Frequently asked questions:

Question: Can you obtain certificates and copies of wills etc?

Answer: Sorry no - not at this time as the proceedure is very complex - but I have provided a list iof useful addresses that may help you.
Still not found what you want?

Mail me and I will provide the information.

Question: Will you help me lookup information on...?

Answer: Yes - if I or my volunteers are able to assist we will.

Question: I'd like to volunteer. How do I sign up?

Answer: Wonderful! I'm always happy to add on new volunteers for lookups or transcriptions. please visit our 'Volunteers page' and sign up! Click here....

Question: I have a website that includes information about genealogy in Zimbabwe. Will you add a link?

Answer: What a pleasure! Just click here - see who else is listed and mail me with the details. I'll put it up on the links page. A reciprocal link would be nice too!

Question: I'd like to link to Zimbabwe GenWeb. Do you have a logo or banner I could use?

Answer: Yes! Just click
here to download the logo. Please link it to

Question: Do you have any connection with Zimbabwe's goverment?

Answer: No. I have no connection with the Zimbabwe Government . You may visit their web site at:

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