I am desperately trying to find a woman by the name of PATRICIA MAY SKINNER (maiden name). The only details that I am able to give you are the last known addresses she was living at during 1970/1971 which are as follows: 1970 - 70 Marshall Street, Kensington, Bulawayo 1971 - Queens Park East, Bulawayo. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me in trying to locate Patricia. My name is Frances Linforth (nee Copley)
We are trying to trace ; Mr William John Field. Married in 1972 to Miss Cynthia Colleen McFerrier. Resulting from this marriage were two issue, Miss Colleen Anne Field and Miss Joelene Field. The marriage ended in divorce in 1977 and William Field dissappeared, possibly returning to his home country, England. It is believed that William Field was born in Bromley, Kent 1n 1942. His birthdate was 10 or 16th May. After the divorce in the Bulawayo court in 1977 William dissappeared and his ex wife and daughters have had no further contact at all with him. Any light which you can throw on his present whereabouts will be much appreciated. Barry
I am looking for Tonic Mahlangu who used to work in one of Bulawayo Rice Companies in the late 80s and 90s but I don't know which one.He also worked in Zupco bus Co in Bulawayo.I am current living in South Africa.His contact address or his where about will be appreciate. DEFINITE JOSEPH KHUMALO
Trying to learn if Mr. Earlwanger has passed away. Please respond. Last known address 102 Norfolk, Mount Pleasant,
trying to trace someone called Mrs Cecily Reckas & it is a long shot but i am doing family history , i live in the Isle of man , I have found that out that she is related to me , if you track her down for me , she used to write to someone called Tom Allen Best
I am searching for any family members of van Rooyen not sure of forst name but could be Joseph or Robert wifes name Lauren Claire, have 2 boys Mark Joseph born 1974 Steven Robert 1977 both born Zimbabwe may have immigrated to New Zealand


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